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What influence People


What influence People s choices Three tiers of influence exist First contemporary music, movies, TV, internet, public policies and parents Second peers ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What influence People

What influence Peoples choices
Three tiers of influence exist
  • First contemporary music, movies, TV, internet,
    public policies and parents
  • Second peers, schools, mentors, universities,
    and siblings
  • Third churches and faith communities, adult
    education, counseling, and extended families

Levels of influence vary
  • Relative influence of these elements varies
    according to a persons age, life stage, family
    character and socioeconomic standing.
  • Key point control and maximize their
    inlfluence at every stage of life

Foundations develop early
  • By the age of 9, most of the moral and spiritual
    foundations of a child are in place.

Validity of views is continually challenged
  • After age 9, the child will shift mental gears to
    either confirm or challenge his or her moral
    spiritual foundations
  • Every new experience causes them to challenge
    their prevailing views to some degree
  • Whether to revise their viewpoint depends on
    various factors
  • Strength of existing view
  • Pressure and benefits of reconsidering that view
  • How credible and reliable of that external source
    that pressuring them to make the change.

Intentional Effort impacts
  • The more intentional and strategic the effort at
    influence is , the greater is the effect of that

What do kids need?
  • 1. Purpose help them to find their purpose in
  • -- 2 out of 3 teenagers are seeking
  • Figures are higher among adolescents
  • ½ of all adults are still seeking
  • Meaning and purposes in life are gained by
    developing spiritual understanding (why God
    created me?, What am I good for?, What is my

Grasping the purposes
  • Mission
  • You must love the Lord your God with all your
    heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all
    your mind. And , Love your neighbour as
    yourself (Luke 1027)
  • Vision
  • Unique to the individual,
  • significant contribution that God has carved out
    for us contributing to His Kingdom

What kids need?
  • Perspective
  • How to make sense of the world (worlds view)
  • How to make choices (moral values)

7 facts children need to know to establish his
worlds view
  • Does God exist?
  • What is the character and nature of God?
  • How and why was the world created?
  • What is the nature and purpose of humanity?
  • What happens after we die on Earth?
  • What spiritual authorities exist?
  • What is truth?

Four foundations in establishing perspective
  • Cornerstone 1 understanding that the Bible is a
    credible manual for life
  • Cornerstone 2 A commanding knowledge of
    Biblical content
  • Cornerstone 3 The identification of Organizing
  • Cornerstone 4 burning desire to obey God

What kids need?
  • 3. Personality need maturity to face the
    outside world
  • Removing emotional and behavioural obstacles to
  • Strength and perseverance to face the outside
  • Sense of responsibility and empowerment
  • Through building a personal relationship with God

What kids need?
  • 4. Personal relationship with God and others --
    established channels of deepening our
    relationship with God and others
  • Worship
  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Stewardship
  • Service
  • Fellowship
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