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Editing Your Personal Narrative


Editing Your Personal Narrative - TypePad – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Editing Your Personal Narrative

Editing Your Personal Narrative
Grammar Fragment
  • A fragment is a sentence without an independent
  • If a sentence starts with a subordinating
    conjunction, it is probably a fragment.
  • If nobody else wants the last slice of pizza.
  • When everyone is busy doing grammar.

Grammar and but or because
  • And we all had a great time.
  • But the Falcons won anyway.
  • Because Mr. Thompson grades really hard.

Grammar Comma Splice
  • A comma splice is the mistake of linking two
    independent clauses using only a comma. This is
    a common way that students create run-ons.
  • How can you fix this sentence
  • The Braves need to win tonight, they should send
    the second baseman back to the minors.

Grammar items in a series
  • Separate words, phrases, or even clauses in a
    series by using commas.
  • How can you fix this sentence
  • The Gators need more touchdowns fewer turnovers
    and better play-calling if they want to make it
    to the SEC championship this year.

Grammar direct address
  • Cedric, if a sentence names the person to whom it
    is talking, it requires a comma.
  • How can you fix this sentence
  • Nick will you please do your grammar without me
    having to ask every day?
  • How can you fix this sentence
  • You need to have your homework in on time

Grammar Quotations
  • When quoting someone, use a comma like this
    between your lead-in and their words.
  • How can you fix this sentence
  • Dr. Richie said, Come out and cheer for the
    Trojans this Friday at The Frank.

Grammar Capitalization
  • Title
  • Proper nouns
  • First word in sentence

Grammar Italicizing
  • Italicize the title of any book, movie,
    newspaper, magazine, CD, or play that you mention.

  • This is a personal narrative based on a memory,
    so your tense should probably be in the past for
    all things

  • Homonyms are words that sound alike, but they
    have different meanings.
  • Their, there, theyre
  • To, two, too
  • For, four
  • Here, hear
  • Where, wear
  • Your, youre

  • BEST--Author introduces the characters, setting,
    and tone very effectively. There is a hook to
    start the paragraph.
  • Who are your characters?
  • What is your setting?
  • What tone have you set?
  • Do you have a hook?
  • OK--Author introduces some information, but the
    reader must make assumptions or discover
    important information later.
  • WORST--Author does a poor job of introducing
    important information to the reader, and the
    reader is left confused.

  • Each part of the story progresses the action and
    adds to the tone. There are no repetitive
  • Read each body paragraph by itself
  • Is the action important?
  • Is the action clear?
  • Is the action boring?
  • There may be some parts of the story that dont
    move the story, but it is all clear.
  • The body does not add detail, tone, or move the
    story along. The body may be sparse or

  • There is a clear conclusion that wraps up the
    authors purpose in telling the story and goes
  • What is the purpose of your essay?
  • How does the reader know that?
  • What is the conclusion? How does the story wrap
    up or go beyond?
  • There is a clear conclusion that wraps up the
    authors purpose in telling the story, but it
    does not add insight beyond the story.
  • There is no clear conclusion.

  • BEST--The authors style is unique and fun to
    read. The author uses sentence variety, word
    variety, action verbs, and vivid descriptions.
  • Can you combine two simple sentences?
  • What are some ways you started sentences to make
  • Can you change any be verbs to action verbs?
  • OK--The author uses sentence and word variety,
    but the overall style is plain.
  • WORST--The author often repeats words, only uses
    simple sentences, uses too many be verbs, and
    makes the overall style unremarkable.

Style Adverbs
  • Adverbs that only intensify are really and
    totally useless
  • I really like Twilight a lot.
  • My dad was extremely mad.
  • My best friend is super interesting.
  • My girlfriend got extra emotional.
  • Here are some well written examples
  • Halloween is eerily fun.
  • My childhood bedroom was sparsely decorated.

Style similes and other comparisons
  • Similes and other comparisons can be an
    entertaining way to add description
  • An intensifying adverb is like putting racing
    stripes on a Saturn it doesnt make the car go
    faster, just look stupider.
  • I was more excited than a bride on her wedding
    day when the new Iron Man movie came out.
  • My dad used to skip church because he thought it
    was more boring than math.

  • BEST--Makes 2 or fewer mistakes.
  • OK--Makes 4 mistakes.
  • WORST--Makes 6 or more mistakes.
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