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Age of Ideologies II


Age of Ideologies II Communism: Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Brother Andrew, Karl Heinrich Marx Born 1818 in Trier, Germany to a wealthy German-Jewish family His father ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Age of Ideologies II

Age of Ideologies II
  • Communism
  • Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Brother Andrew,

Karl Heinrich Marx
  • Born 1818 in Trier, Germany to a wealthy
    German-Jewish family
  • His father born into a line of rabbis name was
    Herschel Mordecai but he changed it to Heinrich
    Marx for business sake
  • Began studying at the University of Bonn, where
    he joined the Trier Tavern club
  • His father wanted him to be serious about
    education so sent him to the Friedrich Willhelms
    Universität in Berlin
  • Obtained a doctorate in 1841

Karl Heinrich Marx
  • 1842 began a career in Journalism
  • 1843 his paper was shut down
  • Met Engels in Paris and they had warm happy
    communist feelings together
  • Marx began to develop the philosophy of
    historical materialism
  • 1848 Marx and Engels first published a copy of
    The Communist Manifesto as a statement of faith
    for their small Communist League

Karl Heinrich Marx
  • Marx/Engels were kicked out of Paris and moved to
    Brussels in Belgium
  • They were kicked out of Belgium and moved to Köln
    (Cologne) Germany
  • 1849 Marx moves to Cologne and starts a leftist
  • May 1849 Marx is kicked out of Germany and moves
    to London where he remains for the rest of his
  • Gets married to Jenny von Westphalen and has 6
    children (3 survived)

Karl Heinrich Marx
  • Marx lived in London and wrote many books and
    political commentaries including Das Kapital
  • Emphasized revolutionary activist politics
  • Was an atheist and saw religion as a think to be
    pitied, and useful only as a drug
  • Religious suffering is, at one and the same
    time, the expression of real suffering and a
    protest against real suffering. Religion is the
    sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a
    heartless world, and the soul of soulless
    conditions. It is the opium of the people.
  • Marx died 2 years after his wife in 1883

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - Lenin
  • Born 1870 in Simbirsk, Russia
  • During his childhood his brother was hanged for
    attempting to assassinate Tsar Alexander III this
    cemented Lenin to Marxist extremism
  • Was well learned in Latin and Greek, but was
    kicked out of university for participating in
  • After independent study he obtained a license to
    practice law in 1891
  • Continued revolutionary activity and was exiled
    to Siberia from 1895-1900

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - Lenin
  • Wrote reactionary material and led the Bolshevik
    party in the split up of the primary leftist
  • During WWI he led an anti-patriotic faction
    hoping for the overthrow of Russia to provide the
    chaos needed for revolution
  • Ultimately with the slogan of All power to the
    Soviets Lenin led a successful revolution in
  • Became leader of Russia and made an unloved
    treaty with Germany to end WWI

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - Lenin
  • Lenins major contribution to Communism was his
    professionalizing of the party
  • Began a secret police service the Cheka
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  • Lenin initiated the Red Terror stomping out
    imprisoning and executing all counter-revolutiona
    ry elements
  • He consolidated and led the government promoting
    a new economic policy to help care for the war
    ravaged Russia he was now ruling

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov - Lenin
  • Tried to prevent greater Anti-Semitism
  • 1922 suffered a stroke and was partially
  • Began to doubt the other leaders of the party,
    especially Stalin, whom he had personally trained
    and elevated
  • Died Jan. 21 1924 not wishing to have any special
    memorial or services
  • He received the exact opposite in the formation
    of the cult of Lenin which included the renaming
    of St. Petersburg into Leningrad in his honor

Joseph Stalin
  • ????? ????????????? ??????
    Iosif Vissarionovich
  • Born in 1898 into the Georgian ?????????
    (Jughashvili) family
  • At 14 he attended the Tiflis Theological
    seminary, living off of a scholarship and a small
    stipend for singing in the choir
  • Became an active Marxist and his activities
    earned him Siberian exile to 1917

Joseph Stalin
  • Had a bad home life, his first wife died, their
    son committed suicide, second wife committed
    suicide, their son died an alcoholic, and their
    daughter emigrated to the U.S.
  • Stalin rose to power, using manipulation and
    great political cunning
  • He started the cult of Lenin and attached himself
    as Lenins most devoted follower
  • Used a ban on party factionalism to exile and ban
    all of his detractors from the party

Joseph Stalin
  • Ruthlessly encouraged industrial growth and
    collectivized the peasants into communes
    triggering a famine that killed 5-10 million
  • Blamed failures on rich peasant kulaks that got
    sent to Gulag prison camps
  • Stalin harshly repressed religion wanting worship
    only for Lenin and thus himself
  • The Orthodox church was re-allowed during WWII as
    a patriotic and nationalistic organization,
    though it split from mainstream Orthodoxy in
    following Stalin

Joseph Stalin
  • Performed a great purge removing bad
    influences from the party and re-emphasizing the
    Lenin-Stalin cult
  • Initiated mass deportations of ethnic groups out
    of mainland Russia
  • Severely persecuted the Jews as American spies
    and traitors
  • A low estimate of 20 million people died during
    his reign
  • Died in 1953 of a stroke or poisoning

Chairman Mao
  • Basically see Stalin and replace Russia with
  • Created a massive personality cult around
    himself, being worshiped above all
  • Initiated various programs resulting in the death
    of 10s of millions of his citizens
  • Died in 1976 leaving behind a subjugated China

Brother Andrew
  • Anne van der Bijl was born in 1928 to a poor
    family in Holland
  • Grew up in a good Christian home, but didnt
    personally have faith
  • 1939 his brother died of Tuberculosis and Andrew
    blamed God for it
  • 1940 Germans occupied Holland and Andrew raised
    small mischief against them
  • After the war he became a soldier and was
    injured, while convalescing he began to read the

Brother Andrew
  • Prayed Lord, if you will show me the way I will
    follow you.
  • Wanted to become a missionary but was daunted by
    the 12 years training required
  • 1953 attended the Glasgow missionary school in
    Scotland for training because they had a much
    quicker program
  • He learned much from a month long no money, dont
    ask for any mission trip
  • During this time Andrew witnessed many miracles
    and a faith which would mark the rest of his life

Brother Andrew
  • Had an opportunity to attend a socialist youth
    festival in Warsaw and there saw the hoplessness
    of the communists
  • He felt his calling in Rev. 32 Now wake up!
    Strengthen what little remains, for even what is
    left is at the point of death
  • At Gods prompting someone taught Andrew to
    drive, then later two others gave him a brand new
    VW bug and money
  • Andrew loaded his car with bibles and smuggled
    them into Yugoslavia relying on God to give him a
    place to deliver them

Brother Andrew
  • 1958 Andrew married the love of his life Corrie
    Van Dam
  • Developed a famous border crossing prayer when
    openly smuggling bibles in Father, You have made
    blind eyes to see -- now I ask you to make seeing
    eyes blind."
  • Continued smuggling bibles by dozens, hundreds,
    and thousands into various Communist countries
  • 1961 project pearl delivered 1 million bibles to
    China in one night

Brother Andrew
  • Wrote his autobiography Gods Smuggler which led
    others to join him in his work
  • Founded the Open Doors ministry which focuses on
    bringing bibles to those who dont have them
  • Now open doors works primarily in the Muslim
  • Corrie Ten Boom also ministered to the communists
    with her pepperbox messages and speaking tours

Christian Communism
  • Pre-Marx Communism was primarily espoused by
    Christian Idealists
  • The emphasis is placed on Acts 244-5
  • And all that believed were together, and had all
    things common And sold their possessions and
    goods, and parted them to all men, as every man
    had need.
  • Post-Marx, Marxian social/economic ideals were
    kept, but atheism was rejected
  • Modern Christian communalist movements stemmed
    from this e.g. Calvary Chapel Communes

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