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Marijuana: Liberator of Sin


Title: Marijuana: Liberator of Sin Author: kornegay Last modified by: kornegay Created Date: 3/1/2006 7:39:07 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Marijuana: Liberator of Sin

Marijuana Liberator of Sin
  • UI300
  • K Farwell, PhD, RN, CARN-AP

  • 2737 BC
  • Chinese emperor Shen Nung refers to Cannabis
    as Liberator of Sin
  • What do you think that means?

  • Cannabis sativa Originated in Asia grows
    worldwide primarily used for its fibers from
    which hemp rope is made
  • Cannabis indica Grown for psychoactive resins
  • Cannabis ruderalis Grown primarily in Russia

  • Hashish in purest form is pure resin removed
    from surface of leaves and stems
  • Ganja dried flowering tops of female plants
  • Sinsemilla high grade (? Potency) marijuana
    taken from flowers. Literally means without
    seeds. (7-12 THC)
  • THC tetrahydrocannaibinol, the primary
    psychoactive agent in marijuana
  • Hash oil plants boiled in alcohol, then solids
    filtered out, and liquid evaporated down to
    thick, dark substance, red oil of cannabis (50
    THC as compared to 2-5 THC normal potency level
    for marijuana)

Early History
  • 1000 AD Social use in Muslim world and North
  • Mentioned by Marco Polo
  • Frequently referred to in The Arabian Nights
  • Napoleon ordered French soldiers in his Egyptian
    campaign not to indulge in hashish
  • Alexander Dumas described use of hashish in The
    Count of Monte Cristo
  • 1931 US Bureau of Narcotics file on marijuana
    was less than two inches thick

More Recent History
  • 1935 36 states had laws regulating use, sale,
    /or possession
  • 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. Blocked access by taxing
    grower, distributor, seller and buyer
  • Bureau of Narcotics prepared uniform law adopted
    by many states naming C. sativas leafy material
  • State laws made possession and use illegal
  • 1980 NIDA household survey documented marijuana
    use popularity peaked in U.S.
  • 1990s ? use of marijuana by young people

Causes for Concern
  • Panic reactions usually related to fear of loss
    of control and that things wont return to
    normal. More common in those with less use
  • Chronic lung exposure carcinogen benzopyrene
    found in greater amounts in marijuana than in
  • Reproductive
  • ? testosterone with ? sperm counts
  • Amotivational Syndrome
  • diminished motivation

Possible Consequences of Marijuana Use
  • Heavy use over several weeks may lead to
    withdrawal when use is stopped
  • Symptoms of withdrawal are nervousness, tremor,
    restlessness, and insomnia
  • High doses may lead to hallucinations and violent
  • Most frequent adverse reactions to marijuana are
    anxiety, panic, and paranoid states lasting 2-4
  • Treatment consists of reassurance and support in
    a low-stimuli environment

How the Body Processes Marijuana
  • About ½ of inhaled THC is absorbed
  • THC is fat soluble, and is metabolized in the
  • THC is excreted in feces and urine
  • THC readily passes through placental barrier to
    the fetus
  • One dose of THC can take up to 30 days to be
    excreted from the body

In Summary, Marijuana.
  • Increases heart rate reddens eyes
  • Has some sedative properties
  • Has some analgesic properties (pain killing)
  • At high dosages can cause hallucinations
  • Recreational use can impair memory
  • Is used to treat glaucoma, reduce nausea caused
    by chemotherapy in cancer pts., increase
    appetite in AIDS patients

Hope junkie
  • I bought a gram of hope Chopped half up into
    lines, I blew some up my nose but The emptiness
    did not subside, So I mixed the rest with baking
    soda And cooked it into rocks, I loaded up my
    freebase pipe, Added flame and watched them
    pop, I exhale the sweet smoke and Up! Up! with a
    rush of optimism, I soar! But I'm down fifteen
    minutes later Left broke and fiending more

So I scrounge a small bag of purer stuff Cook up
my shot in a spoon, I pierce my skin, draw-back,
push in And euphoric faith penetrates the
gloom- Of my lost and lonely soul Desperately
battling the monkey, That dwells on the back and
drains the life Of this dispirited hope junkie.
  • I

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