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Title: Art%20and%20literature

Unit 12
Art and literature
Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), was a man
in a hurry , an artist of tremendous (???)energy
and prodigious output(???) . He killed himself
when he was only 37 , but he left behind him more
than 2,000 paintings and drawings , which
established(??) his reputation(??) in a way he
would never have considered possible .
His early works show his desire to express the
hard and poor life of people, such as Potato
Eaters and Dark. Later he was influenced by the
work of the impressionists(?????) and by the work
of some Japanese printmakers. He began to
experiment with current techniques(?????) and use
the bright colors. His other works include
Bedroom at Arles, Starry Night, Crows in the
Wheat fields, etc.
The Starry Night
  • Wheat Field Under Threatening Skies(??????)

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Iberian (????)Period (1906) , African Period
(1907 ) , Cubism (???)(19081917 ),etc. His
greatest works include The Old Guitarist (1903
),Two acrobats (????)and a Dog (1905 ), Two
Youths (1905), Self-Portrait (1906) ,House on the
Hill, Horta de Ebro (1909),and Still Life with
Chair Caning (1912).
The Tragedy, 1903
The Old Guitarist
Two Youths, 1905
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  • Over five hundred years ago , a man designed(??)
    a flying machine. He also invented a helicopter(
    ????) . This clever man was an Italian .He was
    called Leonardo da Vinci. (1452-1519)
  • He had a keen eye and quick mind that led him to
    make important scientific discoveries, yet he
    never published his ideas.
  • He was one of the greatest painters of the
    Italian Renaissance(??). His most famous works
    are The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa (1503-06)
The Last Supper (1495-97)
Qi Baishi (1864--1957),of Hunan Province,
traveled around the country on his earlier years,
selling paintings and carving (??)seals(??) to
make a living. He settled down in Beijing at the
age of 57, and gradually his style of painting
began to change. Combining traditional freehand
brushwork and folk art, he produced a unique
form centering on flowers, birds, insects, and
fish. Simple and bold, each colorful painting was
achieved with only a few strokes. In his later
years he focused(??)on calligraphy(??)and seal
carving and served in the early 1950s as chairman
of the Chinese Artists Association.
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(No Transcript)
Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on July 31,
1966 in a town in England called Chipping
Sodbury. At present, she lives in Edinburgh,
Scotland with her daughter Jessica, now age
seven. The main works are Harry Potter and the
Sorcerers Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber
of Secrets , Harry Potter and the Prisoner of
Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
1. Harrys life before he goes to Hogwarts is
miserable because his parents are dead and the
family he is living with treats him badly.
2.At Hogwarts , Harry learns that he needs to be
strong / that he needs friends / that it is
difficult to do the right thing / that life is
more complicated than he thought / the truth
about his past/ about the power of love and
  • Many people use e-mail to make friends ( What are
    the advantages of e-mail .)
  • Your answer ______________________________.
  • 2. They often go hiking . ( what makes hiking
    interesting ? )
  • Your answer _____________________________.
  • 3. In the earthquake a number of people died . (
    Where did the earthquake happen ?)
  • __________________________________________.

Many people use e-mail , which is fast and cheap,
to make friends.
They often go hiking ,which is inexpensive and
full of adventure .
In the earthquake , which took place in Gansu
Province , a number of people died.
4. The world-famous painter painted Mona Lisa .
(what is the painters name ?) Your
answer________________________________. 5. The
villagers discovered an ancient tomb . ( What
were they building ?) Your answer________________
_______________. 6. How much is the ticket for
the all-star concert ? ( When and where will it
be held ?) Your answer __________________________
The world famous painter , whose name is
Leonardo da Vinci , painted Mona Lisa.
The villagers, who were building a school ,
discovered an ancient tomb .
How much is the ticket for the all-star concert
,which will be held in the Workers Stadium on
Saturday evening?
  • The thief took the money from the old man
  • 2) The _________ of the governments has increased
    greatly over the past century.
  • 3) Dont worry! We have enough_________ to do the
  • 4) You cant ___________anything he says.
  • 5) Christians______________Jesus.
  • 6) Do you ______________________him?

believe in
believe/ believe in
forearm foreman foresee foresight forefinger
forefather forename forerunner foretell forewo
the part of the arm between the wrist and the
a man who serves as the leader of a work crew ,
as in a factory.
to see or know beforehand
ability to realize the importance and nature of
events before they have happened.
the finger next to the thumb, also called index
fingeror first finger.
an ancestor or a person who lives in earlier
a name before ones surname a first name
an ancestor or one that comes before and
andicated the approach of another
to tell about something beforehand predict
an introductory note , as for a book , especially
by a person other than the author
Exercise P153 (3 )
  • She wanted to go to college in another city,
    ?????????????? ).(local )
  • _______________________________________(??????? )
    ( TV series )
  • Today more and more parents ______________________
    ________________(??????????? ).(treat )
  • 4._______________________( ?????? ) ,his friends
    always helped him. ( in trouble )
  • 5._________________________________(??????????? )
    ? My primary school maths teacher ! ( come across)

but her parents finally made her go to a local
Some TV series are not good for the children
are learning to treat their children as friends
When Pete was in trouble
Guess who I came across in town today
6. Although it may sound traditional ,
????????????) ( believe in ) 7. Do you know the
boy and the girl ______________________________(
?????????? )?(whisper ) 8. He was just about to
say something ________________________(????,??????
) (turn around ) 9. _____________________________
___(????????? ) ?he must be very angry now . (
stupid ) 10 ._____________________________________
_______( ????!???????) . On July 14 Michael and
Kate will get married . ( announcement )
I dont believe in letting children do whatever
they like.
who are whispering in the library .
when Helen turned around
Why did you say whose stupid worlds
Attention please ! I have an announcement to make