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Russian Economy


Russian Economy By: Sarah Golden, Vivian Zou, and Kristy Rose Arnott Resources in Russia Despite their bad economy in the past, Russia has many recourses. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Russian Economy

Russian Economy
  • By Sarah Golden, Vivian Zou, and Kristy Rose

Resources in Russia
  • Despite their bad economy in the past, Russia has
    many recourses. They could actually have a
    growing economy. They have large deposits of
    coal, oil, and gas. Russian minerals include
    nickel, iron ore, tin, and gold. The southwestern
    part of their country has rich grain. They have
    one of the biggest fishing industries in the
    world. The abundance of forests in Siberia leads
    to a large export of timber. In conclusion,
    Russia has a multitude of different recorses.

Its Always Tougher in Russia the Economy is no
  • So if Russia has all of these resources, why is
    their economy bad? The answer goes far back in
    history. During the 1500s, emperors known as
    czars ruled the land. Ivan the IV, a czar, had
    total control over the land. If people didnt
    obey what he said, it could cost them their
    lives. Czars conquered surrounding territories.
    This caused many non-Russian people to be forced
    into the country. Some of the people in Russia
    were known as serfs, people that worked as
    farmers and could be bought or sold through the
    country. As you can see, Russian economy on the
    past has been very tough.

Russian Rulers
  • Russian rulers lives contrasted greatly from the
    normal people. They spoke French as well as
    Russian to allow easy communication between
    surrounding countries. They wore fancy, European
    clothes and went to royal balls and parties. They
    lived in palaces. Sounds like a pretty good life,
    do you agree? It was, but with the rulers of
    Russia using all of the countrys money for their
    personal luxuries, the citizens lived a poor and
    work-filled life.

New Changes
  • This period of new changes began in the late
    1800s. Czar Alexander II freed the serfs. They
    were able to leave the country and start a new
    life. Russia began to industrialize. It changed
    its economy to rely more on manufacturing than
    farming. Railroads opened across the country for
    transportation. This idea both changed and helped
    the country.

Russias Government
  • While Russia improved their economy, they did not
    progress politically. The citizens wanted
    freedom, equality, and a share in governing the
    country. The strict czars ignored these commands.
    In 1917 Czar Nicholas II was forced to give up
    the throne. A man named Viadimir Lenin was a
    leader in the Russian Revolution. They set up a
    communist state. Now the government had a strong
    control over the economy and the society as a
    whole. In 1922 the communist leaders were
    securely in power. They formed the U.S.S.R. or
    the Soviet Union. The government took complete
    control over the economy. The Russians began to
    dislike this. Cruel punishments such as death
    would occur if the Russians didnt obey the
    rules. The main cause of these problems was
    Joseph Stalin, who was eventually kicked out.
    Mikhail Gorbachev, a new and better leader took
    control. He made a lot of things improve and the
    Russian Government and economy began to stabilize.

Economic Regions
  • Russia has four main economic regions Port
    Cities, the Volga and Urals region, the Moscow
    Region, and Siberia. Two main port cities are
    Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg. Port Cities are
    mainly used for transportation. The Volga and
    Urals Region consists of the Volga River and the
    Ural Mountains. The river is rich in
    hydroelectric power. The mountains have an
    abundance of minerals, such as bauxite.