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The Voice of the Holy Spirit


The Voice of the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit speaks Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts. The reason He speaks. Agreement with the Word – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Voice of the Holy Spirit

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit speaks
  • Fellowship with the Holy Spirit. The book of
    Acts. The reason He speaks.
  • Agreement with the Word
  • The standard of testing. Voices and revelations.
    The temptation of Jesus. Guidance subject to
  • The Holy Spirit and Man's Spirit
  • Define your terms. The inward man. The outward
    man. Follow the Spirit
  • .
  • Perceiving with the Spirit
  • Become Spirit conscious. Co-operate.
  • Conviction or Condemnation
  • Tone of voice. Specific. Encouragement. Forget
    the past.
  • Attraction to God. Brings positive scriptures.
    The Spirit draws you into fellowship. Facts of
    the Word of God. Disciplines you gently. Assures

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The directing him to minister in an unknown area
    - to go to the Gentiles with the Gospel. Then he
    heard the voice of the Holy Spirit giving him
  • The voice of the Holy Spirit is the third way in
    which God directs us in our daily walk. The first
    way is by the inward witness or intuition the
    second way is by the inward voice or conscience -
    which is also known as that still small voice of
    your spirit. Both these ways are actually the
    place where the Holy Spirit communicates, but
    there are times when He speaks, almost audibly
    and lets you know, with certain authority and
    often urgency, what He wants.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit Speaks
  • When the Holy Spirit fills you, the believer,
    you can be sure that the person, God the Holy
    Spirit, has filled you with Himself.
  • He has a voice
  • He has something to say
  • He wants to communicate
  • so learn to listen

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Fellowship with the Holy Spirit
  • Fellowship demands
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Communication
  • Sharing
  • Fellowship Demands a Voice
  • We have to voice our ideas and thoughts, voice
    our opinions, our difficulties, etc. to get to
    know each other.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Book of Acts
  • The Spirit Gives Direction
  • In this incident, we notice that the Holy Spirit
    was not the only One Who gives direction. Philip
    was directed to leave Samaria when an angel spoke
    and told him to go to the Jerusalem/Gaza road.
    When he arrived, he had no further direction.
    Then he heard the voice of the Holy Spirit. The
    Holy Spirit is direct
  • - The Holy Spirit is specific
  • - The Holy Spirit leaves no confusion
  • - The Holy Spirit leaves no doubt
  • One of the main reasons why we are living on
    planet earth is to evangelize the lost,
    unbelieving sinner. Our number one job is to win
    the lost. This is the reason we praise and
    glorify God in the world, and why we edify one
    another. The Holy Spirit's number one job is to
    teach and enable Christians to revere and glorify
    Jesus Christ - so as to draw blind and groping
    sinners and ignorant and carnal Christians to do
    the same, i.e. revere and glorify Jesus.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Peter heard the voice of the Holy Spirit telling
    him to preach the Gospel to the gentiles. In this
    case, it was the household of Cornelius.
  • The Reason He Speaks
  • The inner witness is hearing the thoughts and
    suggestions of the Holy Spirit and it is the
    primary way in which He will lead us.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • When The Inner Witness Is Doubted
  • When we are untrained and unskilled at
    perceiving the leading of the Holy Spirit, He
    will make His voice heard until such a time that
    we can recognize and hear him. We should be
    sensitive enough to hear Him in the inner
    witness. The Spirit should be able to lead us
    with His eye, but if we are unskilled in
    receiving these suggestions, He will lead us with
    His voice.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • When we have a Mind Set...
  • Peter had a mind set in that he thought the
    Gospel was exclusively only for the Jews. He
    would not even have recognized the inner witness
    or voice - he was convinced of what he thought.
    The voice of the Holy Spirit will break that mind

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Not Contradictory
  • The inward witness will already have been there
    - the problem is that the mind set dulls our
    hearing in those things. At times like this, the
    Holy Spirit will make Himself heard.
  • When we are Set in our Will
  • In the case of Paul, his will was set on Asia or
    Bithynia, so he heard the voice of the Spirit.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • When our Logic is Set
  • It was not logical or reasonable for Philip to
    leave the greatest revival since the 'Jerusalem
    revival' to evangelize one man.
  • When there are Adverse Circumstances
  • Paul heard the voice of the Holy Spirit tell him
    to go to Jerusalem. Yet it was in Jerusalem that
    Paul suffered his worst and longest persecution

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Judging by the Word
  • We are told to put everything we receive and
    perceive to the test to see whether it is of
    God. It is possible that the information we
    receive is not of God.
  • The Standard of Testing
  • All things, including the Almighty God, are
    subject to the Word of God

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus Christ is Lord and King
  • Any "voice" or "revelation" that cannot be
    confirmed by what is written in the scriptures
    actually denies the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • No Respect for the Word
  • If we deny the Word, we deny Christ the Lord.
    Any voice that contradicts the Word of God
    contradicts the Lord of the Word and is therefore
    not of God.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • This means that we may not add to the Word or
    take away from the Word
  • no matter how spectacular
  • no matter how you feel
  • no matter what the spiritual experience
  • If it is not in the Word of God, it is not of
    God. Some people have wonderful "spiritual"
    experiences where they really "felt close to the
    Lord" and had such an intimate time. "Surely what
    I heard must be from God." No! Not if it
    contradicts His Word.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Voices and Revelations
  • A preacher tells of a woman who invited him to
    lunch at her home. As soon as they were settled,
    she began to share "what the Lord said to me" and
    how He gave "me revelations". Sensing by the
    inward witness that something was not right, he
    allowed her to continue. After approximately ten
    minutes, the preacher stopped her, asking her to
    pick up the Bible. He had her read Scripture
    after Scripture, pointing out that her
    revelations contradicted the Word of God,
    therefore what she heard was not of Him.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Woman who had a Mental Breakdown
  • A woman came forward in a prayer line to be
    healed of a mental breakdown. She was a Sunday
    School teacher and her husband was a deacon. As
    they laid hands on her, a word of knowledge came
    in the form of a vision where this woman was seen
    in a meeting. The evangelist told how God spoke
    to him in an audible voice. This woman began
    seeking to hear God audibly too, not realizing
    that this evangelist was not seeking - nor
    expecting - to hear God audibly.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • God's Prerogative
  • We have no right to seek to hear God audibly. If
    He told us that He would speak audibly in His
    Word, we could expect it.
  • The Devil Accommodates
  • Do not seek voices! The devil accommodated this
    woman and she started hearing voices, and it
    drove her insane. She was about to be admitted to
    the mental hospital for the second time. This
    woman was not healed nor delivered because she
    wanted to hear voices

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Temptation of Jesus
  • Jesus was confronted here with the devil who
    voiced his temptation. Notice that there are
    three aspects in this temptation.
  • If you are the Son of God
  • This phrase appears twice - where Satan was
    casting doubt on Who Jesus truly was. The
    temptation was aimed at getting Jesus to prove

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • If you will worship before me
  • Satan wanted Jesus to acknowledge him as God to
    try to usurp God's rightful place.
  • Throw yourself down from here
  • Had Jesus succumbed to this temptation, He would
    have committed suicide. Satan wants you as a
    Christian to firstly, doubt your inheritance in
    Christ, secondly, to worship him. Thirdly, he
    will try and have you killed and destroyed.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Use of the Scripture
  • Take note! Jesus answered the temptations with
    "It is written" twice, until Satan also said "It
    is written", at which Jesus once again declared
    "It is written". Jesus, however, said it in its
    proper context. Most Christians are defeated by
    the devil's "It is written" 's. It is essential
    to know the whole will or Word of God. If we want
    to be led by the Holy Spirit, it is also
    essential to have the mind of Christ which shows
    us the spirit of the Scriptures.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Guidance Subject to Truth
  • Even if there is no scripture or verse for what
    the voice of the Holy Spirit says, it must agree
    with the general concepts in Scripture.
  • The Holy Spirit and Man's Spirit
  • Which is which? You might ask and wonder how you
    can tell whether it is your spirit or the Holy
    Spirit trying to tell you something. It may just
    be me! If we want to be led by the Holy Spirit in
    our calling, our ministry, our job and in the
    church (especially in the gifts of the Holy
    Spirit), we must get our understanding right in
    this matter.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Define your Terms
  • The Flesh or the Inward Man
  • The flesh or the body will demand to be
    satisfied, and in most cases, will lead away from
    the essential spiritual things we need to feed
    on. Often it could be the inward man - the real
    you - which is the very one we ought to follow.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Inward Man
  • The inward man is the real you - the new
    creature in Christ, where old things pass away
    and all things become new. The inward person
    possesses the life and nature of God. The real
    you is the home and dwelling place of God the
    Holy Spirit in all His fullness.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • You Should be Able to Differentiate
  • Between flesh and spirit
  • This verse refers to the inward man which is
    born of God, partakes of His nature and, by
    nature, cannot do wrong. The spirit man will
    never consent to do wrong.
  • Confidence in the New Creation
  • Listen to your heart - to the inward man!

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Outward Man
  • It is not the inward man of the Christian that
    wants to do wrong - it is the outward man.
  • Christians Make Mistakes
  • They fall and fail - but the inward man never
    fails! The inward man does not miss the mark
    the outward man does! The outward man goes
    against the inward man who does not agree. He
    tries to stop the flesh he will weep when the
    flesh does not obey.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • The Flesh Dominating
  • If you allow the flesh (the outward man) to
    dominate, you will continue to miss the mark. If
    you allow the natural man to dominate without
    becoming spiritually minded, you will miss it
    continually too.
  • Two Things for Christians to Do.
  • Present your Bodies
  • Renew your Minds
  • This is how Christians remains baby Christians
    or carnal Christians and never mature.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • You are yet body-ruled
  • The renewed mind will side with and link up to
    the reborn spirit instead of with the body. The
    spirit and mind will then dominate the body.
  • Follow the Spirit
  • You, or rather, your inward man, is the lamp of
    the Holy Spirit. You will not be told to do
    something wrong.
  • Your inward man has the nature of God
  • Your inward man has the life of God
  • Your inward man has the love of God
  • Your inward man has the spirit of God

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Perceiving with the Spirit
  • Paul's Warning Ignored
  • Acts 279-10 Now when much time had been spent,
    and sailing was now dangerous because the fast
    was already over, Paul advised them, saying men
    I perceive that this voyage will end with
    disaster and much loss, not only of the cargo and
    ship, but also our lives.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Become Spirit Conscious
  • of your spirit
  • of the Holy Spirit
  • You will save yourself much harm and personal
    destruction. You will save yourself from
    accidents and calamities - which the world blames
    God for.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Sit Down and Analyze
  • You will realize that something deep inside gave
    instructions and warning to avoid certain
  • Co-operate
  • With the inward leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Conviction or Condemnation
  • We now look at ten sure ways in which you can
    tell the difference between the conviction of the
    Holy Spirit and the condemnation of the devil.
  • Conviction
  • 5.1 Tone of Voice
  • The gentle, loving voice of our Father
    imploring, beseeching, and urging our return to

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.2 Specific
  • The Spirit says 'Fix this one thing, and you
    will be free'. He commands you to take one
    specific action - to make a choice of will.
    Conviction of the spirit is specific to the sin.
    The Spirit defends you against your oversensitive

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.3 Encouragement
  • Encouragement is God's message. He encourages
    you to rely on God's power - not your own
    righteousness or strength.
  • 5.4 Forget the Past
  • This is the Holy Spirit speaking. He reminds you
    that your sin is cleansed away, removed,
    forgotten, covered and put away and never to be
    held against you. Any man putting his hand to the
    plough and looking back is not fit for the
    Kingdom. (Remember Lot's wife.) John 129 Psalm
    10212 517, 1 John 17-9 Hebrews 1017

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.5 Attraction to God
  • The Spirit generates in you an expectancy of
    kindness, love and forgiveness and reveals a
    longing from the heart of the Father for us to
    come and have intimate relationship with Him. The
    Father is waiting to love and bless us. John

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.6 Brings Positive Scriptures
  • The Spirit brings to remembrance the answers to
    your problems from the Word when you need it. He
    speaks of the unchanging nature of God and of His
    steadfast love towards us. He confirms that God
    remains faithful to His covenant even when we
    prove faithless for a time. The Spirit reassures
    us that there is no law that is effective against
    us who rely on Christ's work. 1 John 19 320
    Colossians 214, John 1426

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.7 The Spirit Draws you into Fellowship
  • The Spirit sends others to minister to you in
    love. Thus you learn to accept others' word of
    encouragement and you appreciate others and their
    ministry to you. The ministry of reconciliation
    works for the whole body of Christ. It is God's
    desire that we stay in fellowship. 2 Cor 512-21
    1 John 15-10.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.8 Facts of the Word of God
  • The Holy Spirit states facts and truths about
    you and God. Feeling must follow faith in these
    facts. The Spirit teaches you the truth. John
  • 5.9 Disciplines you Gently
  • He uses spiritual leaders to gently and lovingly
    admonish and nurture you in the Lord and He
    speaks gently to your inner man. 2 Timothy
    12,13-14 222-26 313 Hebrews 125-11 1 Peter

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.10 Assures you
  • The Spirit reassures of God's love. He reminds
    us that God does not change - His Word remains
    faithful and true. 2 Timothy 417-18 Hebr

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • Condemnation
  • 5.1 Tone of Voice
  • It is a mocking voice that accuses, nags,
    projects a sense of rejection, generates fear,
    causes fear and poses questions like "Has God
    indeed said ...?"

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.2 Vague and General
  • Satan generates a blanketing, choking sense of
    general guilt as though everything is wrong and
    there is no one action you can really overcome.
    Often, a sense of complete hopelessness and
    weakness prevails. Satan attacks you in general.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.3 Discouragement
  • Satan centers his attack on you as a person and
    cuts your self-image to ribbons. He tells you you
    are weak and not one of God's own.
  • 5.4 Remember all the Past
  • Satan reminds you of all the past. He replays
    video tapes of your past memories of sin, guilt
    and shame. He draws up accounts of your past sins
    and failures and offences that are under the
    Blood. Revelation 1210

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.5 Rejection as though by the Holiness of God
  • Satan disguises himself as an agent of holiness.
    He produces the feeling that God has rejected you
    as unworthy and unholy. Satan speaks of God as
    your Judge, and of you as a miserable sinner.
    John 317

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.6 Applies Scriptures Negatively
  • Peter said the devil goes about like a roaring
    lion with the purpose of destroying us. He
    tempted Jesus by applying the Scriptures
    negatively - even tempting Jesus to commit
    suicide. Satan threatens judgment and says grace
    is denied us because we did not fulfill the
    conditions. Satan uses God's laws to put us under
    bondage, to cause us to justify ourselves and
    rely on our own righteousness. Matthew 44
    Galatians 216

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.7 Isolates you
  • Satan sows doubts that cause you to withdraw
    from other Christians and eventually the church.
    He lets you think they reject you. In your
    isolation you then feel lonely, hurt, unworthy
    and rejected by others. This eventually leads to
    anger, Unforgiveniss, bitterness and hate - which
    could end up in murder as we see demonstrated in
    Cain's life. Hebrews 1215 Ephesians 431.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.8 Feelings!
  • He tells you the way you feel is the way you are
    i.e. guilty, in despair, hopeless, doubting God's
    love and thinking He is unfair etc. and makes you
    feel there is no way out. Ephesians 612
    Hebrews 121-4.

The Voice of the Holy Spirit
  • 5.9 Attacks you Destructively
  • He sometimes uses those from whom you least
    expect it. Always be on your guard against
    negative and destructive words that cause you to
    feel defeated and discouraged. 1 Peter 56-9 2
    Cor 104-6.
  • 5.10 Accuses you
  • Makes us think that our sin is unpardonable.
    Revelation 127-17.