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Reaching Young Adults


Using This PowerPoint. We ll consider young adults perception about the church. We ll offer suggestions (in green) for reaching young adults. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Reaching Young Adults

Bring Them In
  • Reaching Young Adults

Becoming Young Adult Friendly
  • Many churches are concerned about involving young
    adults in their congregations.
  • As you read through these slides, think about
    your church.
  • Becoming young adult friendly may be easier than
    you think.

Using This PowerPoint
  • Well consider young adults perception about the
  • Well offer suggestions (in green) for reaching
    young adults.
  • Youll have opportunity to contemplate
    information and to develop strategies for
    reaching young adults in your community.

Feelings Toward Christians
In overwhelming percentages, the younger
unchurched expressed an openness to hear their
friends talk about Christ. They may not be open
to an invitation to church, but they certainly
are open to conversations.
Thoughts About Church
  • ? There is a disconnect between Church and
    everyday life.
  • They see people behave and talk one way at Church
    and another way in everyday life.
  • This stresses the importance of integrating
    Christianity into every aspect of life.

Thoughts About Church
  • ? There are other ways to grow spiritually such
    as the internet and small groups.
  • They dont see involvement in the Church as an
    essential part of Christian living.
  • They dont understand what it means to be part of
    the Body of Christ.

Thoughts About Church
  • ? They want to be like Jesus, making a difference
    in the world.
  • They see people all around them that need help
    the Church can provide.
  • They want to help those in need in the community
    as well as those worldwide.

Thoughts About Church
  • Relationships are important to young adults.
  • They want to share life and to learn with you.
  • You dont have to have answers, just a
    willingness to learn together.

Time To Think
  • What relationships do you have with young adults?
  • How willing are you to be authentic with them?
  • How can you begin to form a lets-be-honest
    relationship with a young adult?

Thoughts about Christianity
Christianity is cool because it is the opposite
of apathy, because it demands sacrifice, because
it forbids autonomyall things that run against
the grain of twenty-first century American
culture (Hipster Christianity, p. 150).
Time To Think
  • What is your reaction to this quote?
  • How does it reflect the young adults you know?
  • How does it reflect your concept of Christianity?
  • How does the quote challenge you?

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They want a provocative, challenging faith
    thats culturally aware and something for which
    to give their lives.
  • ? They want to make a difference and putting love
    into action accomplishes this.

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They do not have a good grasp of biblical
  • ? They may have biblical information but lack the
    skills to assimilate and to make life

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They are still defining their faith and want
    to know whynot just what.
  • ? They also want to discover the bases for their
  • ? Be willing to guide them in the discovery

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They are looking for truth and something to
  • ? Remember God is holy and His Holiness requires
    complete surrender.
  • ? Teach them the truth found in Gods Word.

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They are looking for authenticity in leadership
    and an opportunity to participate.
  • ? Give leadership role to young adults.
  • ? Give space and allow them to try new ideas and
  • ?Be available to help as needed.

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They want you to be with them, not talk at
  • ? Share life with them. They want to know how
    Christianity affects every aspect of life.
  • ? Remember its OK to not have all the answers.
  • ? Invite young adults to search for answers with

What We Know About Young Adults
  • ? They may be rootless since they move about
    every two years.
  • ? Invest in young adults, even if they move
  • ?Recognize time invested in young adults has
    long-lasting effect.

Time To Think
  • What new information did you gain from the
    previous slides?
  • What steps can you take to educate the
    congregation about investing in young adults?
  • What young adults in your congregation or
    community can you invest in?

Traits For Effective Leadership
  • ? Influence, not authority, is what drives
  • ? Generously delegate authority and
  • ? Allow young adults to bloom, taking charge as
  • ? Be a guide on the side for the young adults
    in your church, being available as needed.

Traits For Effective Leadership
  • ? Facilitate new ideas and allow creativity.
  • ? Model behavior for others to emulate.
  • ? Serve others.
  • ? Remember someone invested in you as a young
  • ? Its your turn to invest in young adults.

Advice From Young Adults
  • ? Listen
  • ? Talk with young adults, and balance listening
    and talking.
  • ? Repeat what you heard to ensure good
  • ? Be willing to try new ideas and ministry

Advice From Young Adults
  • ? Give them good spiritual food.
  • ? Dont be afraid to challenge their spiritual
    growth and development.
  • ? Offer suggestions for spiritual growth and
  • ? Provide accountability. Be sure to participate
    in this process, too.

Advice From Young Adults
  • ? Involve them in the kitchen.
  • ? That is, involve young adults in the
    development of ministry strategies.
  • ? This gives a sense of ownership and recognition
    of their ideas.
  • ? Give them leadership roles, too.

Advice From Young Adults
  • ? Accepted, yet Unique
  • ? As noted earlier, this generation has unique
  • ? Accept these traits and guide them as they
    become Christ-like disciples.
  • ? For insights into young adults, read the blog
    at http//

Time To Think
  • How can you take this advice from young adults
    and use it in your ministry?
  • What steps can your congregation take to
    implement some of the suggestions?
  • Take time to read some of the blog entries at

Steps To Take
  • ? Make the connection.
  • ? Become acquainted with young adults in your
  • ? Invite them to your home or hang out where they
    areoften a local coffee shop.
  • ? Become friendsjust because you like them.

Steps to Take
  • ? Authenticity is key.
  • ? Be real. Young adults easily detect phoniness.
  • ? Let them know you are in progress, too. God
    continues to transform us daily.
  • ? Allow them to share life with youeven the
    difficult times.

Steps to Take
  • ? Tell your story.
  • ? Tell young adults about how God worked in your
    life and about prayers He answered.
  • ? Share areas where God is working in your life.

Steps to Take
  • ? Make a differenceget involved with your
  • ? Young adults want to impact the world with
    Christs love.
  • ? Find ways to share Gods love in your
  • ? Use words as necessary.

Steps to Take
  • ? Talk, listen, and engage young adults.
  • ? As you invest in young adults, they will
    recognize your love for them.
  • ? Value young adults by listening.
  • ? Pray for and with them.

Time To Think
  • How can you make the connection with young adults
    in your congregation ?
  • How can you engage young adults in conversation?
  • How can you engage young adults and the
    congregation in service to the community?