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1984 Chapter Summaries


1984 Chapter Summaries Part 1 Chapter 1 Description of London as a bleak and desolate place Description of the telescreens Description of the lack of privacy ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 1984 Chapter Summaries

1984 Chapter Summaries
  • Part 1

Chapter 1
  • Description of London as a bleak and desolate
  • Description of the telescreens
  • Description of the lack of privacy
  • Introduction to Winston Smith, O'Brien and Julia
  • Description of Big Brother
  • Description of Goldstein and the two minutes hate
  • Description of the four Ministries
  • Description of the Party and its values
  • Introduced to Newspeak
  • Description of Thought Police
  • There are three super powers
  • Winston has an alcove, drinks a lot and has a
    varicose vein in his heel.
  • Winston starts a Diary
  • Winston hates the anti-sex league girl
  • Winston gets a feeling from O'Brien
  • Winston hates Big Brother

Chapter 2
  • We meet Mrs Parsons
  • The mansions were built in 1930
  • Tom Parsons is described
  • We meet the Parsons' children
  • We read about the spies
  • He loves beauty because he doesn't want to smudge
    the ink
  • Winston fixes his neighbour's sink
  • Winston had a dream seven years ago. He will meet
    them in the place where there is no darkness. The
    voice in his dream is O'Brien's
  • He knows he is dead. He has committed
  • He addresses his diary to the future
  • He puts some white dust on the corner of his diary

Chapter 3
  • Julia is still the dark haired girl from the
    fiction department
  • History is indeterminate
  • He can barely remember a time without war
  • Who controls the past controls the future, who
    controls the future controls the past
  • INGSOC was english socialism
  • Big Brother lead the revolution in the 30's
  • Winston dreams of his mother and sister
  • He dreams of the golden country
  • He dreams of Julia

Chapter 4
  • Description of Winston's work
  • Winston rewrites history
  • Winston creates Comrade Ogilvy

Chapter 5
  • Description of the canteen
  • We meet Syme
  • Newspeak is described in more detail
  • We meet a prole
  • We meet Parsons
  • Everyone wears the same thing
  • Winston lies about having a razor blade
  • Winston is indifferent to the hanging of
  • Syme enjoys it
  • Syme will be vaporised
  • Winston doesn't like how Syme and Parsons, one
    using doublethink, believe the announcements

Chapter 6
  • Katharine his wife is described
  • Your nervous system is your biggest enemy
  • Love is something the party have tried to destroy
  • The two minutes hate is the replacement of
    human's natural instincts
  • Winston writes in his diary about going to a
  • He hated Katharine and her empty mind
  • He loves love and sex

Chapter 7
  • Winston believes hope lies in the proles
  • The proles make up 85 of th population
  • The proles are described almost as slaves but
    without rules
  • History describes everything as terrible before
    the Party
  • Winston appreciates beauty in poetry
  • Winston relates the story of Jones, Rutherford
    and Aaronson
  • Winston's diary is addressed to O'Brien
  • Freedom is the freedom to say that 2 2 4
  • O'Brien forces Winston later to stop believing
    the very facts he is thinking here
  • Winston writes until they become concious they
    will never rebel, and until they rebel they will
    never become concious
  • Winston quotes a history book
  • Winston ten years ago threw away proof that the
    three had not committed their crimes
  • Winston understands how but not why

Chapter 8
  • The proles living conditions are described
  • The lottery is an act of faith by the proles
  • Winston isn't brave
  • He couldn't kill or commit suicide
  • Winston goes for a walk
  • Winston almost gets blown up but is saved by a
  • Winston kicks a severed hand into the gutter
  • Winston talks to an old man in a pub
  • The old man is unable to help Winston
  • Winston ends up at the antique shop where he
    bought his diary
  • Winston buys a paperweight with coral in it
    because it is beautiful
  • Winston learns part of a rhyme about churches
  • Winston thinks he was followed all day by the

  • Part 2

Chapter 1
  • Julia and Winston meet
  • Julia is more assertive
  • Winston is in love with the idea of love
  • Winston gets a note from Julia saying she loves
  • Julia and Winston meet at victory square
  • They plan another rendezvous
  • A convoy of prisoners pass through the square

Chapter 2
  • Great detail is described, everything is
  • Winston and Julia meet in the Golden Country
  • She knew his name and had obtained real chocolate
  • They consumate their relationship

Chapter 3
  • Julia is only aware of what directly affects her
  • She is very sexual
  • Julia and Winston meet again and again
  • They talk about their respective pasts in
  • Winston tells Julia how he almost murdered his
  • He had called his wife to see some thing

Chapter 4
  • Winston is afraid of rats
  • Winston and Julia have sex in the room above Mr
    Charrington's shop
  • He leaves the paperweight there
  • A prole is singing outside.
  • Julia puts on makeup
  • Winston is in love with Julia and needs her all
    the time

Chapter 5
  • Syme is gone
  • Hate week is starting up
  • Syme is gone
  • Julia is a rebel from the waist down
  • Julia doesn't really care to rebel

Chapter 6
  • O'Brien compliments Winston
  • He felt like talking to O'Brien meant his death
  • Winston and O'Brien meet and talk
  • They mention Syme, but not by name

Chapter 7
  • Winston was a terrible child
  • Winston doesn't care to stay alive, he wants only
    to stay human
  • Winston dreams about his mother
  • Julia tells Winston she will do whatever he does

Chapter 8
  • Life for Inner Party members is much better
  • Winston and julia go to O'Brien's flat
  • They say they will do anything but betray each
  • They drink wine
  • He is going to get the book

Chapter 9
  • Most of the chapter is spent reading the book
  • The principles of INGSOC are explained
  • Hate week has started he gets the book
  • He is impressed by the party
  • The focus of the rage changed
  • Winston reads out loud
  • Winston still only understands how and not why

Chapter 10
  • There little bubble of a world gets destroyed
  • Winston and Julia get arrested
  • Julia gets hit in the solar plexus
  • The coral was very small when the glass broke
    around it
  • Mr Charrington was a spy for the thought police

  • Part 3

Chapter 1
  • Winston and Ampleforth talk
  • Winston and Parsons talk
  • Winston gets beaten by O'Brien's lackeys
  • Interrogation begins with physical beating

Chapter 2
  • Winston's torture continues and he confesses to
  • He no longer gets beaten physically
  • He will confess to anything
  • Electrocution
  • Winston doesn't believe that 2 2 5
  • Winston believes that 4 is 5
  • He finds out Julia betrayed him

Chapter 3
  • O'Brien explains why the party have done what
    they have power for the sake of more power
  • One man exerts his power over another by making
    him suffer
  • Utopia doesn't exist
  • Utopia means no place
  • Winston is falling apart and rotting away
  • He hasn't betrayed Julia

Chapter 4
  • Winston works at re-educating himself
  • Winston Betrays himself when he cries out in his
  • He is going to be what they want, he will revolt
    in his last seconds of life

Chapter 5
  • Winston is tortured in room one-oh-one
  • Winston betrays Julia when his face is forced
    into a rat cage
  • Everyman has his price

Chapter 6
  • Winston loves Big Brother
  • Winston spends his waking hours doing little to
  • He no longer has feelings for Julia
  • He still loves his mother
  • Julia is as dead
  • Winston dreams about being shot in the back of
    the head
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