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Beginnings of the French and Indian War


Beginnings of the French and Indian War Team Tropical Mr. Monroe 7th Grade Humanities What You Will Learn About the French and Indian War Geography Realize that key ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Beginnings of the French and Indian War

Beginnings of the French and Indian War
  • Team Tropical
  • Mr. Monroe
  • 7th Grade Humanities

What You Will Learn About the French and Indian
  • Geography
  • Realize that key American figures such as
    Benjamin Franklin and George Washington began to
    emerge as leaders.
  • Understand the significance of the War in terms
    of American history.
  • How the French and Indian War was fought.
  • Key people, places, and events that occurred
    during the War.
  • Understand that the French and Indian War set the
    stage for the Revolutionary War!!!

  • Encroachment- going somewhere you should not be.
  • Converted- The act of changing ones beliefs.
  • Innovative- Modern ahead of the times.
  • Reluctantly- You really dont want to, but you do
    it anyway you know that it could end up bad.

Britain vs. France
  • Britain and France had long since had many
    disputes between one another. Each trying to
    gain domination of Europe.
  • The French and Indian War would become the first
    time the two nations had a prolonged conflict in
    the New World.

  • Britain controlled the eastern coast of America
  • The French controlled the land west of the
    Appalachian Mountains known as the Ohio River
    Valley and the southern portion of Canada.
  • French wanted to control the Ohio River Valley
    and the British colonists wanted to settle there.
    NOT GOOD!!!

The Fur Trade
  • Furs were an extremely important part of New
    Frances economy.
  • Furs were retrieved from various animals
    raccoon, fox, and the most important beaver.
  • Back in Europe furs were considered luxurious
    garments, demand was high for them, making the
    fur traders RICH!!!

British Encroachment
  • As the population of British Colonials increased
    (1.5 Million) they wanted to move further west.
  • As they moved west they found out that the fur
    trade was very profitable.
  • Instances such as Fort Pickawillany became common.

Lead Plates???
  • In addition to attacking British posts, the
    French used lead plates as a way to claim their
  • The French would place these plates at important
    areas along rivers and valleys in hopes of
    keeping the British away!!!
  • Do you think this would have prevented the
    British from moving into French territory?
  • Why would they place them along rivers?

Various Native American Tribes
(No Transcript)
French Relations with the Indians
  • French were on good terms with most Native
    American tribes.
  • Traded frequently with the Indians.
  • Had many Indian Allies
  • Did not want to take the Natives lands.
  • Assimilated many of the Indians customs.
  • Also many Native Americans converted to
    Catholicism after meeting the French.
  • Does this painting reflect the relations between
    the French and Indians?

British Relations with the Indians
  • The British were not as nice to the Native
    Americans as the French
  • British wanted to take over their lands.
  • Drove many Indians away from their homelands when
    colonizing the east.
  • Indians did like trading with the British because
    they maintained the newest most innovative
    weapons that they could trade for in order to
    battle rival tribes.

Iroquois Confederacy (Six Nations)
  • Consisted of the Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida,
    Onondaga, Cayuga, and Tuscarora
  • Iroquois Confederacy dominated a great portion of
    the eastern Indian tribes.
  • Played both sides very well in order to get what
    they wanted economically.
  • Eventually, they reluctantly sided with the
    British in order to maintain control of the Miami
    Indians (also located in the Ohio River Valley).
  • British would receive Iroquois support against
    the French
  • Iroquois would receive guns, ammunition, food,
    and various other bartering items.
  • Iroquois would use these items as bribes in order
    to control the Miami and other smaller Indian
  • Both European powers knew that the Iroquois
    Confederacy was extremely powerful and could
    greatly influence the outcome of a conflict if
    war broke out.
  • British were fortunate to get their support

Review and Assignment
  • How did the Fur trade influence the economy?
  • What land area was being disputed?
  • How did the French try to keep the British out of
    the O.R.V.?
  • What was the Iroquois Confederacy?
  • Complete the Mind Map
  • Each bubble will contain a fact related to how
    the Native Americans and the Europeans interacted
    with one another.
  • Use your books (pgs. 105-106) and remember the