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Unit 2 Review


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit 2 Review

Unit 2 Review
  • Try the practice questions first and check your
    answers with those given.
  • Then, answer the real questions, 1-8. Show
    your work on the organizer you received in class.

Find the product.

Multiply the numerator by the numerator,
and denominator by denominator.

Now, simplify

The product is

Now try this on your own 1.

Show your work on the worksheet.

Find the quotient.


Convert the mixed number to an improper
fraction. Then, multiply by the reciprocal of the
second fraction.

  • To convert to an improper fraction
  • Remember, ask yourself how many thirds are in 2
    1/3? There are 7/3s.
  • If you are not sure, draw a picture of 2 1/3,
    then count the thirds.
  • Multiply the denominator by the whole number,
    then add the numerator
  • (3 x 2 1 7)


Now, multiply and simplify the fractions.

Solve using a picture. Show 2 1/3.
Then divide into sixths.
Next, number or circle groups of 5/6.
You only have 4 out of 5 sixths left. So you
cannot make a third group. Your remainder is
Your answer is the number of groups of 5/6 that
you have numbered 2
Now, try this on your own. Use pictures or
numbers to solve. 2. 3
Show your work on the worksheet.
Find the product of the following decimals
0.38 X 1.45
1.45 100 40 5 x .38
30 8 40 (8 x
5) 320 (8 x 40) 800 (8 x 100)
150 (30 x 5) 1200 (30 x 40) 3000 (30 x
100) .5510 Or 1.45 x .38 1160
435 .5510
Now try this on your own. Show your work on your
worksheet. 3. Find the product
0.25 x 2.37
Find the quotient 4.67 .25
Find the quotient 4.67 .55 .55 4.67
If the divisor is a decimal, make it a
whole number by moving the decimal. Then move
the decimal in the dividend the same number of
places. Then divide. Remember to line up the
decimal point in the quotient. So, if you move
the decimal 2 places to the right in .55, it
becomes 55. You must then move the decimal 2
places in 4.67, to make it 467 The new problem
is 55 467 8. 27/55 8.49
55. 467. -220 4
247 4 -220 27
8 This is the whole
number portion
of your answer.
This is your remainder
Now convert this fraction to a decimal. Use a
calculator 27 55 .49 Now combine the whole
number with the decimal Your answer is 8.49
Now try this on your own. Show your work on your
worksheet. 4. 8.4 .32
  • Here are some word problems. Look for key words
    that tell which operation is needed to solve the
    problem. Then, find the solution and show your
    work on the worksheet.
  • Sarah needs 2 ¼ yards of material to make one
    dress for her daughter. How many dresses can she
    make from 10 ½ yards of material?
  • A half pound of raisins was in a jar in Lukes
    cabin. He and his cabin mates ate 2/3 of them.
    How much of the raisins did they eat?
  • Mrs. Melton is making ribbons to give to the
    participants in the spelling bee. Her roll of
    ribbon contains 8.4 feet of ribbon. She wants to
    make ribbons that are .75 feet long. How many
    ribbons can she make?
  • Jason is helping his mother shop at the grocery
    store. He needs to buy granola that costs 2.49
    per pound. How much will 3.1 pounds of granola

Congratulations! You have finished the
review! Remember to bring your completed
worksheet to class tomorrow! Good luck on the
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