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Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System TELPAS Writing Overview 2008-2009


Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System TELPAS Writing Overview 2008-2009 Texas Education Agency Student Assessment Division – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System TELPAS Writing Overview 2008-2009

Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment
System TELPAS Writing Overview2008-2009
Texas Education Agency Student Assessment
ELL in Humble I.S.D.
  • Fall 2001
  • ELL 1226
  • Fall 2002
  • ELL 1438
  • Fall 2003
  • ELL 1578
  • Fall 2004
  • ELL 1750
  • Fall 2005
  • ELL 2146
  • Fall 2006
  • ELL 2423
  • Fall 2007
  • ELL 2824
  • Fall 2008
  • ELL 2923

Why Is TELPAS Administered?
  • To meet NCLB assessment requirements for ELLs
  • To meet NCLB accountability requirements for ELLs
  • The proficiency level descriptors of TELPAS
    provide a systematic way for teachers to
    holistically rate a students English language
    proficiency level in 4 domains based on
    observations of the student in daily classroom

Eligibility Requirements
  • All students in Grades K12 who are identified as
    limited English proficient, including LEP
    students with parental denials, are required to
    be assessed through TELPAS.
  • All students are assessed at their enrolled grade
  • In rare cases, a LEP student served by special
    education may be exempted by the ARD committee on
    a domain-by-domain basis.

Collaboration with Others
  • As TELPAS raters determine the proficiency
    ratings of their assigned students, collaboration
    with other school personnel knowledgeable of the
    process is highly encouraged.

Understanding Language Proficiency in Social and
Academic Settings
  • BICS Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills
  • CALP Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency

The Argument for Academic English Language
(No Transcript)
Goal in Assembling Writing Collections
  • To make sure that the collections portray the
    students overall English language proficiency

Writing Activities
  • TELPAS writing samples should be taken from
    authentic classroom activities, and not a
    separate assignment for the ELLs.

The Benefit of Writing
  • Remember that when ELLs write across the content
    areas it helps them build skills in those
    academic areas and internalize English language

Writing Collections
  • Writing collections are required for students in
    grades 2-12
  • Raters will base their ratings solely on the
  • The collections may be audited by the state
    following the spring 2009 assessment in order to
  • Monitor rating accuracy and effectiveness of
    rater training
  • Monitor the quality of the collection

Writing Collections
  • The following samples are required in each
  • 3 narratives (one about a past event)
  • academic writing samples (science, social studies
    and math)
  • Writings assigned as of 2/2/2009 (not before that
    date) may be part of the collection. The samples
    should be submitted by March 6
  • Ratings will be conducted beginning March 23

Calendar of Events
Date TELPAS event
February 2-March 6, 2009 Collection of writing samples
By March 13 K-12 classrooms set up for online input
February 2 Window opens for online refresher (K/1 and 2-12)
March 9 13, 2009 Campus Verifier Review Writing Collection
March 23 - April 10, 2009 TELPAS raters rate
March 23 - April 10, 2009 TELPAS reading window
Writing Collections
  • Do NOT include papers
  • containing copied language
  • reflecting heavy use of a dictionary or thesaurus
  • showing teacher corrections
  • Polished through editing by others
  • Written primarily in the students first language
  • That are brief, rushed, or incomplete (prewriting
    activities are too brief to be a part of the

Building Collections
  • Strive to gather more than the required samples
    for each student. Then choose those that meet the
    criteria and are most reflective of the students
    current proficiency level.

Assigning Writing
  • TELPAS writing should not be a separate activity
    or an assignment given only to the English
    Language Learners. It is intended to be authentic
    classroom writing.

Assigning Writing
  • Writing with titles like Quick Writing,
    5-minute Writing, Writing Warm-up should be
    avoided in a TELPAS writing collection. Such
    assignments tend to generate writing that is
    rushed, brief or incomplete.

Examples from science
  • Explain a scientific process
  • Write why lab rules are important
  • Write how to use a device or equipment
  • Write about something you are learning in your
    science class, whether it is easy or difficult,
    why it is important, etc.
  • Explain the steps in a scientific investigation

Examples from mathematics
  • Write about the way you use math outside of
  • Explain the steps in a mathematical process
  • Write about something you are learning, whether
    it is easy or difficult, etc.
  • Write to reflect the thinking you do to solve a

Examples from social studies
  • Write about a historical figure, the persons
    contributions or significance
  • Defend a point of view about a policy or issue
  • Write a persuasive piece to influence a change in
    policy or law
  • Write about something you are learning, why it is
    important to learn, etc.

Tips for good collections
  • Encourage students to take their time and write
    in as much detail as they can.
  • Include some writing tasks that let the students
    show the English they know what they CAN DO in
  • Include some tasks that stretch and push students
    to their limits to show the full extent of what
    they can do, and if applicable, what they CANNOT

Beginning Level Writers
  • It is expected that even beginning-level students
    will have writing collections containing samples
    in English. It is not acceptable to include
    samples written primarily in the native language,
    regardless of proficiency level.

Beginning Level Writers
  • Students who are at the early stages of the
    beginning level will likely have samples using
    very very formulaic, rememorized language as well
    as vocabulary that they have just learned.

Brief Writing
  • The length of the writing samples within a
    collection will depend partly on the students
    proficiency level.
  • What is acceptable at one proficiency level may
    not be acceptable at another.

Brief Writing
  • Students who are capable of writing in a
    detailed, extended way should not have samples in
    their collection that dont reflect that.
  • Raters will have to consider students abilities
    in determining whether papers are too brief to be

Verify Collection Contents
  • Campuses must designate a collection reviewer to
    verify the contents of the writing collection.
    This person must NOT be a TELPAS rater.
  • The reviewer must verify that
  • Each sample shows the students name and date
  • Each collection has the appropriate number and
    types of samples

Verify Collection Contents
  • The reviewer must also verify that
  • No samples are from before Feb. 2, 2008
  • No papers have teacher corrections
  • No worksheets or Q-A assignments are included
  • The designated reviewer will sign the TELPAS
    writing collection cover sheet in affirmation
    that the collection is adequate.

Verifying the Writing Collection Components
  • If the collection meets these requirements, the
    verifier will sign the TELPAS writing collection
    cover sheet
  • If the collection does not, the verifier will
    return the collection according to campus
    procedures. It will need to be reverified once
    the collection is complete. The verifier should
    not sign the coversheet until the collection
    meets the criteria.

  • Your contributions to this effort are greatly
    appreciated as we address the needs of our
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