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?? Lesson One A Book Fair Is Held At The Trade Center


Title: Book 3 Lesson One Amy Came To Taiwan Author: YY Last modified by: yy Created Date: 7/30/2027 11:09:18 AM Document presentation format: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ?? Lesson One A Book Fair Is Held At The Trade Center

?? Lesson OneA Book Fair Is Held At The Trade
  • ????????
  • ?????
  • ???

Grammar Focus ???
Popular writers The church Some books are invited was built are not found to book fairs. only a few days ago. in libraries or bookstores.
The poor boy The novels The movie is helped are written was seen by Mary. by J.K. Rowling. by a lot of people.
Make Sentences
grow / on the farm
People grow rice on the farm.
is grown
on the farm.
Make Sentences
use / in many countries
English is used in many countries.
open / last Sunday
The bookstore was opened last Sunday.
sell / at a high price
The house was sold at a high price.
build / in 1850
The house was built in 1850.
invite / to the party
Julia was invited to the party.
grow / on the farm
Rice is grown on the farm.
Make Sentences
teach / Miss Lin
Miss Lin teaches the class.
The class
is taught
by Miss Lin.
Make Sentences
love / students
Miss Wang is loved by her students.
stop / police officer
The man was stopped by a police officer.
find / Jack
The dog was found by Jack.
write / Tim
The letters were written by Tim.
hold / Jane
The party was held by Jane.
teach / Miss Lin
The class is taught by Miss Lin.
  • ?????
  • The classroom is cleaned every day.
  • ?????
  • The class room was cleaned yesterday.
  • ???
  • The classroom will be cleaned tomorrow
  • The classroom is going to be cleaned.
  • ?????
  • The classroom is being cleaned now.
  • ?????
  • The classroom was being cleaned then.
  • ?????
  • The classroom has been cleaned already.

????????? can/should/will/could/may/must be
can / see / every place
Advertisements can be seen in every place.
should / practice / every day
English should be practiced every day.
can / find / in the bookstore
Birthday cards can be found in the bookstore.
could / invite / to the party
Jane could be invited to the party.
may / hold / on September 15
The basketball game may be held on September 15.
must / write / in English
The letter must be written in English.
will / wash / Kent
The car will be washed by Kent.
??????get p.p.
  • ????????????????????,?
  • The window got broken suddenly.
  • I got invited to a lot of parties last weekends.

get p.p.
break / this morning
The window got broken this morning.
steal / last night
Adams bicycle got stolen last night.
get p.p.
blow out / in the room
The candle got blown out in the room.
hurt / in a basketball game
Sam got hurt in a basketball game.
get p.p.
hit / by a baseball
Davids brother got hit by a baseball.
catch / a police officer
Tony got caught by a police officer.
??????get/have N p.p.
  • ??????????????,???????,?
  • Mary is going to have her hair cut.
  • Mr. Smith had the phone take out of the office.
  • Jack had his car stolen last night.

???a b???????, ??????????????
1. Sarah is having her hair cut.
2. Bill is cutting his hair.
3. John is cleaning his shoes.
4.Sue is having her photograph taken.
get / have N p.p.
cut / yesterday
Peter got his hair cut yesterday.
clean / two days ago
Mr. Wang had his jacket cleaned two days ago.
get / have N p.p.
read / to him
The boy got the story read to him.
send / to his girlfriend
Alex had some flowers sent to his girlfriend.
get / have N p.p.
do / on the computer
Jeff had his homework done on the computer.
wash / at the shop
Teresa had her car washed at the shop.
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