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Female-perpetrated child sexual abuse: the experiences of adult male child sexual abusers


Female-perpetrated child sexual abuse: the experiences of adult male child sexual abusers NSPCC funded study 101 convicted & imprisoned adult male child sexual abusers – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Female-perpetrated child sexual abuse: the experiences of adult male child sexual abusers

Female-perpetrated child sexual abuse the
experiences of adult male child sexual abusers
  • NSPCC funded study
  • 101 convicted imprisoned adult male child
    sexual abusers
  • 40 sexually abused as child
  • 8 sexually abused by females

  • Intergenerational transmission of abuse -
    research evidence conflicting
  • See, for example
  • Craissati and McClurg (1996) Craissati et al
    (1999) Elliott et al (1995) - 50 of convicted
    child sexual abusers experienced sexual abuse in
  • Colton et al (2004) - 40.
  • US - Hanson and Slater (1988) 28.
  • Dobash et al (1993) - 17 of offenders sexually
    victimised in childhood.

  • Much research emphasis - male sexual offenders
  • Little empirical research female-perpetrated
    child sexual abuse (Vandiver and Walker 2002
    Denov 2003)
  • Understanding limited (Vandiver 2006)
  • Impeded by myths
  • females do not sexually abuse they only abuse if
    coerced by a male female-perpetrated child
    sexual abuse is harmless, gentle, loving, or
    misguided motherly love women only sexually
    abuse adolescents (Longdon 1993).

  • Focus
  • the experiences of 8 men convicted of,
    imprisoned for child sexual abuse.
  • sexually victimised by female in childhood.
  • Qualitative data
  • nature of childhood victimisation
  • perceptions of that
  • links between experiences subsequent sexual
    offending in adulthood.
  • work in progress/initial findings

Demographic characteristics
  • (N8)
  • Age 18-30 1
  • 31-45 3
  • 46-55 2
  • 65 2
  • (Age range 25-76 years)
  • Marital status single 2
  • married 2
  • divorced 3
  • widower 1

  • Children 0 2
  • 2 3
  • 3 2
  • 4 1
  • Qualifications none 5
  • GCSEs 1
  • higher degree 1
  • other 1

  • Record of offending none 2
  • sexual offs (children) 1
  • sexual offs (adults) 2
  • theft/fraud 3
  • Current offence ind asst 4
  • gross ind 1
  • incest 1
  • ind asst/gross ind 1
  • buggery/usi/
  • att rape 1

  • No. victims 1 4
  • 2 3
  • 12 1
  • Age of victim 1-5yrs 1
  • 6-10yrs 3
  • 11-15yrs 4

  • Gender of victim female 7
  • male 1
  • Duration of abuse 0-11months 3
  • 1-5yrs 4
  • 11-15yrs 1

Childhood sexual victimisation
  • Offender sexually abused by
  • mother 1
  • aunt 1
  • sister 2
  • grandmother 1
  • teacher 1
  • careworker 1
  • friends mother 1
  • (5 also physically abused father/stepfather/moth

Childhood current offences
  • Grandmother from age 10
  • Indecent assault 2 stepdaughters (15 12yrs)
  • Aunt
  • Indecent assault known female (10yrs)
  • Female friend of family ( residential care
  • Incest daughter (over 4 years)
  • Female teacher (at 12yrs)
  • Gross indecency stepsons child

  • School-friends mother at 12yrs ( headmaster at
    approved school)
  • Indecent assault daughter granddaughter (from
  • Sister from 11yrs
  • Indecent assault gross indecency (12 victims)
  • Sisters (brother) from 12 yrs
  • Attempted rape/USI/Buggery son daughter (8
  • Mother
  • Indecent assault partners child (6yrs)

  • X - 34 . Single. Parents divorced when 13. X
    brother lived with mother until remarried.
  • Degree teaching qualification
  • Employment - driving. Taught abroad (TEFL).

  • Previous convictions - theft deception
  • theft from an employer
  • shop lifting
  • Also involved in .prostitution and stuff like
    that. pimp for 3/4 months.
  • Current offence - indecent assault - 6 yr old
    daughter of partner.
  • Victims house - over 4 months

  • Access? - through personal ads
  • Victims sister sexually abused by father

  • Promiscuous lifestyle precursor to abuse
  • Basically I had just got myself into a very
    promiscuous sort of lifestyle, where any thing
    goes, nothing was taboo. There was group sex,
    there was exploring the boundaries of sexual
    experimentation with other adults You know,
    straight, gay, anything basically and so the
    whole philosophy was just anything, you know,
    nothing is taboo, nothing is sacred. So with that
    sort of philosophy and the sort of drunken
    lifestyle I was living.I wasnt drunk when I
    committed my offence but away from this
    girlfriends, the rest of the time I was off
    getting drunk, with my friends, going to night
    clubs, just generally sleeping around with women.
    It was just then you start sliding sort of thing,
    its almost like a drug. You just get yourself
    onto a roller coaster and you cant get off sort
    of thing. I dont expect that to make an awful
    lot of sense, it was a madness really.

  • Reported strong link between childhood experience
    of abuse and later offending
  • Well I know there is a link, when I was abused
    as a kid, sexually abused, very similar to what I
    did to my victim what was done to me as a small
    boy. It was by my mum - she masturbated me
    basically from as early as I can remember. It
    didnt happen all the time, and it wasnt done in
    a nasty sort of violent way, but sort of loving,
    quote, unquote loving. A non-threatening sort of
    a way, so it just seemed normal. I got used to
    it, enjoyed it.

  • Once I got up to about 13 or round that age,
    early teens, I realised this wasnt normal and
    kind of shied away from it then, and lost a lot
    of respect for my mum. My parents had divorced,
    separated when I was 11, finally divorced when I
    was 13 so that was happening around that time as
    well. My dad was always working so he wasnt
    around an awful lot. He was basically a decent
    sort of a guy, a bit short tempered at times but
    he wasnt violent or abusive, he wasnt drunk,
    he didnt smoke, he always had a job, he was
    sensible with money, he wasnt a gambler, he
    didnt abuse my mum or anything like that, they
    used to row before they divorced. It was just a
    lot of bickering and door slamming and shouting
    which is unsettling as a kid but it wasnt

  • Relationship with mother
  • .quite cold. I wasnt especially close to her
    growing up either. I mean I suppose deep down I
    always suspected that there was something weird
    but my young brother tended to be closer to her
    so she tended to have a lot more affection and
    cuddles and stuff with him, whether or not she
    was doing any thing with him I dont know. I mean
    I havent said anything to anyone about it
    before, and I wouldnt want to take it any
    further do you know what I mean. I wouldnt want
    to take it to court or anything like that, I
    dont see the point in that, it would be too
    destructive for everybody.

  • Abuse by mother knowledge teacher abusing
    younger pupils.
  • Normalised abusive behaviour and became
    accustomed to it.

  • So once I got in a relationship with her mother,
    for the first two months or so nothing improper
    happened with the daughter but looking back now,
    I can see now that there was a lot of thoughts
    going on in my head during that two month period.
    I didnt actually offend but mentally I was going
    off the track big time. So that was the period
    where there was an attraction there, I think it
    was an emotional attraction as much as sexual. I
    think it was an attraction for that particular
    girl. I got on well with her and she liked me, I
    am just trying to explain how I was thinking at
    the time. She took a shine to me and came up to
    cuddle me the way kids do.

  • I convinced myself that she liked me with more
    than just affection she was sort of sexually
    aware of things, she wanted me to experiment with
    her or whatever you might call it. I gave myself
    permission to abuse her, to masturbate her and so
    on. I convinced myself that she wanted this, she
    liked it, I wasnt forcing her to do anything. I
    wasnt forcing her to allow me to do what I was
    doing. She enjoyed it, she liked it, she wanted
    it you know those sort of cognitive disorders.
    But that made it OKGiven enough time it is
    quite possible that the extent of the abuse could
    have gone further

  • Each time I abused her it got easier if you know
    what I mean. I was able to put the concerns to
    one side pretending that it was OK. It was
    easier in the sense that I hardened my
    conscience, chose to ignore everything in me that
    said that it was wrong. It was a sort of a
    morbid curiosity. There was an element of
    experimentation there and exploration. This was
    obviously the first time for this particular
    girl, so in a sense I was kidding myself that I
    was teaching her something, introducing her to
    all these sexual things.

  • stable relationships
  • Obviously not being abused as a kid would have
    helped, but I think really for me the biggest
    thing, looking back I would say, is the lack of
    stable relationships. I wasnt close to my
    parents, they got divorced, I was being abused at
    home by one parent. I was at boarding school
    which has a very cold army lifestyle. I just shut
    myself off then from getting close to people
    because all I was doing then was getting hurt

  • My offence was as much emotional as it was
    sexual. I was getting emotional love and what I
    considered love you know, nice feelings when I
    was with kids because obviously they are
    unassuming and they are accepting. I was very
    conscious of the fact that I had made a bit of a
    mess of my life at that point, you know they
    (children) are quite accepting, forgiving.

  • Work in progress
  • Methodological limitations
  • Contribution?
  • Relevance?
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
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