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The Stages of the Hero


Title: The Stages of the Hero s Journey Last modified by: Folsom Cordova USD Created Date: 7/20/2004 5:10:54 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show (4:3) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Stages of the Hero

The Challenges of the Heros Journey
Based on Joseph Campbells Concept of the Monomyth
The Journey Begins...
  • The Hero of legend can be viewed as being reliant
    upon an archetype, or a pre-existing model upon
    which similar things are patterned
  • can be patterned intentionally (Star Wars, Harry
    Potter) or unintentionally (LOTR, Greek
  • The Heros Journey is made up of a series of
    eight steps contained in three stages, a path
    that is followed throughout the story
  • It is not crucial that these steps all be
    included in a story, nor that they occur in this
    exact sequence

The Journey Begins...
  • Takes notes on hero on the back of your chart
  • The usual Hero of legend is someone
  • From whom something has been taken
  • Who feels that something is lacking in his or her
  • this journey offers the Hero the opportunity to
    search for (quest) and gain something of physical
    or spiritual value (grail)
  • A grail quest is usually not about finding a
    physical item itself it is about a search for
    wisdom, fulfillment or experience

Stage 1 Separation From the Known
  • Step 1 The Call to Adventure
  • invites the Hero into the adventure
  • The Hero may choose willingly to undertake the
    quest, or may be dragged into it unwillingly
  • May be initiated by the appearance of a herald
  • signals that something important will soon happen

Stage 1 Separation From the Known
  • Step 2 Refusal of the Call
  • The Hero may initially refuse the call to
  • Reluctant to jump into the unknown the devil you
    know versus the devil you dont
  • Often, a painful, pivotal event occurs which
    calls the hero out through a dramatic change in
    perspective or destruction of something dear

Stage 1 Separation From the Known
  • Step 3 Crossing The Threshold Beginning of the
  • "jumping off point" for the adventure
  • It is the gateway between the known and the
    unknown, a world filled with challenges and

Characters Along the Path
  • the Hero may meet several different types of
    characters who may either offer to help or try to
    thwart the Hero
  • A single character can take on different
    functions at different points in the story.
  • Take notes on these 5 kinds of characters on the
    BACK of the last page of your chart

Characters Along the Path
  • threshold guardians
  • people, beings, or situations which block the
    Heros passage, often at the Threshold stage.
  • can protect the Hero by keeping him or her from
    taking journeys for which he or she is unready or

Characters Along the Path
  • helpers
  • provide assistance or direction to the Hero
  • mentor
  • sage giver of guidance, advice
  • often is lost to the Hero at some point in the

Characters Along the Path
  • tempters
  • try to pull the Hero away from his or her path
  • shapeshifter
  • helper, tempter or both. May literally change
    shape/form or may merely change personalities or
    status or alliances.

Stage 2 Initiation and Transformation
  • Step 4 The Road of Trials or Challenges
  • the Hero journeys into the unknown
  • can be outward into a physical unknown or inward
    to a psychological unknown
  • early challenges are relatively easy but become
    more difficult as journey progresses
  • challenges often strike the Heros greatest

Stage 2 Initiation and Transformation
  • Step 5 Trials and Challenges The Final
  • and Worst The Abyss
  • the journeys greatest challenge, faced alone by
    the Hero may be an inner conflict
  • external conflicts are often with the storys
    shadow figure, the storys antagonist.

Stage 2 Initiation and Transformation
  • Step 6 Unconditional Love ? Transformation
  • love or support of mentor or family empowers the
    Hero to overcome his doubts and keep going
  • the Hero conquers the Abyss and transformation
    becomes completephysical or emotional
  • final step is a moment of death and rebirth
  • a part of the Hero dies so that a new part can be

Stage 2 Initiation and Transformation
  • Step 7 Revelation of the Ultimate Boon
  • the Hero realizes his worth and uses his
  • sudden, dramatic change in the way the Hero
    thinks or views life
  • Leads to eventual success with the toughest
    challenge of the journey

Stage 3 The Return
  • Step 8 The Return to the Known World
  • the return to everyday life, the final stage of
    the journey
  • essence of the Heros return is to begin
    contributing to society
  • saving or renewing society, teaching and
    enlightening others
  • Message may be rejected by society or doubted by
  • Hero might refuse to return to the old way or
    place of existence
  • see all of page 29 for POSSIBLE features of this