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William Shakespeare


Othello WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Act One Scene I: Key Points Iago has told Roderigo, who hoped to marry Desdemona, of the marriage between Othello and Desdemona. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: William Shakespeare

  • William Shakespeare

Act One Scene I Key Points
  • Iago has told Roderigo, who hoped to marry
    Desdemona, of the marriage between Othello and
  • Iago describes how he hates Othello because he
    gave Cassio a promotion instead of Iago. He plans
    to use his close connection to Othello to have
    his revenge.
  • Iago encourages Roderigo to wake up Brabantio,
    Desdemonas father, with the news of his
    daughters marriage.
  • Brabantio is shocked and angered, he gathers his
    people to go find Othello.

Gullible He is easily manipulated and deceived.
Though Iago tells him openly that he is dishonest
and uses people, Roderigo never suspects that
Iago is deceiving or using him.
Hopeless Romantic He is hopelessly in love with
Desdemona and is devastated when he learns of her
marriage to Othello.
  • A junior officer in the army takes no pride in
    his position.
  • A member of the lower classes feels his social
    status prevented his promotion.
  • Is happy to use all those around him to achieve
    his own ends.

  • Hates Othello and wishes to destroy him.
  • Maliciously encourages Roderigo to wake Brabantio
    up, knowing he will be enraged.
  • He knows Brabantio is powerful and can make life
    difficult for Othello.
  • Convinced a wealthy nobleman to allow him
    unlimited access to his money. Clearly able to
  • Exceptionally persuasive convinces Roderigo
    that he hates Othello.
  • All of Roderigos anger becomes focused on
    Othello instead of Iago.
  • Belives he deserves to be more than he is.
  • Rather than just feel hard done by, he believes
    he will find a way to rise above his current
  • He is not a humble and meek servant who will
    accept his lot in life.
  • He will serve Othello only as long as it suits
    his own interests.
  • No respect for the values that govern most
    peoples behaviour.
  • He despises servants who remain loyal to their
  • He does not hold the duties of love and virtue in
    any regard but will pretend to be loving and
    dutiful it if helps achieve his goals.

Act One Scene II Key Points
  • Iago tells Othello that Roderigo has been saying
    nasty things about him and that Brabantio knows
    of his marriage.
  • Othello says he has nothing to be ashamed of and
    his good name will ensure no harm will come to
  • Cassio explains that Othello is urgently needed
    at the Dukes as a military situation is brewing
    in Cyprus.
  • Brabantio finds Othello, wants to arrest him and
    accuses him of witchcraft to lure Desdemonda.
    Othello tells him he is going to the Dukes and
    their grievance will be best dealt with there.

Othello Calm and Confident
When Brabantio approaches Othello refuses to
hide. He tells him and his men to lower their
weapons, Brabantios age will get more respect
than his weapons.
Despite being provoked, insulted and threatened
Othello remains calm and self-possessed at all
Othello refuses to get wound up about Roderigo
and says Brabantio should do what he wishes if he
plans to make him suffer.
Though Brabantio insults him and accuses him of
witchcraft Othello never loses his temper, calmly
asking where he can defend himself of the charges.
Othello Dignified and Proud
  • He tells Iago that he descended from royalty,
    however, it is not something he wishes to boast
  • He is proud of what he has achieved and is sure
    his actions will speak against any accusations.
  • He is not the sort of person to run or hide when
    things get difficult. Iago tells him to hide from
    Brabantio but he refuses.
  • He feels that his merits make him more than
    worthy of marriage to Desdemona.

  • An Excellent Actor
  • In this scene we get to see Iago acting out his
    part as loyal and dutiful servant
  • He tells Othello Roderigo has been insulting him
    and Iago was so maddened he nearly killed him.
  • He acts as if he has Othellos best interests at
    heart when he tells him that Brabantio is looking
    for him.
  • Othello is convinced Iago is a loyal servant.
  • No Morals
  • He presents himself as a moral person
  • He claims to be outraged at Roderigo for
    insulting Othello.
  • He says he could never commit premeditated
  • He says he is not wicked by nature I lack
  • But this is all just an act

What Do You Think?
Do you think the anger Brabantio feels and the
speech that he gives is justified given the way
his daughter has behaved?
Act One Scene III Key Points
  • The Duke and his senators discuss the crisis in
  • Brabantio claims Othello has seduced his daughter
    with witchcraft and demands justice. Othello
    describes how Desdemona fell in love with him
    listening to the story of his life. Desdemona
    confirms this version of events.
  • The Duke declares Othello will leave for Cyprus
    that night. Desdemona will accompany Othello
    there. Othello entrusts her to Iagos care.
  • Roderigo threatens to kill himself now that he
    has lost Desdemona. However, Iago is determined
    to use him as a pawn and convinces him to sell
    all his land and accompany him to Cyprus.
  • In a soliloquy Iago lays out a scheme to destroy
    Othello and Cassio. He will convince Othello that
    Cassio is having an affair with his wife.

Othello in this scene
  • Highlights his exotic origins. Desdemona is blown
    away by his tales.
  • Establishes his military genius. He is a man of
    great bravery and genius.
  • Displays calmness and dignity. He is falsely
    accused but calmly tells his side of the story.
  • Reveals Othellos trusting nature. Iago describes
    that Othello assumes people are honest. This
    naivety will be used against him as the play
  • Shows Othellos decent nature. Desdemona and the
    Duke both praise his virtuous nature.

Consider . . . .
Brabantio warns Othello that Desdemona has
betrayed her father and may deceive her husband
as well. Do we see here the seeds of Othellos
future jealousy being sown?
Iago in this scene
  • Malicious and destructive he uses Roderigo for
    profit and plans to destroy both Cassio and
  • Expert schemer Iagos plotting begins to take
    more shape. Keeps Roderigo onside to fund his
    schemes and plans to take out both his enemies
    with the one plan.
  • Incredibly persuasive It is obvious Roderigo has
    no hope with Desdemona but Iago convinces him he

Desdemona and Roderigo
  • Brabantio describes his daughter as a quiet,
    gentle and timid girl. However, in

  • this scene
  • she comes
    across as strong-willed
    and assertive.
  • She isnt afraid to speak her mind to her father,
    the Duke and assembled senators.
  • Roderigo again highlights his own gullibility in
    this scene. Even though Iago has made clear
  • that he is a
  • malicious user,
  • Roderigo still
  • trusts him and agrees to sell all his land. He is
    a hopeless romantic who is so filled with despair
    at Desdemonas marriage he threatens suicide.

Consider . . .
Othello promises the assembled senators that he
doesnt want Desdemona to accompany him because
of sexual desire. Rather he desires her
companionship. He also swears Desdemonas
presence will not distract him from his
duties. We will see as the play progresses just
how difficult Othello will find it to keep his
passions and emotions in check and his mind on
military matters.
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