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Cellular Toby


Cellular Toby Aki Honasoge, Carl ... Has to Offer See 11 for relations A state-of-the-art electric fence A new-age material to hold up our rides A monorail with ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cellular Toby

Cellular Toby
  • Aki Honasoge, Carl Madej, Jason Shah

What Cellular Toby Has to Offer See slide 11 for
  • A state-of-the-art electric fence
  • A new-age material to hold up our rides
  • A monorail with convenient stops
  • A new roller-coaster that rivals the best
  • An advanced waste system keeps our park extremely
  • A new and improved control system keeps our park
    running smoothly
  • Chefs makes sure our customer is always satisfied
  • A large premium pool that keeps you cool during
    the hot summer months
  • A new, creative power plant to help supply energy

Safety Fence
Our safety fence has 2 layers of reinforced
concrete. This wall is so advanced that it is
able to infer what customers have tickets in
order to have access to the theme park. It has
many entries and exits for emergency exits and to
keep the population of the surrounding areas
equal to the population inside the park.
Skeletal Pillars
These skeletal pillars have unique shapes that
ensure safety and keeps proper structure to the
ride. Our new skeletal pillars allow for not
only the car on the track to move but also the
whole rollercoaster in order to provide a
complete sensory adventure. These pillars often
disappear to give an additional adrenaline rush
to occupants who believe the car will fall off at
any time.
The monorail allows anyone with a fear of tiring
their feet out to travel to various parts of the
park. Also, you are able to give an order to a
ribosome chef. You are allowed to eat on the
monorail with the food provided by them. The
monorail possesses the ability to change
Roller Coaster
This rollercoaster is the most thrilling and
arousing experience in the park. Unlike the
monorail, this smooth riding roller coaster
provides people with a smooth ride that will not
give any interruptions due to ribosomes. This
rollercoaster is conveniently located near the
control center for access to any parts of the
Waste Management
In our unique garbage collecting system, the park
is always in a hygienic state. Any wastes that
our customers may produce will immediately be
sent to our garbage collection facility. Also,
any broken down roller coasters or attractions
will be sent to the waste center and made into
scrape parts by chemicals.
Control Center
This state-of-the-art facility is able to control
and run anything in the park. The blueprints are
stored here in the form of deoxyribonucleic
books. However, many repairs and orders must be
undertaken, so the books must make copies in the
form of ribonucleic paper. This control center
will make the park function well.
The chefs in this park take orders from both the
customers the control center. The chefs put
together from different components such as amino
acids. They also are serve food on the monorail.
The chefs transport all of their distinguished
food throughout the park using the monorail. The
waiters help guide the protein across the
monorail so they are the universal energy source.
Cellular Toby has many different pools throughout
the theme park. These pools provide coolness on
hot days in our facility. Located on the edge of
the pool is a storage facility where customers
can store anything they feel is unnecessary to
carry. The pools are very useful in this
wonderful park.
Power Plant
Our new power plant has a new, creative way of
supplying our park with energy. Our different
rides need different wattages of electricity to
run their rides. So, to solve this fact our
power plant is able to produce energy in a form
of a universal energy source. This energy source
then, in turn, will be able to supply any machine
or household in the surrounding area with energy.
Cell Relation
  • Safety Fence-Cell Membrane
  • Skeletal Pillars-Cytoskeleton
  • Monorail-Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Roller Coaster-Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Waste Management-Lysosome
  • Control Center-Nucleus
  • Books/Paper-DNA/RNA
  • Chefs-Ribosomes
  • Waiters-ATP
  • Power Plant-Mitochondria
  • Pool-Vacuole
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