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XML Standards and Tools (Chapters 3 and 4 of XML Book) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: XML%20Standards%20and%20Tools

XML Standards and Tools
  • (Chapters 3 and 4 of XML Book)

Standards to extend XML
  • Namespaces
  • Xlink
  • XSL
  • XSLT
  • XML schema
  • Prevent overlap of names
  • Links XML documents
  • Enables flexible output format
  • Flexible transformation of XML content
  • Extends DTD structure and uses XML notation

  • Attempt to solve the naming collision problem
    of XML elements and attributes
  • status in two XML applications could have
    different meanings
  • Provides the ability to prefix names with an
  • ltacctstatusgtinvoicelt/acctstatusgt
  • ltfulstatusgtshippedlt/fulstatusgt
  • Use reserved XML attribute xmlns to associate a
    namespace prefix with a namespace name.

XML Linking Language (Xlink)
  • Goal is to create a one-way link from an XML
    source document to a target document
  • Beyond simple html links because it allows the
    exchange of structured information
  • Ex. Linking an order document to a customer
  • Attach xlink namespace to attributes of an
  • Can link content from multiple xml docs into one
    new xml document
  • Ex of lawyer compiling case info into one xml doc
  • Ex of invoice and shipping data combined in a
    tracking doc

eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL)
  • Separates formatting of XML content
  • Can specify font, spacing, etc for elements
  • Can specify different page layout languages such
    as html, PDF, RTF, Postscript, etc.
  • Can suppress or enhance different content for
    different users
  • Instructions for particular elements use the
    xsl namespace
  • Instructions for formatting output use the fo

XSL example
  • ltxsltemplate matchaddressgt
  • ltfoblock
  • fofont-sizelarge
  • fofont-weightbold
  • fofont-familyAriel
  • fofont-height2
  • ltxslapply-templates/gt
  • lt/foblockgt
  • lt/xsltemplategt
  • Note xsl is stated using XML syntax
  • Note also apply-templates tells parser to
    apply same formatting to all children elements of
    Address element

XSL Transformation (XSLT)
  • A subset of XSL used to transform one XML
    document into another XML document with a
    different format
  • Allows transformation of internal xml document
    into competing format of another companys xml
  • Ex of PO
  • Uses xsl namespace
  • Selects changed elements and order in new document

XML Schema
  • Current DTDs require separate parsing since they
    are not expressed with XML syntax
  • DTDs also lack the ability to express the data
    type of elements and attributes
  • Very early in development of XML schemas

XML Schema example
  • ltdataType nameUSAStategt
  • ltbasetypestring/gt
  • ltlexicalRepresentationgt
  • ltlexicalgtAAlt/lexicalgt
  • lt/lexicalRepresentationgt
  • lt/dataTypegt
  • ltelementType nameStategt
  • ltdatatypeRef nameUSAStategt
  • lt/elementTypegt

Writing XML
  • Manually (by hand)
  • Text editor, such as Notepad
  • MS freeware XML Notepad
  • Guided by validating editor
  • XML Authority
  • XMetaL
  • XML Spy
  • Perhaps Office XP
  • Automated
  • Many ERP systems supporting XML
  • Databases can generate XML output
  • Custom applications can be coded

Well-formedness vs. Validity
  • Well-formedness relates to syntax
  • Can it be parsed at all?
  • Validity relates to vocabulary
  • Does the well-formed XML document follow the DTD?
  • XML documents do not have to follow a vocabulary

Sample Vocabularies(Markup Languages)
  • Mathematical Markup Language (MathML)
  • Chemical Markup Language (CML)
  • Wireless Markup Language (WML)
  • Synchronized Multimedia Markup Language (SMIL)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics Markup Language (SVG)
  • VoiceXML

Sample Vocabularies(Markup Languages) 2
  • Bean Markup Language (BML)
  • Extensible 3D (X3D)
  • Bank Internet Payment System (BIPS)
  • Electronic Business XML (ebXML)
  • Visa XML Invoice Specification
  • Commerce XML (cXML)
  • LegalXML

Sample Vocabularies(Markup Languages) 3
  • Product Data Markup Language (PDML)
  • Financial Products Markup Language (FpML)
  • XML Metadata Interchange (XMI)
  • Trading Partner Agreement Markup Language (tpaML)
  • Small to Medium Business XML (SMBXML)
  • Financial Information Exchange Markup Language

  • Extensible Business Reporting Language
  • Custom markup language based upon XML
  • XML for GAAP
  • Being added to accounting and financial reporting
  • XBRL-compliant software automatically and
    transparently translates numbers and words for
    viewing of segments in Web browsers,
    spreadsheets, and in other application software

  • Faster distribution of financial information
  • Eliminate rewrites of financial reports
  • Faster and better Internet searches
  • Find desired XBRL-tagged data, not thousands of
    useless hits
  • Drill down
  • Minimize reentering data

Extensible Electronic Data Interchange (XEDI)
  • EDI has been around for more than 20 years
  • Obstacles of EDI
  • requires investment in proprietary software and
  • encodes documents that is only machine readable
  • XEDI is to enable XML as an alternate syntax to
    bring e-commerce to small and mid-sized companies

XML Repositories and Frameworks
  • Commerce One XML Framework
  • Microsofts Biz Talk Framework
  • RosettaNet

Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP)
  • XML (text) based RPC calls
  • The solutions for sharing computer programs in
    the past - COM, DCOM and CORBA
  • SOAP is designed to be less complex to learn and
    deploy on Internet infrastructures
  • SOAP is independent of object model, operating
    systems or programming languages

Religious Wars
  • Need awareness that many camps have been staked
    out in XML turf
  • Typically fall into two groups
  • Microsoft
  • XML dialed into operating system and most
    application products
  • Windows is the XML application platform
  • XML readily accessible through Visual Basic
  • Not Microsoft
  • Many platforms have XML parsing capabilities
  • Various XML application frameworks can be
  • Most support Java

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