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Seventh Grade History Review


Seventh Grade History Review Or, What You Should Have Learned Last Year The Fall of the Roman Empire Rome grew too large, could not effectively manage an empire ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Seventh Grade History Review

Seventh Grade History Review
  • Or, What You Should Have Learned Last Year

The Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Rome grew too large, could not effectively manage
    an empire of its size
  • Ultimately fell to invading Germanic tribes in
    the year 476
  • Clovis, ruler of the Franks, would be the first
    to unite Gaul following the fall of the Empire

  • Muhammad discovers a Mecca that is dedicated to
    the worship of multiple gods and unites the Arabs
    under one God
  • Arabia is an important stop on the trade routes
    between Asia and Europe
  • Christians and Jews considered People of the
  • Muslim scholars contribute much to math,
    medicine, geography, history

Medieval China
  • Great seagoing vessels, technological progress
  • Invention of gunpowder, the compass, and printing
  • Tang and Song Dynasties establish modern Chinese
  • Irrigation systems and canals support
    agriculture, especially rice production
  • Under Mongol rule, China experiences great trade
    and cultural exchange

Medieval China
  • By the 1400s, though, things changed
  • The massive bureaucracy developed in China
    restrained progress
  • Unable to control the unbelievable growth in
    commerce, the Chinese bureaucracy decided to
    simply end it in 1433
  • Confucian ideals were used to justify the
    restraint of the merchant class

Ghana, Mali, and Songhai
  • Sub-Saharan Africa is important for its location
    along trade routes
  • Ghana and Mali become powerful empires by
    controlling the gold-salt trade
  • Mali becomes a world power after converting to
    Islam Timbuktu becomes a major world center

Medieval Japan
  • Many ideas borrowed from nearby China
  • Japans isolation fostered political independence
  • Buddhism becomes major religion of Japan
  • Many gifted female authors in Japan Tale of
    Genji considered a classic of world literature
  • Medieval society shogun, daimyo, samurai

Medieval Europe
  • The Church influenced every aspect of life in
    Medieval Europe
  • St. Francis of Assisi
  • The Crusades
  • Feudalism as an economic and political system
  • Epic poetry such as Beowulf
  • Persecution of the Jewish minority in Europe
    Spanish Inquisition

Meso-America and the Andes
  • Maize agriculture helps Mesoamerica to flourish
  • Mayans reached their peak around 500 AD Incas
    reach their peak around 1300 AD Aztecs reach
    peak around 1500 AD
  • Mayan achievements architecture, calendar,
    pictographs, astronomy
  • Incas engineering, administration
  • Aztecs massive temples, Aztec calendar

The Renaissance, Reformation, Sci Rev
  • What does the Renaissance mean?
  • Renaissance art and literature
  • Abuses and accusations of the Church
  • People break away from the Catholic Church
  • The split between Germanic Europe and Latin
  • Scientific Revolution Galileo, Kepler, Newton
  • Telescope, microscope, thermometer, barometer,
    and printing press

Exploration, Enlightenment, Age of Reason
  • Exploration
  • Magna Carta
  • English Bill of Rights and the Glorious
    Revolution, 1688
  • John Locke
  • American Declaration of Independence