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We are going to have a GREAT year!!!!


Welcome to Mrs. Thompson s and Miss Maxcy s Language Arts and Social Studies Class We are going to have a GREAT year!!!! Things you need to know about me! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: We are going to have a GREAT year!!!!

Welcome to Mrs. Thompsons and Miss Maxcys
Language Arts and Social Studies Class
  • We are going to have a GREAT year!!!!

Things you need to know about me!
  • I believe in a good attitude, all the time, no
    matter what! Smiling just makes you feel good!
  • Its not about what you know when you come to me,
    it is about how hard you work, and what you learn
    while you are here!!!
  • We will work very hard and write all the time in
    my classroom!!
  • I want you to enjoy my class!
  • I want you to be successful ?!

More about me !!
  • I grew up in Greenbrook and attended Greenbrook
    Elementary until I was in Fourth Grade !

See, I was young a REALLY long time ago!
My family and I moved to Walls when I was in
Fourth Grade, and that is where we stayed until I
finished school. I graduated from Horn Lake in
1997, so I may actually know some of your
What do I like to do?
  • I love to teach!
  • Every morning I look forward to coming to
    school and seeing your bright faces!

  • I have three wild children that I love to take to
    the zoo, park, sprinkler park, and every where I
    can take them with out them getting us kicked
    out.. They are wild I tell you!

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When I am not chasing my kids
  • I like to run,

read, go to church, watch movies, and spend time
with my friends.. Not too different than you, I
am sure!
Now time for Mrs. Thompsons and Miss Maxcys
Standards for Excellence!!!
  • Our mission this year is to become competent
    readers, writers, and thinkers, so we can be
    successful and excel in school and in life!

  • Our Class Rules
  • 1. Come to class prepared and smiling.
  • 2. Respect each other.
  • 3. Follow directions first time given.
  • 4. Stay on task.
  • 5. Work quietly.

  • Positive Consequences
  • 1. Ill tell you how wonderful you are!
  • 2. Ill phone or send a note telling your parents
    how wonderful you are!!
  • 3. Positive Office Referral (one student will be
    selected every week).

  • Negative Consequences
  • 1. Verbal Warning
  • 2. See me after class!! You will receive an
    assignment to correct your behavior.
  • 3. Note or phone call home to parents.
  • 4. Conference with parents.
  • 5. Office referral.

Why all the rules and consequences?!?
  • The purpose of our class rules and consequences
    is to create a positive classroom environment
    where I can teach and you can learn without
    unnecessary disruptions .

Classroom Procedures Procedures are the way
things are done in my room. By learning and
following our procedures you will always know
what is expected from you in our daily routine.
  • Start of Class Procedures
  • Why we have start of class procedures
  • To be able to start class on time. Starting class
    on time means more time for learning and
  • More time to work in class means less homework
    for you to do!
  • 1. Enter class quietly and calmly.
  • 2. Take assigned seat
  • 3. Read class agenda and prepare desk while being
    dismissed to lockers.
  • 4. Complete bell work and journal writing.

End of Class Procedures
  • I will instruct you when to begin packing up. Do
    not begin cleaning and packing up until you are
    instructed to, so you do not disturb students who
    are still working.
  • 1.Straighten up your area.
  • 2. If you have homework, pull 2 sheets of
    notebook paper with directions on them, or mark
    page from book with notebook paper. Do not take
    folder home unless instructed to by me.
  • 3. Line up quietly in the hallway to change

  • Need to Leave Class Procedure
  • To prevent continual disruptions in class.
  • If you need to make a trip to your locker or
    the restroom, you will be given 3 passes a
    semester. Do not interrupt me teaching or giving
    instructions to ask for permission. Wait until
    others are working on class work, then raise your
    hand for permission.

  • Walking in Hallway Procedures
  • 1. Line up according to rows called.
  • 2. Walk in the third block on the right side of
    the hall.
  • 3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • 4. Remain quiet, so you do not disturb other

  • Absent Student Procedure
  • The student who missed will be responsible for
    retrieving, completing, and turning in any missed

  • I am finished with my work or test procedures.
  • 1. Read a book.
  • 2. Start on homework.
  • 3. Correct and resubmit a past test or graded
    assignment for bonus points.
  • 4. Do a Just for Fun Activity from the Just
    for Fun Folder.

  • Teaches responsibility and organizational skills.
    Helps track grades and improvement!
  • Divide One and a half inch binder into Reading,
    Writing, and Social Studies.
  • Your Writing notebook should be subdivided into
    notes, writing, and tests.

Writers Portfolio
  • You will be keeping a writers portfolio with all
    of your writing in it to present to your parents
    at the end of the year. We will put our final
    copies, pictures, and illustrations in this
    notebook. It will be a great memory book for you,
    and a great way for you to see your growth in

  • This year is going to be fantastic. I am really
    excited about getting to know each one of you,
    and I am even more excited about helping you
    reach your full potential. Get ready to learn!

Miss Maxcy
  • I am excited about a great school
  • year, and I cant wait to get to know
  • each of you. We are going to work
  • hard to become fantastic readers and
  • writers. ?

I have enjoyed watching the 2012 Olympics in
  • One of my favorite quotes, "I Didn't Set Out to
    Beat the World I Just Set Out to Do My Absolute
    Best." ?- Al Oerter
  • If you can tell me a fact about an Olympic
    athlete I will find their picture and put it up
    in my classroom.

About Miss Maxcy
  • I grew up in Amory, MS graduating from Amory High
  • I like to do anything outdoors that brings me
    some sunshine such as playing golf and running.
    (Training for a half marathon with Mrs.
  • I went to college at Ole Miss. (Where else?)

  • When I am not I am not at SMS, I like to go to
    Ole Miss football games with my family. Go

  • I also love snow ski whenever I get a
  • chance?
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