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Author: James Carrapetta Supervisor: Dr Vijay Sivaraman


Wireless Sensor Board for Measuring Air Pollution 10 Author: James Carrapetta Supervisor: Dr Vijay Sivaraman Introduction – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Author: James Carrapetta Supervisor: Dr Vijay Sivaraman

Wireless Sensor Board for Measuring Air Pollution
Author James Carrapetta
Supervisor Dr Vijay Sivaraman
  • Fresh breathing air has always been a basic
    requirement for human beings, however with
    current global trends we are beginning to lose
    this most basic privilege.
  • Air Pollution
  • Is responsible for 2.3 of Australian deaths
    each year and costs the government of NSW an
    estimated 4.7billion per year in health costs.
  • Is the cause of more premature deaths in NSW
    each year than car accidents
  • Has the potential to cause adverse health
    effects including
  • Respiratory Infections
  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • Current air quality monitoring systems are
    expensive and far apart. With a more detailed
    recording and monitoring system for air
    pollution, significant improvements can be made
    to the general populations health and well

The wireless sensor board uses metal oxide
semiconductor gas sensors. A semiconductor
material is heated and when a gaseous pollutant
is introduced into the chamber, electrons are
freed from the semiconductor. This decreases its
effective resistance proportional to the level of
pollution. By measuring the voltage at the output
of the sensor, an air pollution reading can be
estimated. Theses sensors are low cost, small and
require a simple external measuring circuit.
The wireless sensor board was attached externally
to a car with a commercially available
GasAlertMicro 5 air monitor. The car was then
taken for a drive from Mosman across Sydney to
Padstow. Carbon Monoxide was measured by both
devices and then compared to approximations based
on government monitoring sites (red markers).
1. Mobile Sensor measures air pollution while
the user drives 2. Smart Phone uploads samples
via 3G network to server 3. Database server
stores and uses pollution data to produce a
pollution model for applications 4. Web
interface overlays pollution map and displays on
Google maps
Wireless Sensor Board
The wireless sensor board produced similar
results to the commercially available air
monitor. When compared with the estimation from
the available government data, both devices
showed that the air pollution varies
significantly between close locations. This
supports the need for a more detailed, mobile air
monitoring system examining pollution levels at
more locations.
  • The wireless sensor board is completely mobile
    and can be easily attached to the exterior of a
    car. The whole device only measures 70mm x 120mm
    and takes air pollution samples every 15 seconds.
  • The wireless sensor board can measure
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Ozone
  • Using Bluetooth these measurements are sent to a
    Smart Phone within the car where both time and
    GPS coordinates are recorded. These recordings
    are then sent to a server via the 3G network. The
    wireless sensor board has been carefully designed
    to allow production of multiple units, each
    uniquely identified.

Currently the government has 12 fixed air
monitoring stations around Sydney, too few to
accurately measure pollution levels across
Sydney. With the wireless sensor board in use, a
more precise air monitoring system can be used
for various applications. With this new system in
action we can begin to take the first steps to an
improved and healthier world.