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Analyzing Poetry


Analyzing Poetry Step One Read the poem several times. Multiple readings are required in order to get a feel for the poem s theme and emotion. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Analyzing Poetry

Analyzing Poetry
Step One
  • Read the poem several times. Multiple
    readings are required in order to get a feel for
    the poems theme and emotion. Often, reading it
    aloud will help you recognize how the grammar and
    form function as well as feel the emotion it is
    intended to evoke.

Step Two
  • Note any words or phrases you do not
    understand in the poem, including in the title,
    and use a dictionary to look them up. It is
    imperative to know the meaning of every word used
    in the work as poets choose them carefully.

Step Three
  • Establish the dramatic situation of the poem
    by determining who the speaker is (it is not
    always the poet), where the poem takes place and
    what actually happens during the work.
    Understanding these things will help you
    recognize point of view, imagery and dramatic
    element necessary to analyze the poems meaning.

Step Four
  • Study the poem line by line, noting the form
    and rhyme scheme. Label each line of the first
    verse to identify the pattern. (ie. AABA, AABB,
    ABAB, etc.)

Step Five
  • Interpret sensory images and objects by
    analyzing what they signify, or the emotion they
    evoke. Sometimes this may be a single object such
    as a rose or an active image such as a funeral
    procession. Brainstorm what these things mean and
    how they make you feel to help unravel the theme
    and tone of the poem.

Step Six
  • Label all examples of figurative language
    such as simile, metaphor and personification.
    Write a brief phrase of interpretation.

Step Seven
  • Write one paragraph in which you explain your
    findings from steps one through four.
  • Write another paragraph to describe the
    meaning and theme the poet wanted to convey using
    information from steps five through seven.

Now Give It a Try!
  • Go to the resource on Moodle labeled The
    Daffodils. Save your own copy of this resource
    and complete the poetry analysis steps using the
    guide included with the poem!
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