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Equivalent Ratios


Equivalent Fractions. Replace each blank with a number so that the fractions are equal. 1216= 4. 78= 32. 34= 75. 816= 2. 618=1 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Equivalent Ratios

Equivalent Ratios
  • Defined through the value of a ratio

Equivalent Fractions

Least common multiple
  • Find the LCM for each set of numbers
  • 1) 5 and 15
  • 2) 13 and 39
  • 3) 16 and 24
  • 4) 18 and 20
  • 5) 8 and 12

Exercise 1A
  • Circle any equivalent ratios from the list below
  • Ratio - 12
  • Ratio 510
  • Ratio 616
  • Ratio 1232

Exercise 1b
  • Find the value of the following ratios, leaving
    your answer as a fraction, but re-write the
    fraction using the largest possible unit.
  • Ratio - 12 Value of the Ratio
  • Ratio 510 Value of the Ratio
  • Ratio 616 Value of the Ratio
  • Ratio 1232 Value of the Ratio

Exercise 2
  • Here is a theorem If two ratios are equivalent,
    then they have the same value.
  • Can you provide any counter-examples to the
    theorem above?

Exercise 3a
  • Taivon is training for a duathlon, which is a
    race that consists of running and cycling. The
    cycling leg is longer than the running leg of the
    race, so while Taivon trains, he rides his bike
    more than he runs. During training, Taivon runs
    4 miles for every 14 miles he rides his bike.
  • Identify the ratio associated with this problem
    and find its value

Miles ran to miles ride 414 4/14 can be
simplified to 2/7
Exercise 3b
  • When Taivon completed all of his training for the
    duathlon, the ratio of total number of miles he
    ran to total number of miles he cycled was
    80280. Is this possible according to Taivons
    training schedule? Explain why or why not.

Yes, 80/280 can be divided by 40 which is 2/7,
and 2/7 is equivalent to problem a
Exercise 3c
  • In one training session Taivon ran 4 miles and
    cycled 7 miles. Did this training session
    represent an equivalent ratio of the distance he
    ran to the distance he cycled? Explain why or
    why not.

2/7 and 4/7 are not the same ratio so they are
not equivalent ratios
Math talk
  • How is the value of a ratio related to the ratio?

Lesson summary

Exit ticket
  • You created a new playlist, and 100 of your
    friends listened to it and shared if they liked
    the new playlist or not. Nadhii said the ratio
    of the number of people who liked the playlist to
    the number of people who did not like the
    playlist is 7525. Dylan said that for every
    three people who liked the playlist, one person
    did not.
  • Do Nadhii and Dylan agree? Prove your answer
    using the values of the ratios.
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