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Literature Review


Literature Review Of Mice and Men A novel by John Steinbeck Setting 1930 s in California - Great Depression The story occurs over a period of 4 days in four ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Literature Review

Literature Review
  • Of Mice and Men
  • A novel by John Steinbeck

  • 1930s in California - Great Depression
  • The story occurs over a period of 4 days in four
    specific locations
  • - in the brush next to the Salinas River
  • - a bunkhouse on the ranch
  • - the stable hand's room on the ranch
  • - the main barn on the ranch

CharactersGeorge Milton is characterized as...
  • a migrant farmworker
  • a small, quick, hard working, good man
  • Lennies protector and care giver
  • gettting easily frustrated with Lennie
  • a person who hopes to have a Dream Farm with
    Lennie, but loses that hope once Lennie dies
  • a character who mercifully kills his best friend

CharactersLennie Small is characterized as...
  • a large, childlike migrant worker with a mild
    mental disability
  • a character who completely depends upon George,
    his friend and traveling companion, for guidance
    and protection.
  • a child who wholeheartedly believes in the Dream
  • not understanding his own strength.
  • someone who loves petting soft things, such as
    small animals, dresses, and peoples hair,
  • a character who unintentionally, kills Curleys

CharactersCandy is characterized as...
  • an aging ranch handyman
  • having lost his hand in an accident and worries
    about his future on the ranch.
  • someone who provides hope for the Dream Farm he
    offers his lifes savings so he can join George
    and Lennie in owning the land
  • someone who struggles with the fate of his
    ancient dog (Carlson shoots the suffering dog in
    the back of the head in an alleged act of mercy
    this foreshadows the manner of Lennies death.)
  • a character who struggles with the fact that he
    didnt shoot his own dog.

CharactersCurley is characterized as...
  • the bosss son
  • a pugnacious boxer who is confrontational and
  • a character who seeks to compensate for his small
    physical nature by picking fights with larger
  • a man consumed with jealous suspicions and is
    extremely possessive of his flirtatious young

CharactersCurleys Wife is characterized as...
  • a possession she is never given a name and is
    only referred to in reference to her husband
  • a potential problem who is feared by the
  • as attention seeking, as she dresses in fancy,
    feathered red shoes
  • a desperately lonely girl who simply wants to be
    noticed and have some meaningful companionship
  • a character who has broken dreams of a better

  • Man vs. Man
  • - Curley against Lennie
  • - Curleys Wife against Lennie
  • - George against Lennie
  • - Carlson against Candys Dog
  • Man vs. Self
  • - George against himself
  • - Candy against himself

  • Carlson shoots Candys Dog in order to put it out
    of its misery. This event foreshadows Lennies
    death. George uses Carlsons gun to mercifully
    shoot Lennie.
  • The fact that Candy greatly regrets not killing
    his dog/his best friend foreshadows the fact that
    George will be the one to ultimately take the
    life of Lennie at the close of the novel.

  • The Rabbits
  • - A symbol of Lennies future, simple and
    perfect life on the Dream Farm
  • - They also represent the death of the Dream
    Farm. The gigantic rabbit that scolds Lennie at
    the end of the story suggests that Lennie
    realizes deep down that he'll never have his
  • The Dream Farm
  • - A symbol for George and Lennies perfect,
    free, and happy life.

  • Dreams
  • - Without dreams and goals, life is an endless
    stream of days that have little connection or
  • Loneliness...Companionship
  • - Humans crave contact with each other to give
    life meaning.
  • Moral Responsibility
  • - Mankind should be responsible and helpful to
    others who are less fortunate.