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Passage to Freedom


Passage to Freedom Essential Questions 1) Passage to Freedom Courage Is Something Everyone has Inside Them by Son Ca Lam Do you agree with Son Ca s definition ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Passage to Freedom

Passage to Freedom
  • Essential Questions
  • 1)

Passage to Freedom
  • Courage Is Something Everyone has Inside Them
    by Son Ca Lam
  • Do you agree with Son Cas definition of courage?
    Why or why not?
  • Do you think the treatment of Son Cas family by
    the Communists in Vietnam was fair? Explain your
  • Do you agree that fleeing to America was the best
    solution for the family? Why or Why not?
  • What do you think Son Ca means when she says her
    mother and sister didnt know anything?

Passage to Freedom Vocabulary
  • Number and underline each vocabulary word in your
  • decision- a choice that involves judgment
  • diplomat- one who is appointed to represent his
    or her government in its relations with other
  • Government- the body or organization that manages
    a nation
  • Permission- necessary approval to do something
  • Refugees- people who flee their homes in order to
    escape harm
  • Superiors- those who have higher rank and more
  • Visas- documents that give people permission to
    travel to a specific country

Spelling- Long Vowels
_ a _ e _ i _ o _ u
Fade Theme File Throne fume
Long Vowels- the long vowel sound can be spelled
with the vowel/consonant pattern.
Spelling- Long Vowels
ai ea ee oa
Trait Preach Sleeve soak
Long Vowels- the long vowel sound can also be
spelled with two vowels together.
Homework- Practice Book page 37
Passage to Freedom
  • Preview the story and the illustrations in your
  • What problem do you think that Mr. Sugihara will
    face in the story?
  • Why does the story involve thousands of lives?

Passage to Freedom
  • Comprehension Strategy- Evaluate
  • Good readers evaluate, or form opinions, about
    what they read.
  • Read first two paragraphs on Page 53
  • Question- Is this an effective way to introduce
    Mr. Sugihara?

Passage to Freedom
  • Comprehension Skill- Making judgments
  • As we read the story, think about Mr. Sugihara.
  • Practice Book page 32- Judgment
  • What kind of person is Mr. Sugihara?
  • Is Mr. Sugiharas decision right or wrong?
  • What kind of person is Mrs. Sugihara?

Comprehension Questions
  • Answer Questions 1-3 for Homework

Passage to Freedom 3
  • With a partner, re-read pages 53-56. Only read
    the first paragraph on page 56.
  • Transparency 1-11 and Practice Book 32 Making
  • Answer comprehension questions 1-3
  • Read pages 57-59
  • Comprehension Questions 4 5 for HW

Passage to Freedom 4
  • Spelling Bingo- winner(s) get homework pass
  • On your bingo sheet, randomly write the following
    in all of your squares.
  • VCe- pattern for vowel/consanant/e
  • VV pattern for two vowels together
  • When I say a word, write the word in the
    appropriate square.
  • To win, you need 4 across, up, down, or vertically

Passage to Freedom 4
  • Review Comprehension Questions 4-5
  • Judgment Charts (PB 32) Row 2
  • Read pages 62-64
  • Complete Judgment Chart (PB 32)
  • Homework- Comprehension Questions 6-9

Passage to Freedom- Day 5
  • Check Comprehension Questions 6-9
  • Complete Judgment Chart
  • Complete PB 9

Passage to Freedom 6
  • What is a syllable? Discuss with your neighbor.
  • EQ How can you read words that have two or more
  • Syllable- a word part that has one sound

Passage to Freedom 6
  • He wrote visas from morning until night.
  • M o r n i n g
  • v c c v
  • Many words with this pattern divide between the
  • M o r /n i n g

Passage to Freedom 6
  • The refugee was upset.
  • R e f u g e e
  • v c v
  • Many words with this pattern divide between the
    consonant and second vowel
  • Ref/u/gee
  • If that does not work, separate the word at the
    first vowel. Re/fused

Passage to Freedom- 6
Mr. Sugihara is moving his family to the German
city of Berlin. Copy the chart below in your
journal and make predictions about what will
happen to him based on the details about Mr.
Sugihara that are provided.
Details Predictions
He helped Jewish refugees
He disobeyed his own government
He consulted with his family about issuing visas
A Mothers Courage
  • A primary source is a document or first hand
    account of something or some event that happened
    in history.
  • What are the benefits of reading a primary
  • Homework- To be done during enrichment today.
    Pages 34,35,36