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The Crucible


Title: Student and School Staff Perception of Bullying and Sexual Harassment in High School Author: iaconellim Last modified by: Iaconelli, Michele – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Crucible

The Crucible
Salem Witch Trials
  • We watched a video yesterday speculating on the
    causes of the accusations that existed during the
    witch trials.
  • Arthur Miller wrote a play in which he
    fictionalized the trials and added his own
    interpretation of what may have caused some of
    the accusations.

The Crucible
  • During 1692, The Salem Witch Trials occurred in
    New England. Many were accused of witchcraft.
  • Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible in 1953 about
    the witch trials. He wrote the play during a time
    of unrest in America during anti-communist witch
  • The term witch-hunt refers to whenever a person
    decides to target another person for reasons
    which may, or may not, be obvious.

The Crucible
  • Even though the Puritans did believe in witches
    and goblins during the Salem Witch Trials, their
    fear of the Indians fueled the fear. Also, there
    were false accusations made to meet a political
    agenda. This is why Arthur Miller wrote The
    Crucible in the 1950s - he compared the
    accusations that were being made then to those
    made during the Salem Witch trials.

Intro to The Crucible
  • 1. 1692
  • 2. 6 months
  • 3. 150
  • 4. 23
  • 5. young girls
  • 6. an apparition would come to you in the night
    telling you to sign the Devils book

Intro to The Crucible
  • 7. The Indians and Indian War
  • 8. main frontier
  • 9. He was a minister who didnt baptize his
    children and who disagreed with the war.
    Accusations were made against him, and he was

Intro to The Crucible
  • 10. They were not hanged like todays executions,
    so they suffocated or were strangled to death.
  • 11. His death was by means of death by weight or
  • 12. His last words were more weight.

Intro to The Crucible
  • 13. If one were accused of being a witch, the
    land that was left would be seized by the
    government. False accusations were made so land
    could be seized.
  • 14. Lack of sunlight could cause hysteria in the
    girls due to a chemical imbalance.
  • 15. During a wet growing season, ergot may have
    grown in the rye and can survive the baking
    process this may have made the girls sick.

Intro to The Crucible
  • 16. Once a few girls became sick, the fear of
    Indians and witches, allowed the belief that they
    were bewitched to spread just by suggestion.
    This was shown and proven in the video that
    people can believe in things based on suggestion.

Intro to The Crucible
  • Most likely explanation of the Salem Witch
  • Some girls became sick from something like ergot
  • The Puritans already were fearful of the Indians
    and Indian war
  • This fear of the Indians and the girls sickness
    escalated their fear of witchcraft
  • The Magistrates twisted the girls testimonies
  • The judges allowed the accusation to continue to
    suit their political needs

The Crucible - DO NOW
  • The word crucible comes from the Latin word for
    cross. A crucible is any pot made of material
    strong enough to withstand the intense heat
    necessary to melt down metals. Crucible also
    means a severe trial or test.
  • What test or trial have you had to go through
    that is your crucible?

The Crucible, Act One guided reading
  • 1. Who are Reverend Parris, Betty, and Abigail?
    What is their relationship?
  • 2. Who is Tituba? What is her relationship to the
  • 3. What is wrong with Betty? Describe her
  • 4. What is Reverend Parris more concerned
    about-his daughter or his reputation? How do you

The Crucible, Act One guided reading
  • 5. About what is Reverend Parris worried that has
    happened concerning Abigails actions?
  • 6. Who are Ann and Thomas Putnum? What do they
    suggest is Bettys problem? What is their
    motivation for suggesting this?
  • 7. Who is Ruth? What is wrong with her? How do
    the Putnums tie her problem to Betty?

The Crucible, Act One guided reading
  • What is the suspected cause of Bettys illness?
  • When the girls are alone, what do they discuss
    about the night before?
  • What does Betty think they should do?
  • What is Abigails reaction?

The Crucible, Act One
  • 1. Reverend Parris is the minister of the
    village. He is Bettys father and Abigails
    uncle. Abigail lives with them.
  • 2. Tituba is the servant from Barbados for the
    Parris family. She is very close to Betty.
  • 3. Betty is in bed pretending to be sick. She is
    unresponsive and seems to be sleeping.

The Crucible, Act One
  • 4. The doctor cant find a medical reason for
    Bettys behavior.
  • 5. The Putnams are neighbors who have a sick
    daughter, Ruth. They suggest Betty is witched
    because Tom Putnam is angry his brother in law
    didnt become minister.
  • 6. He worries that she has jeopardized his
    position as minister.

The Crucible, Act One
  • 7. Ruth is the Putnams daughter. She is acting
    the same as Betty. The connection is they were
    both in the forest the night before.
  • 1. The girls were in the forest dancing. They
    were with Tituba who made a potion and Abigail
    wished that Proctors wife would die. Some drank

The Crucible, Act One
  • 9. She says she will bring a pointy reckoning in
    the dark night. This reveals she is manipulative,
    violent, and a bully.
  • 10. Proctor is handsome, upstanding in the
    community, and strong. He speaks the truth and
    calls out others who are false.

The Crucible, Act One
  • 11. Abigail and John had an affair.
  • 12. She said Elizabeth told lies about her and
    called her a cold, sniveling woman.
  • 13. Francis Nurse was in a land battle with
    Putnam. The Nurses also prevented Putnams
    brother in law from becoming minister.

The Crucible, Act One
  • 14. Rebecca says Betty is playing and will come
    around when she bores of this game.
  • 15. Parris only speaks about hell and damnation
    during his sermons. They also say he is only
    concerned about money and the deed to his house.

The Crucible, Act One
  • 16. Putnams father left the largest portion of
    land to the stepbrother and was denied when he
    tried to break the will.
  • 17. Giles is old, new to religion, and grumpy.
  • 18. Reverend Hale is educated and takes his role
    as demonologist very seriously.

The Crucible, Act One
  • 19. Hale fires questions at Tituba and makes her
    nervous. During the conversation, Tituba realizes
    that to save herself, she must accuse others.
  • 20. The girls join in on the accusations when
    they see Tituba is not in trouble. The girls are
    motivated by their involvement in dancing in the
    woods and want to get out of trouble. Eleven are

Write a potential problem you foresee as
accusations from the girls are believed as being
true just based on their words.  
The Crucible, Act Two
  • 1. They have issues in their marriage because of
    Johns affair and Elizabeth doesnt trust him.
    She is a good housewife and he is trying to earn
    her trust again.
  • 2. This scene is to show the reader how tense
    their relationship is from the affair.

The Crucible, Act Two
  • 3. Mary brings her a poppet (a rag doll).
  • 4. She reports that many are being accused of
    witchcraft. Her role in the trial is to report
    whether or not she has witnessed any witchcraft.
    John doesnt want his household involved in the
  • 5. 39

The Crucible, Act Two
  • 6. You have to confess that you are a witch.
  • 7. Mary Warren has a role in the trials now, and
    she is threatening Elizabeth with this comment.

The Crucible, Act Two
  • 8. Hale comes to investigate the Proctor
    household. He may be called as a witness during
    the trial.
  • 9. Abigail accused Elizabeth because she wants
    John Proctor as her own.
  • 10. He forgets adultery. This is significant
    because he committed adultery with Abigail.

The Crucible, Act Two
  • 11. Walcott bought the pig from Corey and she
    wont give the money back to Walcott. He says she
    bewitched the pig and thats why it died.
  • 12. allusion reference to another piece of lit.
    He compares Hale to PP because he knows something
    is wrong but wont stand up and speak the truth.

The Crucible, Act Two
  • 13. He wants Mary to tell that she put the pin in
    the doll because Abigail told her to. She wont
    tell because she is afraid of what Abigail will
    do to her.
  • 14. Her motives are to keep Abigail happy. She
    gave her the poppet to make Elizabeth look
  • 15. She confesses.
  • 16. They believed she was out of the Devils
    control if she confessed.

The Crucible, Act Two
  • 17. Vengeance
  • 18. Abigails motivation for accusing Elizabeth
    Walcotts accusation of Corey.
  • 19. Proctor says this ironic statement because
    the trials themselves are black mischief and
  • 20. She is a kind and a good Christian woman.
  • 21. He is the one that Elizabeth told John to go
    to about Abigail.

Do Now
  • Explain why Proctor compares Reverend Hale to
    Pontius Pilate.
  • Why is this reference called an allusion?
    (explain this as fully as you can based on what I
    explained in class yesterday and name the
    literary piece that is being compared)

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 1. It gives us background info about Marthas
    arrest. It also shows us how hard-hearted the
    courts have become and their willingness to
    arrest anyone who interferes with their
    proceedings. They are favoring anyone who sides
    with their already made arrests and discredits
    anyone trying to prove the truth. It shows the
    snap judgments and prejudiced nature of the
    judges themselves.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 2.
  • The first says Thomas Putnam was given a great
    deal of land.
  • The second says 91 people give their good opinion
    of Rebecca and Martha.
  • The third states the girls are lying.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 3. They accuse and arrest whoever comes to the
    defense of those accused of being a witch.
  • 4. He confesses to adultery with Abigail.
  • 5. He tries to explain the motivation behind
    Abigails accusation of Elizabeth in order to
    save Elizabeth.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 6. Mary tells him it was all pretend.
  • 7. Elizabeth tells him John never committed
    adultery, and John is imprisoned as a liar.
  • 8. He tells John she is pregnant.
  • 9. They will not hang Elizabeth until after the
    baby is born.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 10. There are 91 signatures for Martha, Rebecca
    and Elizabeth.
  • 11. Mary has never seen spirits.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 12. This is true because you cant be in the
    middle when it deals with the law or the courts.
  • 13. If you are honest with God, you will be safe.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 14. Corey claims that Putnam wanted Jacobs
    property and accused him.
  • 15. He withholds the name of the witness.
  • 16. If they signed the Devils book.
  • 17. Hale is beginning to realize that the trials
    are evil, and people are making false

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 18. Mary cannot faint. Hathorne points out that
    if she cant pretend faint, she must have fainted
    earlier from the witches.
  • 19. He had an affair with Abigail.
  • 20. Elizabeth tries to say John is lying about
    the affair in order to save her.
  • 21. She says John is a witch and has been
    bewitching her.

The Crucible, Act Three
  • 22. Hale says Abigail seems false to him and he
    views Proctor as an honest man.
  • 23. The girls start to repeat Marys words and
    act like Marys spirit is attacking them. Mary is
    confused and bullied.
  • 24. Opinion

The Crucible, Act Four
  • 1. Morning
  • 2. Mr. Hale and others in the town urge those
    accused to confess to save themselves.
  • 3. Herrick is drunk.
  • 4. Abigail because the truth is out about her
    having an affair with John.

The Crucible, Act Four
  • 5. 12 have hanged and its not fair that the
    others accused are still alive.
  • 6. orphans are wandering house to house
    abandoned cattle are loose on the roads rotting
    crops and making the town smell no one knows if
    they will be accused and die.
  • 7. John Proctor

The Crucible, Act Four
  • 8. No
  • 9. His property would stay in family and he kept
    his good name.
  • 10. more weight
  • 11. He will not sign a document confessing to
  • 12. whether or not to confess

The Crucible, Act Four
  • 13. She doesnt want her husband to die, but she
    wont order him to confess.
  • 14. He will not incriminate others who have been
  • 15. He will not tarnish his name it is all he
  • 16. Proctor thinks Danforth is using him to get
    others to confess.

The Crucible, Act Four
  • 17. Proctor tears it up.
  • 18. He does not sign a confession, so he is
  • 19. Proctor has remained true to himself and not
    lied and confessed.
  • 20. opinion

The Crucible, Act Four
The Crucible, Act Four
The Crucible, Act Four
The Crucible, Act Four
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