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Unit 1 Personal identification


Unit 1 Personal identification Vocabulario I will now pass out your vocabulary for this section of the unit. We will be studying description words and reviewing the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit 1 Personal identification

Unit 1 Personal identification
  • I will now pass out your vocabulary for this
    section of the unit.
  • We will be studying description words and
    reviewing the verb ser.
  • There are a lot of words in this unit- please be
    sure to study every night!
  • Please take a few minutes to go over your words
    and jot down any notes.

Lección 2 Ser Descriptions
  • We can now use ser and our new vocabulary to
    describe ourselves to others.
  • We use ser to describe our physical features and
    our personality traits.
  • Below is a review of the ser chart which we
    already learned.
  • SER To be
  • Yo soy- I am Nosotros somos- we are
  • Tú eres- you are Vosotros sois- you are
  • Él es- he is Ellos son- they are
  • Ella es- she is Ellas son- they are
  • Usted es- you are Ustedes son- they are

Lección 2 Ser Descriptions
  • Now, we can put ser and our vocabulary together
    to form a complete sentence which describes
    ourselves or other people.
  • To ask somebody what they are like we say Cómo
    eres tú?( informal) or
  • Cómo es usted? (formal)

Lección 2 Ser Descriptions
  • The formula to answer the previous question would
  • Subject pronoun ser description word(s)
  • Ex Yo soy baja y simpatica.
  • remember to always answer the question first in
    a yes/no question!

Lección 2 Ser Descriptions
  • Reminder- girls you must change all of your
    description words which end in the letter o to
    the letter a to make them feminine.
  • We must also add an s to the description words
    if we are describing more than 1 person!
  • Any description word ending in e, -l or r are
    neutral. You do not have to change the gender of
    these words.
  • Ex Ella es popular
  • Antonito es inteligente.

Lección 2 Ser Descriptions
  • Más ejemplos
  • EXS
  • Yo soy baja y comica- I am short and funny.
  • Él es antipatico y inteligente- he is mean and
  • Nosotros somos amigos- We are friends.
  • Tú eres tonta y estudiosa- you are silly and
  • Ellos son altos, feos y gordos.

Lección 2 Ser Descriptions
  • To make a negative statement about yourself, all
    you have to do is place the word no before the
    verb ser in the sentence.
  • For example, if you want to say I am not tall
    you would say Yo no soy alta.
  • You may also see sentences where the subject
    pronoun is dropped. This is okay to do once you
    feel more comfortable with using the verb.
  • Ex Soy alto- I am tall (the yo is dropped)

Actividad 1
  • We will now practice using our vocabulary and
  • 1.Please give me 3 words that describe you
  • 2. Please give me 3 words to describe your
  • 3. Please describe your best friend to me in 4
  • 4. Describe one of your siblings to me in 3
  • 5. Describe 1 other person in this room in 3

Yo soy yo poems
  • Follow the format below to create an original
    poem about yourself using the verb ser and your
    new vocabulary! This poem will be turned in for a
  • Line 1 Write your first name
  • Line 2 Write I am in Spanish
  • Line 3 Write 2 words to describe yourself
    (separated by a comma) in Spanish
  • Line 4 write 1 more word to describe yourself
    then out a period. Then write I am not in
  • Line 5 Write 2 words that DO NOT describe you
    (separated by a comma)
  • Line 6 write 1 more word that does NOT describe
  • Line 7 Write I am In Spanish
  • Line 8 Write I in Spanish

Wanted Posters
  • To practice further, we will now create wanted
  • Using the worksheet with faces, pick 1 face to be
    the criminal.
  • Write a description of the criminal in the 3rd
  • Ex Ella es muy baja. (Be sure to watch your
    feminine and masculine description words!)
  • Then describe the criminals personality.
    Remember that they are a criminal.
  • All worksheets and assignments from
  • Today will be collected and graded!
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