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Chiropractic Success Stories


Chiropractic Success Stories a collection of stories showing what is possible when your body begins working its best with Chiropractic. Chiropractic Success Stories ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Chiropractic Success Stories

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • a collection of stories showing
  • what is possible when your body
  • begins working its best with
  • Chiropractic.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 63 year old man came in the student clinic when I
    was doing my internship, that day i got mad
    because the administration made me do 4 months
    more of practice instead of what was planned. He
    had an embolus 3 years ago. Since then, his left
    eye didn't stop crying, he couldn't talk
    smoothly, and he couldnt walk past 5 steps. We
    analyzed him, took x-rays etc. Gave him his first
    adjustment (I only adjusted C2) and told him that
    was it for the day. He left and came back, one
    week later. Walking with his cane (he made the
    cane by the way), with no tears in his eyes they
    opened smoothly and said Hello! with no word
    trouble. I said to myself Wow! This 4 months more
    and life as a Chiropractor is gonna be amazing!!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A group of chiropractors in Barcelona take turns
    to go to a social and rehab center. It was my
    first time there and there were already some
    people waiting for their weekly adjustment. I
    introduced myself and shared the TIC. I adjusted
    a guy who this was his first time in his life.
    When he got off the table he didn't say a word
    and gave me a hug. After that, he went with the
    other people who were working in some poetry for
    a festival and didn't say a word. After I
    adjusted everyone else that day this guy came to
    me and showed me this drawing. He started crying
    and the woman in charge told me this was this
    guy's first drawing in 3 years. The people over
    there were really impressed and I had to adjust
    some more people that day after that! -) That's
    the power of the adjustment!!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 3 year old boy had a severe allergic reaction to
    peanut butter _at_ 1 year old. Been "allergic" to
    peanut butter since. After getting adjusted for 2
    weeks, he HAPPENED to get into peanut butter. Mom
    remained calm, but watchful. Nothing. She
    recently took him for allergy testing. Negative.
    Allergist says "That is not possible" (a
    scientist doubt). He sends for blood work.
    Completely normal. Yet the specialist still wants
    him to continue his asthma medication. Mom says,
    "I haven't given him THAT for over a year".

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 23 year-old newlywed woman comes in after being
    told she needs a hysterectomy because of her
    endometriosis, so can never have children of her
    own. She and her husband begin care with the idea
    of being their best. 9 years later their 2 girls
    and 1 boy are all doing fabulously, the mom and
    dad are happy as clams and she has never had
    another problem with her reproductive system. I
    just have to keep telling her to stop telling
    everyone I got her pregnant!!!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 50 year old male has had lower back pain all
    spring from February until June. And after that
    for 3 weeks sciatica in the left leg. He went 6
    times and last session yesterday all his cramps
    and radiating pain is gone. He had difficulties
    sleeping all night, but that got better for each
    session. I just love chiropractic and he even
    more )

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • I had TOTALLY forgotten how I "convinced" my
    parents to get into care. I had been seeing a
    Chiropractor and got great help, which is why I
    was in Chiropractic College, in my first
    trimester. I called my mom almost everyday after
    CNS. Dr. Lewellen was the most amazing teacher -
    with my dad being a neuroendocrinologist,
    neurology runs in the blood in my family
    )Anyway, I had a 10lb dog I adopted from the
    humane society that jumped off her doghouse and
    walked around like an inchworm. Her BM's
    literally fell out of her, and she was 3 hours
    away at my parents house while I was in school.
    My mom took her to the vet, they took films and
    said she would need to be put down or have
    surgery. My mom left, upset to tell me my
    options. As she was leaving, she noticed a big
    sign "Animal Chiropractor, here tuesdays" I asked
    her to bring my dog into the Chiropractor.1
    adjustment, and my dog was almost 100. 2
    adjustments and she was perfect. THAT convinced
    my parents to get into care - not their own

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • When I was in chiropractic college in the late
    80's/early 90's, I worked at a health food store
    as a supplement buyer. One day while doing
    inventory, a young mom came in to try and find
    something to help with her 5 year old daughter's
    ear infections. I asked her if she had ever tried
    chiropractic. She said "I go to a chiropractor
    but never thought about taking her". So I gave a
    mini lay lecture and we said our goodbyes with
    knowing she would take her daughter to her
    chiropractor. Several weeks later, she approached
    me in the store and told me that she had been
    going to school for pre-law (prior to our
    encounter). However, once she saw the results of
    taking her daughter to get adjusted, she switched
    her undergrad program to be able to enter
    chiropractic college. A few words can mean so

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • My friend, Kerry, was over to help us with some
    house maintenance and reminded us how he happened
    to become a patient. He was 18 and helping to
    build our house, 24 years ago. Mike walked up
    behind him and touched his neck and said, "You
    have a chiropractic problem and we can fix it. It
    will help your heart." He was 4 days away from
    scheduled open heart surgery. Every time he would
    lie down his heart would accelerate and pound
    dangerously fast, causing sweating and dizziness.
    Sure enough, after several adjustments he was
    fine. He canceled the surgery and is great today.
    No heart problems.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • My dog had a litter of puppies. Each evening, we
    would call them in the garage and shut the door.
    One evening, a puppy decided to head back outside
    and since she was smaller than the safety lights
    on my garage door, the door came crashing down on
    her. I love animals and had my guns not been
    safely tucked away at my parent's house, I
    literally felt the most loving thing to do would
    be to put her out of her misery. Instead, we head
    over to the ER vet and 400 later we took her
    home. The following morning still alive but very
    pitiful.For several days, she seemed to stay in
    status epiliticus. One seizure followed by
    another. Sadly, I felt compelled to call our
    legendary vet to have her put to sleep. He agreed
    to meet me that evening at his clinic. I leave my
    wife crying in the driveway with the puppy and a
    small shoebox only to return home with an empty
    shoebox. The old vet had talked me into letting
    him take the puppy home for a week and during
    this time, the prescribed steroids had minimized
    the brain swelling and had helped stop the
    seizures.A week later, we had the puppy back
    home. She was no longer having seizures but
    needed all the love that we could give to help
    her to "thrive". She thrived and grew but was
    completely blind and would walk stiff legged and
    in clockwise circles everywhere she went. Finally
    we get to the chiropractic story. As clueless (at
    the time) as I was on adjusting dogs, I decided
    to adjust the dog. I looked at the X Rays taken
    at the original ER clinic and adjusted her neck.
    One adjustment later, the dog was no longer stiff
    legged, walked in circles and was following with
    her eyes everything going on around her. This
    adjustment held for two weeks when it was
    repeated and has held ever since.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • An adorable 4 year old girl with optic neuritis
    was slowly going blind, we found her occiput C2
    were subluxated. Muscle testing revealed that a
    virus was also attacking the optic nerve. After a
    few visits she could see just fine, no more optic
    neuritis! Later her father came in for an exam,
    he had an inguinal hernia and it was causing a
    whole lot of pain and he couldn't do his job as a
    physical therapist. First thought that popped
    into my ego was he needs surgery not an
    adjustment, then I quickly got over that thought
    and carried on with his exam and adjustment.
    After he left I looked at my meric chart and saw
    what left my mind entirely, L1 subluxation can
    cause hernias! Next visit he was doing great and
    can provide for his family pain free. A PT
    reminded this DC what chiropractic could do,

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Just had a patient of my mother's message me thru
    facebook to let me know that her baby turned
    after three adjustmentsThis is what she
    said..."SHE TURNED! I told the doc before the
    ultrasound that I was receiving chiro care to get
    her to turn and he was skeptical. He said he
    wants to deliver her at 37 weeks...likely
    c-section. I is what is going to
    happen...she is going to turn, I will go into
    labor, and deliver her vaginally. After the
    ultrasound, I walked past him and basically stuck
    my tongue out and said "ha ha...told you my plan
    would work!"

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 65 year old lady comes in to my office with
    muscle pains, dizziness. She had not been able to
    sleep on her left side for years because of her
    dizziness. She has been diagnosed with Mb
    Bechterew and Rheumatoid arthritis. After the
    first adjustment on her atlas she felt more
    relaxed. After the second adjustment she could
    sleep for awhile on her left side again. After
    the third and fourth adjustment she is almost
    pain free, moves a lot easier and she is very
    happy, discovering chiropractic which she had
    been afraid of because of all her pains.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 7 year old girl comes in with severe pain in both
    legs and daily headaches. She had been diagnosed
    with rheumatoid arthritis at age 2½ (after
    several visits to specialists, hospitals etc).
    She was given NSAID's (which the parents gave her
    for 2½ years). Her stomach was affected big time
    and they went to another specialist who told them
    that she didn't have rheumatoid arthritis. Since
    then the parents have given her Tylenol every
    night and sometimes during the day as well. After
    the 1st visit her headache is gone, her leg pain
    is less and after the second visit she is pain
    free and has been ever since. The mother said on
    the second visit "how come they don't check all
    babies right when they are born?". She really
    gets it-)

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • I had the pleasure of helping a 38 year old
    single mom who had fallen from a horse twice when
    she was 10 years old. Since that time she'd had
    excruciating pain in her lower back more or less
    non-stop. Headaches as well. She refused to take
    medication because she could not properly care
    for her two children. She had suffered throughout
    her entire adulthood. What bothered her most of
    all was that she could no longer carry her three
    year old boy because of the pain. After just one
    adjustment she returned feeling 'different...
    lighter'. By the fourth adjustment she was
    headache and pain-free for the first time since
    age 10. "I feel like an entirely new person. I
    feel like I have been given my life back." Thank
    you Chiropractic!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 1 year old baby with leukemia, aunt asked if
    chiropractic could do something for her?, went to
    the hospital and said if she's subluxated I'll
    adjust her. I did a light thrust adjustment of
    atlas and coccyx, one day later called the mother
    STARTED TO WORK, she's now two and a half and
    keeps getting stronger.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • My 1st son who is now a 7 y.o., had his 1st
    seizure at 10 months...I was at work, left a
    packed clinic to get to my boy Zeeke. I got there
    before the ambulance (I like driving very fast
    cars), he had already stopped seizing at that
    point... The next morning he went into another
    seizure while in my hands... At that moment I had
    no time to think, innate was my guide...I
    palpated his neck found the laterality of his
    atlas and I adjusted it. Before the adjustment I
    was truly scared of losing my son, at that
    point-when fear of death is near you DO NOT TREAD
    LIGHT...Zeeke instantly stopped seizing at that
    point and started to cry, Then I knew he was
    going to be OK. He has never had another seizure,
    smart as a whip, strong like a bull, and hard to
    believe but even better looking than me...The
    point of this story is not the stopping of the
    seizures. It is the stopping of the dysfunction
    of his innate... A subluxation left in the
    nervous causes a lifetime of dysfunction and
    dis-ease... What would have happened if Zeeke did
    not get the care he needed. I don't know and
    don't care. (p.s. I cried as I typed the post.
    This was a profound, life changing moment of my
    life, one that I will carry to my grave)

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 1 year old patient-no bowel movements for 4 days.
    1 adjustment, 5 bowel movements that day...and 1
    very happy mommy )

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A patient who is a veterinarian said this to me
    recently, "I know chiropractic works, because
    I've seen chiropractors adjust some of my animals
    with favorable results, and there is no placebo
    effect in animals."

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Mother brought her 14 month old son to office
    frustrated, tired and at her wits end. He had
    been on non-stop antibiotics for all but the
    first 3 months of his life, during which time he
    had a three week break. "Double Ear Infections"
    drip, coughing, gagging etc. with bi-weekly
    pediatrician visits to assess progress, hearing
    capacity, pain medication status, sleeping
    prescriptions etc., not only for the baby, but
    the mother and father. Child never slept more
    than an hour or two. Next ped visit was to
    confirm advanced ear surgery and tube placement
    for three weeks out. First adjustment with a
    warning to the mother holding him that "this
    might be loud" and "he may cry". She said please,
    whatever it takes. Atlas. Bam! No crying and he
    slept for four hours immediately after. Bi weekly
    adjustments since, 3 months now. No antibiotics,
    no pain meds, no sleep issues, no fluid in ears,
    no redness - NO F'ing Surgery !!!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • I love this one....A 62 year old woman with
    paraplegia from T8 down as a result of medical
    error during recovery after a successful AAA
    surgery came in for thoracic, cervical and wrist
    pain. She has use of her hip adductor muscles
    only. After 1 adjustment, no pain but more
    amazingly has some use of hip flexors now!!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 11 years ago this past July I was in the delivery
    room to help a mother stay adjusted during the
    birthing process. This was a small young lady and
    a large baby (almost 10 lbs), so the situation
    wasn't an easy one as the medical model of
    delivery was running the show, with the ob
    pulling the baby and two nurses on stools
    pressing down on the mother's abdomen while the
    mother pushed. The baby finally came out and was
    gray and blue and only grunting. The ob handed
    him off to the nurses, 3 at this point, who
    surrounded him and attempted to elicit a normal
    response from him. While the ob stitched up the
    mother, the baby was placed down on the
    appropriate table while one nurse stayed with
    him, another got on the phone to the neonatal
    intensive care unit and the third ran out to meet
    the unit to get them to the baby immediately.
    While this panic was ensuing, I walked over to
    the baby, with the baby's grandmother and one
    nurse watching me. I looked at the nurse, who
    nodded at me, and palpated his little neck.
    Innate guided me immediately to atlas, which was
    subluxated on the right, so with my index finger
    I gently tapped while Innate used that force to
    remove the subluxation. Immediately, with the
    nurse and grandmother watching, the baby began to
    turn pink and cry normally. NICU was notified
    that things stabilized, the grandmother hugged me
    with tears in her eyes, and the nurse who
    witnessed this came up to me and whispered that
    if anyone asks what I did, I would have to say I
    massaged him, otherwise there would be lots of
    trouble, and she didn't want anything to happen
    to me. As nobody ever asked me that day what
    occurred, it wasn't an issue, but I've shared
    this story with hundreds of people since then and
    I'm still waiting for the trouble to come my way.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A patient got driven into my office yesterday,
    because she couldn't drive herself. She had dry
    heaves, ice pack on her neck, couldn't open her
    eyes - her migraine was so bad. I asked her the
    10 point scale, and she said her pain was a 12.
    Its my first week in practice - for the first
    time I doubted myself. Fear took over for me, but
    I knew she needed innate to get working. I
    adjusted her, she seemed a little bit better, and
    went home. An hour later, she texted me and said
    "Thank you for giving me my day back" Im
    definitely humbled by the power of the body!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A young woman came in the day after a really bad
    car accident. She had gone to the ER and after
    many hours of waiting was given some pretty
    strong pain killers, muscle relaxers and some
    other concoction. We did our analysis and
    adjusted, she got off the table and yelled "WOW
    that was better than any drug they gave me at the
    hospital, I feel amazing!!" The power was simply
    turned on!!!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 1 year anniversary today of a 38 y/o practice
    member entering my office. Had passed out a few
    weeks before in the bathroom, wife found him on
    the floor, severe vertigo and other upper
    cervical subluxation manifestations. I gave him
    three things that day. Hope... where no one else
    had. Awareness.... of where health really comes
    from. the right place and the
    right time to restore the integrity of the mental
    impulse. Today he comes in and comes to tears as
    he talks about his journey back to health. But he
    doesn't stop there. He talks about the new found
    peace in his life. He talks about the fact that
    people have no FREE WILL when they are
    subluxated. The body has no free will and the
    person has no free will. A severely subluxated
    individual is truly disconnected. What could
    possibly be bigger than the Chiropractic
    objective of restoring life to the body

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A 20 yr old massage therapist with a T1-L3 fusion
    at the age of 11 yrs old for scoliosis came in 2
    months ago with severe pain, numbness, difficulty
    sleeping, lack of energy, and severe PMS. After 2
    months of care she is sleeping, went from 8/10
    pain scale to 2/10, less PMS symptoms, has better
    movement and flexibility, increased immune
    function, and increased energy to the point that
    others are noticing a significant difference.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Today a woman came in for her 3rd adjustment ever
    and asked, "Is feeling, great, sleeping well and
    sinus problems going away in 3 days instead of
    three weeks supposed to happen?' LOL I love what
    I do and I am AMAZED, still, after 25 years, at
    what Innate does.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A 63 year old woman came in with a severe
    cervical pain, blurry eyesight, stinging
    sensation in the eyes, almost no ROM in her neck,
    vertigo, a constant headache that wouldnt go
    away and most of all her expression was sad an
    shallow it was almost as if there was no life in
    her. Pain killers didnt have any effect on her
    and she had tried a whole pharmacy of them. Any
    slight neck rotation, flexion or extension would
    aggravate most of the symptoms so I decided to
    adjust with an activator. For the second and
    third visit she came in just the same but for the
    fourth visit I didnt see her in the waiting room
    so I called out her name and this full of life
    woman came towards me with a huge smile on her
    face. Almost all of her symptoms had gone away
    but the real miracle is she felt and looked alive
    again. Today she says she became at least 30
    years younger

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A 56 year old female comes in for neck pain.
    Comes back for her 2nd adjustment and asks"by the
    way, does ChiropracTIC help with your hearing"?
    "Why"? I asked. "Because after leaving here
    yesterday, I stopped at the light up the road and
    could hear people's footsteps on the sidewalk!, I
    haven't heard that in years!" Needless to say, I
    had goose bumps as I explained how Harvey had the
    exact same story in 1895.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A little 8 year old girl came into the office
    yesterday after being at her ear doctor. He said
    her hearing was 100. First time ever! She was
    born with her ears closed, no holes so they had
    to do reconstructive surgery and she had always
    had problems with her ears. Chiropractic Rocks

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A practice member originally came in for acute
    torticollis. The neck pain was 60 better after
    the 1st visit. By her 10th visit she was shining
    brighter. She said she quit taking her
    anti-depressant medications for the last 3 weeks
    and has felt better ever. She had been on them
    for 10 years. I didn't know!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 36 year old commercial real estate broker with 20
    year history of chronic/acute low back pain and
    seemingly unrelated hemorrhoids. Very skeptical
    of chiropractic. Long story short, low back pain
    gone. Hemorrhoids gone. Ten years later graduates
    from chiropractic school. Eleven years later, is
    still a chiropracTIC evangelist.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 12 yr. old came in today with acute bronchial
    asthma attack today after being subjected to a
    rude smoker in a car. She received an adjustment
    while wheezing and coughing and within 20 minutes
    of rest her breathing function is normalizing
    with no more wheezing.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 50 (ish) yr. old male patient had a crossed eye
    his whole life. He came in for the common reason-
    back pain. He was simply amazed when his eye
    finally went to it's proper position.
  • The other I witnessed was a patient's dog. Her
    dog was adopted, about 2 years old, she had him
    for a year. This dog never jumped, ran around, or
    played- just sort of limped. The vet said his leg
    would have to be amputated. The patient didn't
    really have the money for this surgery. She
    always brought him to the office with her, and
    one day, Doug said that he adjusted his Mom's
    pets. She asked him if he would try on her dog. I
    was there witnessing this. He adjusted the dog,
    and immediately after, the dog started to happily
    run around the office, and jumped up and licked
    everyone. The patient was sobbing, I had tears,
    and Doug was just beaming and nodding his head.
    It was an incredible moment.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Last practice member of the day comes in on
    Friday ...under care for 9 months, previously
    severe migraines and constantly sick, 2
    miscarriages. Now 16 weeks pregnant, has not had
    a cold or flu in 9 mos. Chiropractic is about the
    restoration of LIFE and the intelligence inside
    that orchestrates that life over and through the
    nervous system.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • A practice member with diabetes came in today and
    announced he has been able to decrease his
    insulin use and expects soon to stop using it all
    together. Another member with diabetic neuropathy
    said "her feet hurt less, she can walk more, has
    more sensation in her feet, and she no longer
    gets a burning or shock sensation if someone
    touches them."

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • One new patient came in because her manicurist
    told her that her clients with the strongest and
    healthiest nails all saw chiropractors regularly.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • I had a 17 yr old boy who presented with constant
    migraines for 4yrs following a series head
    injuries from sports. Imagine having a migraine
    everyday with no let up. He was from a heavy
    sports family and could no longer play any
    sports. His grades were sub par, he couldn't
    sleep at night, his teachers thought he was lazy
    because he'd fall asleep in class, he missed all
    sorts of school, and he'd never been on a date.
    After 2 weeks treatment he was migraine free. 2
    months later his mother came to see me in tears
    to tell me he made the honor roll. A couple weeks
    after that, he came to see me for a check up with
    a new girlfriend in tow. He has since graduated,
    and is attending college for a music and sound
    editing degree. And he has another girlfriend.

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • a 63 year old female and her husband came in. She
    was complaining about her knees. First visit
    06/29/11...first outdoor exercise (walk) 07/10/11
    without pain. Never adjusted the knees...innate

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Taking care of two brothers age 4 and 6. Both
    have ADD...ADHD ...Mild Autistic
    symptoms....Parents have been told many DX's.
    Told the parents that if we can clear out nerve
    interference they will do better. After two
    adjustments the parents came to me and said " I
    dont know what you did but these boys NEVER
    slept. Always a problem putting down for bed and
    up at 600a.m. Now they sleep like logs. " Here we
    go people....the body is starting to heal!!! I
    expect great things for these boys

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 11 year old little girl came into the office with
    migraine headaches since she was 5. She's been
    going to EVERY profession under the sun with no
    relief... Her aunt suggested she try "the new
    chiropractors" in town (us). Her Insight EMG
    Thermal scans were both in the "very challanged"
    range. After one diversified adjustment, major
    improvement. Next up toggle adjustment, no more
    headaches has been migraine free for 9-10
    months now!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • We have several mother/daughters begin care who
    initially were at each other's throats and very
    antagonistic toward each other. As their care
    progressed, we have noticed (and more
    importantly, they have noticed) that they get
    along better. A pouting 20 year old and a snarky
    mom have become friendlier and will hug and kiss
    and say "Love you, honey" after several weeks of
    care. Its so exciting to see!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Cathryn was 3 and 1/2 when her mother brought her
    to see me. She had fallen off her changing table
    at 10 months of age. She had been having at least
    1 Grand Mal seizure every day and her vision was
    so bad that even with the thickest glasses I have
    ever seen she was almost completely blind. Being
    a paramedic her mom had taken her to all the to
    MDs in the area with no results. Adjusted her
    atlas on her first visit and she hasn't had a
    seizure since. Her vision is 20/20, doing great
    in school, is a pretty amazing soccer player, and
    an awesome teenager that will be driving next
    year. Holy smokes when did all those years fly

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 6 day old Emma had not had a bowel movement in 3
    days. A gentle thumb pressure on her sacrum cause
    an "adult" audible. Within 5 minutes of leaving
    the office, mom called from her cell phone
    proclaiming "Emma just had the biggest blowout!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • Long time ago, I took care of a "failure to
    thrive" baby. Three weeks old, didn't poop in 8
    days, couldn't sleep, didnt have the power to
    suck. Adjusted her atlas. Instantly she fell
    asleep in my arms. Some minutes later, she
    stirred. I handed her over to mom, and she
    started to suck like a vacuum. Then... the sound
    and smell of success!

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 7 year old comes into my adjusting room by
    himself and says "Mom wants me to be checked. She
    thinks I need an adjustment because I'm cranky."

Chiropractic Success Stories
  • 3 year old boy had a severe allergic reaction to
    peanut butter _at_ 1 year old. Been "allergic" to
    peanut butter since. After getting adjusted for 2
    weeks, he HAPPENED to get into peanut butter. Mom
    remained calm, but watchful. Nothing. She
    recently took him for allergy testing. Negative.
    Allergist says "That not possible" (a scientist doubt). He sends for blood work. Completely
    normal. Yet the specialist still wants him to
    continue hi asthma medication. Mom says, "I
    haven't given him THAT for over a year".
    Specialist is pissed. Thinks the blood test and
    the allergy tests were messed up by the lab. He
    is CONVINCED this little expression of Innate has
    problems. We know who has the problems....