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Welcome! Junior Class of 2014 and Senior Class of 2013 San Ramon Valley High School Home of the Wolves Family Connections: Personalized College/Career Planning ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: San Ramon Valley

Welcome! Junior Class of 2014 and Senior Class
of 2013
  • San Ramon Valley
  • High School
  • Home of the Wolves

Tonights Agenda
  • Role of the Counselor
  • Important Dates to Remember
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Subjects and Courses
  • Course Selection
  • College Entrance Requirements
  • Thank You Good Night!

Counselor Assignments
Alphabet Counselor Contact Info.

A - D Jenifer Levy-Wendt 552-3025
E - Lea Nancy Conti 552-3027
Leb - Ric Melissa Bergstedt mbergstedt_at_srvhs.org552-3045
Rid Z Jennifer Kessler 552-3033

Role of the Counselor
  • The San Ramon Valley High  School counselors
    strive to assist students in achieving success in
    all aspects of their lives.
  • Counselors get to know their students in grade
    nine and remain involved with them throughout
    high school, providing individual, ongoing
    guidance on academic, personal, extracurricular,
    and post-secondary options.
  • To Access your Counselor
  • Drop-In before or after school, at brunch or
  • By appointment during the school day
  • E-mail for quick questions
  • Students are encouraged to direct questions to
    their individual counselors.

Important Dates Spring
  • March 8th 18th
  • Online Registration
  • Return Course Selection Sheets no later than
    Monday March 19th to 4th Period Class
  • Saturday, April 14th
  • St. Marys College Fair
  • 100 430 St. Marys College, Moraga, CA
  • Summer School Dougherty Valley High School
  • Session A
  • June 25th July 13th
  • 800 a.m. 1235 p.m.
  • Session B
  • July 16th Aug 2nd
  • 800 a.m. 1235 p.m

Important Dates Fall
  • Packet Pick-Up
  • August 13th August 14th
  • Hours TBD
  • Wolf Pack Days
  • Thursday, August 16th and Tuesday, August 21st
  • 1 pm 7 pm in the Commons
  • First Day of School!
  • Tuesday, August 28th (Minimum Day)
  • Evening With the Principal
  • September 12th
  • Back-to-School Night
  • September 19th

Graduation Requirements
Subject Area Credits
English 40
Math must pass Algebra I or equivalent 20
Social Studies 35
Science 20
Physical Education 20
Health 5
Breadth Must complete 10 credits in two of the following three areas World Languages Visual Performing Arts Career Technology/ Applied Arts 20
Electives 80
  • In addition to HS Graduation Requirements, all
    students in California are required to pass the
    California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).
  • Students take this test for the first time in
    Spring of their sophomore year.
  • Students must pass an ELA portion, and a math

Length of School Day
  • All students must have six classes
  • Per SRVUSD Policy, students must be enrolled in
    periods 1-6
  • If available, students may take an A period,
    seventh class
  • A period is at the end of the day on Tuesday

Your Four-Year Plan
  • A worksheet to map a course plan for your four
    years of high school is available online at in the Course Catalog click on
    Course Selection 2012-13 and choose Common High
    School Course Catalog 2012-13.

Course Selection
  • These are the planned course offerings for 2012
  • The entire SRVHS Course Offering Catalog is
    available online at, click on
    Course Selection 2012-13.
  • Please follow guidelines/prerequisites to promote
  • Budget and enrollment may impact whether or not
    these courses are provided.

Junior English
  • English 11
  • English Language AP
  • To qualify, students must have a B- or higher
    in both semesters of English 10 Advanced
  • -or-
  • Students will take a English Assessment Placement

Senior English
  • English 12
  • English Literature AP
  • To qualify, students must have a B- or higher
    in both semesters of English Language AP
  • -or-
  • Students will take a English Assessment Placement
  • Film as Literature (NCP)

Junior Social Studies
  • US History 1-2 (year) or
  • US History AP (year)

ELECTIVES Law (semester) Psychology (semester) Psychology AP (year) Vietnam Era (semester) World War II (semester) Roots of Rock Music (semester) European History AP (year) East Asia Studies
Senior Social Studies
  • Required - Semester of Econ and a Semester of
  • American Government CP/NCP (semester)
  • American Government AP (semester)
  • Comparative Government Politics AP (year)
  • Economics CP/NCP (semester)
  • Microeconomics AP (semester)

Electives Law (semester) Psychology (semester) Psychology AP (year) Vietnam Era (semester) World War II (semester) Roots of Rock Music (semester) European History AP (year) East Asia Studies
  • Standards Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II
  • Algebra II Advanced
  • Advanced Math Topics
  • Personal Finance
  • Statistics
  • Statistics AP
  • Pre-Calculus/Trig
  • Pre-Calculus/Trig Honors
  • Calculus
  • Calculus AP AB
  • Calculus AP BC

  • Integrated Physical Science
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry Honors
  • Chemistry AP
  • Hands on Physics
  • Physics Honors
  • Physics AP

Life Science
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Biology AP
  • Marine Biology
  • Anatomy/Physiology
  • Anatomy/Physiology Honors
  • Environmental Science AP

Physical Education
  • See Online Course Catalogue for course

World Languages
  • Chinese Mandarin I (year)
  • French I (year)
  • French II (year)
  • French III (year)
  • French IV Honors (year)
  • French Language AP (year)
  • Spanish I (year)
  • Spanish II (year)
  • Spanish III (year)
  • Spanish IV Honors (year)
  • Spanish Language AP (year)
  • ASL I
  • ASL II

Visual Performing Arts
  • Art I
  • Art II
  • Art and Animation
  • Studio Art AP
  • 3D Art I
  • 3D Art II
  • Photography
  • Photography Advanced
  • Art of Video Production I
  • Art of Video Production 2
  • Theatre Arts I IV
  • Theatre Production
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band audition
  • Jazz Band Ensemble audition
  • Symphonic Band audition
  • Orchestra
  • Marching Program
  • Dance I V audition
  • Mens Ensemble
  • Womens Ensemble
  • Chamber Singers audition
  • Concert Choir audition
  • Treble Choir - audition
  • Oral Interpretation

All classes are Year Long.
VAPA Audition Dates
Class Dates
Choir March 12th Email Ken Abrams for additional information.
Jazz Band Jazz Ensemble March 12 Saxophones March 13 Trumpets Trombones March 14 Rhythm Start at 330 in Inst. Music
Dance 2,3,4,5 Clinics April 3 4, 330 5 Auditions April 5 6, 330 7 Aux Gym
Career Technology/ Applied Arts
  • Alternative Fuels/Vehicles/Robotics (year)
  • Auto 1 (semester)
  • Auto 2 (semester)
  • Auto Technology (semester or year)
  • Building Basic Robots (year)
  • Careers in Teaching (semester or year)
  • Computer 1 (semester)
  • Computer 2 (semester)
  • Culinary Arts 1 (year)
  • Culinary Arts 2 (year)
  • Designs for the Web (year)
  • iQuest (Seniors Only)
  • Intro to Engineering (year)
  • Recording Studio Arts I (year)
  • Sports Medicine (ROP) (year)
  • Sports Medicine Advanced (ROP) (year)

  • Creative Writing (semester can be repeated)
  • Speech II (year)
  • Marching Program (fall semester)
  • Newspaper (semester)
  • Teacher/Office Assistant (semester)
  • Tutor (year)
  • Work Experience (semester or year)
  • Yearbook (year)
  • Journalism (semester)
  • Unscheduled A Fall (semester)
  • Unscheduled A Spring (semester)

Questions Regarding Course Selection?
  • Counselors are available on a drop in basis for
    student questions A period, lunch and after
    school March 2nd 16th.
  • Parents by appointment only (10 minute
    appointments) March 2 16th.

Online Course Selection
  • Go to the SRVHS campus portal

SRVHS Sports Eligibility
  • Participation by Try Outs (except Track Field
    and Cross Country)
  • Must have a 2.0 GPA in previous semester or
  • Athletic Director John Raynor
  • 552-3005

NCAA Clearinghouse
  • Division I II Athletes
  • Complete Online Application for initial
    eligibility now.
  • For more information see Online Course Catalog

Community College Admission
  • Students are eligible if they
  • Have graduated from high school
  • Have passed the CA High School Proficiency Exam
  • Are 18 years old
  • Students must take entrance assessments in Math,
    Writing, and Reading Comprehension
  • Counseling Orientation Course
  • Certificate Programs
  • AA Degree
  • Four-year College Transfer

UC/CSU A G Requirements
University of California California State University
a. History/ Social Science 2 years required a. History/ Social Science 2 years required
b. English 4 years required b. English 4 years required
c. Mathematics 3 years required/ 4 years recommended c. Mathematics 3 years required
d. Laboratory Science 2 years required/ 3 years recommended d. Laboratory Science 2 years required
e. Language other than English 2 years required/ 3 years recommended e. Language other than English 2 years required
f. Visual and Performing Arts 1 year required f. Visual and Performing Arts 1 year required
g. Electives 1 year required g. Electives 1 year required
See Online Course Catalog for further details.

Additional Requirements
University of California California State University
SAT Reasoning Test -or- ACT with Writing Comprehensive Review Application Filing Period November 1st 30th Subject tests recommended not required value added SAT Reasoning Test -or- ACT Application Filing Period October 1st November 30th for priority admissions
  • Total Weighted
  • Total Unweighted
  • CP Weighted
  • Cal Grant Unweighted

Independent Colleges UniversitiesPublic
Out-of-State Colleges Universities
  • Check each colleges website for individual
    admissions requirements
  • Course requirements
  • Testing requirements
  • GPA requirements
  • Letters of recommendation (Private/Independent)
  • Essays and/or Personal Statements
  • Comprehensive Review

  • Family Connections
  • Personalized College/Career Planning Software
    How Can Students Use It?
  • Career/Major Planning
  • Personality and interest Inventories
  • Building resumes
  • College research and planning
  • Researching scholarships and financial aid

College Career Center
  • The SRVHS Career Center is available as a
    resource for
  • College Career Information (including college
    rep visits, computer searches, video college
  • Testing Information
  • Scholarships Financial Aid Information
  • Work Permits
  • Job Board/Volunteer Opportunities
  • Career Center Coordinators
  • Carolyn Mackell 552-3007
  • Candy Jewett 552-3007
  • Hours
  • Monday Friday, 800 400

  • Review high school transcript and status report.
  • Make sure you are meeting high school graduation
  • Four-year college must meet A-G subject
    requirements with at least a C grade.
  • Use SRVUSD Summer School or DVC to remediate D
    or F grades.
  • Register early for the SAT (
    or ACT (
  • Identify colleges you would like to attend/other
    post-secondary plans.
  • Attend college fairs.
  • Begin your college application process early!
  • All college applications vary check with
    individual colleges for specific requirements and
  • Potential Division I II Athletes Register with
    the NCAA Clearinghouse this semester.

Checklist, Continued
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • (private universities only)
  • Prepare a resume, parent information sheet,
    student response sheet before requesting letters
    of recommendation.
  • Community Service
  • Visit colleges
  • Maintain a solid college preparatory program and
    GPA during senior year
  • File for Financial Aid starting January 1st
  • Scholarship deadlines vary check with the Career
  • Sign up for the eBulletin to keep up with
    important dates and information.

Good Night!
  • Thank you so much for attending!
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