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Animal Farm


Animal Farm By George Orwell Peer pressure Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Animal Farm

Animal Farm
  • By George Orwell

Peer pressure
  • Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted
    by a peer group in encouraging a person to change
    his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in
    order to conform to group norms. A person
    affected by peer pressure may or may not want to
    belong to these groups and it can cause people to
    do things that they would not normally do. In
    "Animal Farm" there are many examples of peer
    pressure and these are some of the most important

  • At the beginning, the old boar on the Manor
    Farm, Old Major,tries to convince the other
    animals that human beings are parasites.By doing
    that,he wants to make them revolt against people
    and free themselves from their "miserable,
    labourious and short lives". It is now the moment
    when all the animals at the farm decide to fight
    against Mr.Jones because of the misleading words
    of the old boar, even if not all of them had had
    the same opinion about people.

  • Mollie, for example, was used to having an easy
    life, wearing ribbons in her mane and being one
    of Mr.Jones' favourite animals at the farm.
    Snowball manages to convince her that those
    ribbons are the badge of slavery" and that
    liberty is more important, but her powerful need
    for attention makes her betray the others and
    leave the farm.

Read them, Learn them, Dream about them, LOVE
  • The Seven Commandments are the main rules that
    every animal is asked to respect. As the story
    goes on, these commandments are being changed
    whenever Napoleon, the leader, wants to. For
    example, if in the beginning the animals were not
    allowed to sleep in a bed, as soon as the pigs
    start to do so, the rule changes into"No animal
    shall sleep in a bed with sheets".

  • The most striking example is that at the
    beginning all animals were equal whereas in the
    end all animals were equal, but some were more
    equal than others. Some of the animals do
    realise that these commandments have been
    changed,but Napoleon, helped by Squealer,abuses
    their poor memories and convinces them that they
    are wrong.

  • Napoleon abuses his powers, making life harder
    for the animals and the pigs impose more control
    while reserving privileges for themselves.The
    animals,though cold,starving and overworked
    remain convinced that they are better off than
    they were when ruled by Mr.Jones,only because
    they were always told so by their leader, even if
    it was not true.
  • They might not all want to work on weekends and
    during the few hours they have to rest, but
    animals like Boxer,whose main motto was"I will
    work harder", work continuously and that makes
    some of the animals feel they have to do soas

  • The sheep show limited understanding of the
    situation but support Napoleon's ideals and
    they are regularly shown repeating the phrase
    "Four legs good, two legs bad".When ,at the end
    of the novel,one of the Seven Commandments is
    changed after the pigs learn to walk on two legs,
    their cry changes into "Four legs good,two legs

Four legs good, two legs better, people !!
  • At the end, Napoleon makes all the pigs stand
    on two feet. Deep down they might not want to,
    but because the animals next to them did it, they
    felt that they had to do so too.

The End!