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University of Rome


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: University of Rome

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Who are we?
Tor Vergata (Rome 2) is in the south-eastern
part of Rome, Italy, 35 minutes away from the
center of the city. 39.000 students. 6
Faculties Arts and Philosophy, Economics,
Engineering, Law, Medicine, Sciences.
Born 30 years go, our University is ranked 33rd
in the world ranking in QS Worlds Top 50 under
50 - the only Italian University present in it.
High international focus
More than 250 fellowships for a minimum period
of 6 months abroad in 75 partner universities.
Overseas Programme scholarships for Latin
America, USA, Japan
Erasmus Placement fellowships for stages abroad
Progetto Leonardo fellowships for theses abroad
Degree courses taught in English (no Law)
School of Science
-M.Sc. in Physics
for Instrumentation and Technology -M.Sc. in
Astrophysics -M. Sc. in Biotechnology
School of Economics -Bach. in Global Governance
-Bach. in Business
Administration -Bach. In Business and Economics -
M.Sc. in Business Administration - M.Sc. in
- M.Sc. in European Economy and
Business Law
- M.Sc. in
School of Engineering
- Bach. Engineering
Sciences - M.Sc. in ICT and Internet Engineering
School of Arts and Philosophy
- M. A. in
European History in collaboration with Université
Paris Diderot, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin,
University College Dublin, Università Rome Tre,
Kings College London
School of Medicine (Hospital)
- 6 year
degree in Medicine and Surgery
-M.Sc. in Physical Activities and Health
School of Pharmacy
5-year degree in
collaboration with University of Nottingham and
Alliance Boots
Global Problems
Ebola and Fukushima what do they have in
common? Global issues an Italian cares even if
not interested to Africa and Japan Often
scientific origin accelerated by faster
transportation (ICT, mobility) Ethical
implications huge, often hard to grasp on
impact Requiring historical and technical
competences but the Babel Tower is a concern and
a challenge to be overcome through education.
And a tolerance for diversity among all
knowledgeable parties involved. Can one Manage
this Huge and Challenging Interdisciplinarity?
Prof. Mikhail Rykhtik YES but
Global Governance
  • A unique course, a 3-year Bachelor degree all
    taught in English. Unique? Highly
    interdisciplinary organized by 6 our Faculties
    Economics, Literature and Philosophy, Law,
    Engineering, Medicine, Sciences.
  • Admission
  • Application online at the end of February and May
  • Curriculum Vitae (the Past)
  • Motivation Letter (the Future)
  • Skype Conversation (you)
  • Max 40 students (20 Italian, 20 Foreign)
  • Tuition
  • 5000 to 7000 per year depending on your income
  • Scholarships
  • Laziodisu usually provides 5000 per year
  • based on need.

Thinking about a Global Education
Acquiring an International Education
Understanding Globalization and Diversity
Solving Global Problems
  • Importing
  • Knowledge
  • locally

Thinking about a Global Education
English Language
Acquiring an International Education
Joint Degrees
Debate at the Core
Team Building
Thinking about a Global Education
Humanities Law, Econ, PolSci, Phil, Arts
Migration, Aging,
Solving Global Problems
Understanding (Criticizing) Globalization and
Ebola, Fukushima, Climate Change
Engineering, Medicine, Sciences
Thinking about a Global Education
Understanding (Criticizing) Globalization and
Solving Global Problems
  • Importing
  • Knowledge
  • locally

Managing Change Managing Conflict
Solving Local Problems
Facing Global problems
  Life expectancy Infant mortality
Japan 84 2
Italy 83 3
United States 79 6
India 66 41
Sierra Leone 46 107
Teaches you to face Local problems
Infant mortality rate in some Italian regions (2010) Infant mortality rate in some Italian regions (2010)
  Infant mortality rate
Valle dAosta 0,9
Lombardia 2,9
Lazio 3,9
Sicilia 4,8
Placement and further Studies
Understanding (Criticizing) Globalization and
Solving Global Problems
International NGOs Multinationals Supranational
International Relations Culture Media Communicatio
n Consulting Security Politics
  • Importing
  • Knowledge
  • locally

M. Sc. , Ph. D. International Law Development
Economics International Relations Media and
Communication PPE
M. Sc. Management Engineering Social Health
Cooperation and Development
Local NGOs, National Firms, Local Public
Global Governance
  • 1st year
  • Legal Traditions and Comparative Law
  • Global Economics
  • Calculus
  • History and Civilizations
  • Foundations of European Thought
  • Natural Disasters Prevention and Reaction
  • Plants and Environment
  • 2nd year
  • Political Systems
  • Statistical Tools for Decision-making
  • Global Management
  • International Relations
  • Global Society and New Media
  • Health Management
  • Global Law
  • 3rd year
  • Conflict Management and Negotiations
  • Applied English Speech and Performance
  • Six mini-specializations
  • Geo-Economics
  • Geo-Politics
  • Geo-Flows
  • International Law
  • Business
  • Cybersecurity and Big Data

Ned Phelps, Nobel Prize
  • Economies today lack the spirit of innovation.
    Labor markets do not need only more technical
    expertise they require an increasing number of
    soft skills, like the ability to think
    imaginatively, develop creative solutions to
    complex challenges, and adapt to changing
    circumstances and new constraints.
  • That is what young people need from education.
  • A necessary first step is to restore the
    humanities in high school and university
    curricula. Exposure to literature, philosophy,
    and history will inspire young people to seek a
    life of richness one that includes making
    creative, innovative contributions to society.
  • Countries worldwide can use the humanities to
    develop or revive the economies that drove this
    ascent, while helping individuals to lead more
    productive and fulfilling lives.

The Matter of Sciences
Global Governance
...and more
Programme Office dedicated to you
Personal Advisor (Professor) Each student meets
monthly with a personal advisor for the whole
duration of the course
Web Contacts
Coordinator Prof. Gustavo Piga
Secreteriat Patrizia Marta global.governance_at_un 39 06 72595512 - 5823
Global Conversations Seminars and meetings with
international leaders, public and private
Team Building and Communication Skills Courses
Institutional Visits
Mandatory Attendance and Code of Conduct
International Visiting Professors
Our Admitted Students A.Y. 2014 - 2015
  • Italy 26 (out of 48, 114 applicants)
  • Jordan 1
  • Kenya 1
  • France 1
  • Great Britain 1
  • Russian Federation 1
  • Vietnam 1
  • China 3
  • Romania 1
  • The goal for 2015? 300 excellent applicants.

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