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New Library Strategies


New Library Strategies Rachel Shankles Lakeside High School Hot Springs, AR – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: New Library Strategies

New Library Strategies
  • Rachel Shankles
  • Lakeside High School
  • Hot Springs, AR

What change?
Lit Labs
Why Do We Have to Change?
  • Top Three Dangers for Libraries in the Digital
  • Danger 1 The growing digitization and
    portability of information.
  • Danger 2 Fundamental changes in the nature and
    sources of information.
  • Danger 3 The need for new skills for workers in
    a global economy
  • Top Seven Opportunities for Libraries in the
    Digital Age
  • I. An opportunity to improve our physical
  • II. An opportunity to truly educate
  • III. An opportunity to remain information
  • IV. An opportunity to be team players
  • V. An opportunity to become a push institution
  • VI. An opportunity to diversify, offer
    non-traditional services to our patrons
  • VII. An opportunity to help close the digital and
    generational divides
  • BONUS OPPORTUNITY An opportunity to grow our own
    professional abilities.

How do we change?
  • Weed, Weed, Weed
  • Update facility to make modern, attractive,
  • Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate
  • Sponsor book clubs, events, programming
  • Find funding sources
  • Find freebies for programming
  • Make sure you are included in literacy push
  • Get partners on board to become an integral and
    central part of the education of each child
  • If you are busy doing all of this, you cant
    possibly be on bus duty or lunch duty in the
    cafeteria when you have things going on in the
    library. . . You become a stakeholder in testing
    with the new frameworks

Literacy Push
  • Partner with your Literacy coach
  • Find out the released items and reinforce them in
    your classes or talks
  • If your school does Lit Labwork with them to
    find books and try to go to the training yourself
  • Research shows that to get the upper level kids
    to read the library has to be updated and modern
    looking with lots of new books that are
    displayed books of all levels of readers, all
  • And have comfortable seating so they can sit and
  • To let them know you have new stuff, you do
    programs to get them into the library to see the
    new books and furniture
  • Design a distinctive look for your library area
    rearrange throw out that card catalog or make it
    a table add rugs, curtains, modernize anything
    that looks like its old school

Why Weed?
  • You say your numbers will be too low for state
    report. Then they will have to buy you more wont
  • Statistics show students do not want to touch or
    look at old, yellowed books and certainly dont
    want to check them out and read them
  • Statistics also show the new library should have
    new books and look more like a book store
  • Some even sell coffee but we try to make ours
    smell like coffee or popcorn at times

Weed, then what?
  • Donate your old books, sell them to teachers and
    students for a quarter a piece or throw away ( I
    know it hurts your soul)
  • Replace with paperbacks you get from Scholastic
    Book Fair participation if that is the only way
  • Empty shelves make for great display space so buy
    those little book easels and show off your new
    books and they will fly out of the library
  • So after weeding, purchase new fiction first, and
    then Display, Display, Display

  • We have frameworks that bisect with some other
    areas and you can certainly collaborate with
    English on most of those strands
  • One strand has to do with reading charts
    graphs and that would mean working with the math
  • One SLE has to do with AR history
  • Lets talk about collaboration ideas English,
    Art, Foreign language, history, science
  • In Elementary you might work with GT, Reading
    teacher, Science teachers, English teacher
  • Jr High teaches the most AR History so hit that
    with them

Collaboration with History
We gave out small quiz at end each time and the
history teachers received the papers from us and
gave extra credit for their attendance. Too
crowded so we repeated each one twice and during
parent conference night. We served popcorn.
  • Our most successful was a Black History Month
    Film Festival in February we showed 13 to 15
    min. movie clips about LR Central and the Elaine
    Race Riots (Ark. History)

Collaborations - English
  • The library sponsors 5 to 7 poetry contests
    based on the curriculum of the high school
    English classes. Each teacher picks a genre of
    poetry that they will teach and we sponsor the
    overall contest . We usually have sonnet, haiku,
    cinquain, free and blank verse, and narrative
    verse. We have 24 line limit. Any student can
    enter any contest but their own teacher requires
    they enter the one she teaches. We give prizes,
    certificates, take photos for the local paper and
    try to get the poems published. Every Wed in
    April we have poetry readings with a mic set up
    in the library. One week it is original works of
    teachers or students then we invite guests from
    community then announce our winners and they get
    to read their winning poems

Collaboration the arts
  • Color and BW and photo essay contest each year
    in January and winners are entered in AAIM
    categories in Februarywe announce it all Dec and
    due in Jan.
  • Ask an advanced art class to hand draw profiles
    of famous black Americans on your bulletin board
    for Black History Month give them list of
    suggestions and they research and come up with a
    profile they can draw in black and gray

Collaboration - Math
  • One year we gave the math teachers surveys during
    Multiculture Month with questions like Were you
    born in Arkansas? What do you consider your
    cultural heritage a)Caucasian American b)African
    American c)Asian d)Hispanic e)other? Were your
    parents born in the USA?
  • Then we asked that their students graph the info
    into charts that we could hang outside the
    library that month.
  • They were colorful and laminated and worked well
  • This year we will have a tessellation drawing
    contest with the math department

Collaborations Science
  • Collaboration with Science Dept by inviting
    speaker for AP Environmental Science on algae
    growth and containment in area lakes and what
    research is being done by the college
  • Last year author Andrea Campbell who has written
    Forensics books- 75 for 2 hours
  • Andrea Campbell ltcampbell_at_arkansas.netgt
  • http//
  • http//
  • http//

Book Clubs
  • Funding
  • Scholastic Literacy Partners
  • Scholastic Book Fairs
  • Dover Paperbacks
  • Local businesses sponsor a title
  • Do a fundraiser
  • Participation
  • Girls or Boys group teachers or parents or
    business leaders do a book kids pick or you pick
    the titles
  • Have more than one group at a time for them to
    pick from and get some help from the Literacy
    coach or Reading teachers/Lit teachers
  • Time Restraints
  • At lunch
  • Before or after school
  • Evenings a local restaurants or public library
  • Suggested Titles
  • http//
  • On the wiki see lists of jr and sr high book
    clubs from many cities for 3 years

  • Take out a sheet of paper and write down as many
    events you can see going on in the PhotoStory you
    are going to watch.
  • Write down any questions you want to ask.
  • Costs, Time, When, Speakers, EQ involved, etc.
  • Then we will discuss the lists you have and get
    some more programming ideas to share from our
  • You can sponsor contests every month

Monthly Promotion Ideas
  • Use monthly themes Aloha, Welcome Back or
    Elvis_at_thelibrary for August
  • Luau for Open house, all teachers wear Hawaiian
    shirts, give leis to everyone, fruit treat in
  • We decorate as much as possible each month,
    ordering items from Oriental Trading and other
    inexpensive places

(No Transcript)
  • Banned Books Week we wear jail garb once or

Book Jackets copied from Internet of most
commonly banned books in past and present and a
book display with bars around them
Guest Speakers
Rachel Miller does a program on History in our
Backyard and one on Haunted Arkansas
Http// Lists and
contact info for free guest speakers and list of
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Ark Hist Preservation - Free Classroom
Presentations The AHPP Education
Outreach Coordinator is available on a limited
basis to visit 3rd-12th grade classes,
homeschool groups, scout troops and other
organizations. Contact us now to reserve your
presentation! Call (501) 324-9880 or email Take the
Last Train to Clarksville Arkansas's Historic
Depots and Railroad HistoryArkansas's Haunted
Historic Sites (this program is changed every
school year)From Slavery to Central High School
(this program features National Register of
Historic Places associated with slavery,
segregation and the Civil Rights Movement within
Arkansas)Historic Architecture in
ArkansasHistory in Your Backyard  (This program
can be tailored to a specific community)History
Happened in Arkansas?  Arkansas's National
Historic Landmarks Law and Order on the Western
Frontier Fort Smith National Historic Site
Mysteries of the Mound Builders Parkin and
Toltec Archeological SitesRohwer
 Japanese-American Internment in Arkansas
Contact info for Arkansas Historic Preservation
Rachel M. Miller Education Outreach
Coordinator Arkansas Historic Preservation
Program Email
  • Jelly beans in jar
  • Poetry Contests in collaboration with English
    Classes- April is Poetry Month
  • Photo Hoaxes in collaboration with EAST
  • Photo Contest for all (AAIM Media Festival
    entries due in early Feb.)
  • Most Admired Teacher Contest (April or May)
  • Favorite Christmas Movie Contest
  • Video contest during Teen Tech Week (April)
  • Tesselation poster contest with Math Dept

Money Makers
  • Tissue flowers made and sold for 50 cents each
    with a poem tied to them sold on Valentines we
    always make over 50
  • Most Admired Teacher Contest Each April for the
    entire month they can come in and vote for 25
    cents per vote we chart the votes on a large
    graph in the hall the winner gets book purchased
    and dedicated to them and photo in paper and we
    usually make 200
  • Recycling ink and toner cartridges and cell
    phones thru Greenschools is our main money maker
  • We write small grants like Weyerhauser or PTO or
    school wide grants for 300 or so
  • One jr high has a photographer come in for those
    dress photos
  • One elemen. Librarian told me she made 5000 on a
    book fair

  • WalMart all of them in your area every year
  • Weyerhauser Mini grant
  • AR Humanities Grant
  • AM Lib Assoc Grants- like We the People, Great
    Stories, or Picturing America
  • Thomson Gale TEAMS Award of money for
  • Dollar General Grant
  • Get permission to sell things to make some cash
    to do programming or to redecorate
  • I sell votes, tee shirts, flash drives,
    notecards, tissue roses
  • Have a book fair to raise some funds - I have 2

  • What is the best freebie you have gotten for your
  • List of free speakers and free programs on my
  • Internet Predators, Internet Safety for Middle
    School up from AR Attorney Generals Office
  • AR Historic Preservation does many free programs
  • Butler Center of CALS in LR does many free
    programs on AR history and Encyclopedia of AR
  • Some AR authors will speak for a very low fee
    that is affordable, especially local onesif you
    just ask

  • Have you printed out a copy?
  • Do you have the grade templates?
  • Develop a Pacing Guide this year using your plan
  • Make sure the Principal and teachers know you now
    have Frameworks you must teach
  • Open dialogue with them about when/where/how
  • Plan and collaborate

  • Check them off as you teach them
  • Use highlighter to color the SLE on the right of
    the template
  • You can develop your own template too
  • What do you foresee needing help with on the
  • Ask someone to come to one of your coop meetings
    to discuss the frameworks and give you some time
    to develop pacing guides

Youve come a long way, Baby!
  • Libraries, they are a changin.
  • We can change or be replaced with clerks
  • If we do what we need to do, our library programs
    will be integral to the overall school
  • If we have programming going on, we cant be on
    bus or lunch duty outside the library ,can we?
  • Then our library funding should increase for
    books and technology
  • With a little PR work (do invest in a digital
    camera) everyone will see how hard you are
    working to change the climate of the library.

I will be happy to help you in the future with
any of the topics we have discussed today. Come
visit my library.
Rachel Shankles, LMS LHS Hot Spgs 501-262-1530
school 501-624-7138 home 501-276-4949 cell Rachel_Shankles_at_LS1.dsc.k1