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Going Green Student Poster Showcase


Going Green Student Poster Showcase Getting Rid of Oil Ian Sinclair; Mr. Frykoda; SCS ABSTRACT XOF1 solar powered car. This Solar car is powered by 893 Solar cells ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Going Green Student Poster Showcase

Going Green Student Poster Showcase Getting Rid
of Oil Ian Sinclair Mr. Frykoda SCS
XOF1 solar powered car. This Solar car is powered
by 893 Solar cells and Solar Hat and Solar
purses, can recharge your devices.
For a long time now we have used fossil fuel for
our primary source of energy. With the
realization that we have access to renewable
energy sources like Hydro power, Solar power,
and Wind power. These can be alternative sources
for energy, instead oil and coal. Our huge oil
use for energy is causing excess CO2 emissions
which is causing a negative impact on our
-Manitoba receives about 2 billion terajoules
from Solar energy. If only 1 was this energy was
converted into electricity it would almost equal
200 times the annual output of all Hydroelectric
dams in all Manitoba. -Manitobas average wind
speed is 3-4.5m/s. There different wind turbines
made to spin at different speeds. Wind energy is
stronger in the south. Companies have a better
chance of getting more energy from wind in the
south. -Manitoba Hydro produces 4400 megawatts.
-The majority of energy used for homes is
Hydroelectricity (Mainly in the North).
  • Manitoba receives almost 2 billion terajoules a
  • Manitoba has been using Hydroelectricity to
    supply energy for the majority of Manitoba and
    has shown a reduction in GHG emissions.
  • Windmills is another alternative source for
    renewable energy. The Government of Manitoba is
    investing in more Windmills for more clean energy
  • These alternative sources of energy provide
    Manitoba not only with clean and renewable energy
    but also will lower the CO2 emissions produced
    from burning oil and coal.

-Hydroelectricity, Wind electricity and solar
electricity have huge potential not only for
Manitoba but other parts of the world. Solar
energy in Manitoba produces 2 billion terajoules
alone. Hydroelectricity supplies 4400 megawatts
to Manitoba, which is the majority of Manitoba.
Wind electricity is the fastest sustained
worldwide growth rates in excess of 20 annually.
In July 2012 Canada had generated 5511 Mega Watts
which is representing over 2 of the global
installed capacity from Wind power. These results
have huge potential for Manitoba and other
  • Some of our most common and most known renewable
    energy sources are
  • Hydro
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • With these renewable energy sources we have an
    alternative energy source to burning oil and
    coal. There can be more clean energy use and less
    CO2 emissions.

Areas to improve

Even though Wind, Solar and Hydroelectricity are
clean and reliable energy sources already, there
are things to improve on. The price is an
example, the prices for windmills, solar panels
and hydro dams can be expensive. A 210 watt solar
panel can cost over 425 dollars (according to
And the most common commercially advertised
windmills which are usually 2 MW cost from 3-4
dollars Million (according to http//www.windustry
Hydroelectricity dams can cost well over 100
million dollars. These prices can discourage
people from trying them or simply they cant
afford them. Decreasing the prices on all of
these could allow more people to convert to
renewable energy .
Our fossil fuel use is making a negative impact
on our earth. We need to make a change to help
preserve our earth. These renewable energy
sources are solutions for clean energy sources
and a replacement to fossil fuel burning.
Manitoba is ranked 1 Province in Canada for
clean and renewable energy use. The Government of
Manitoba has and is investing in alternative and
renewable energy sources like Windmills, and heat
pumps. Manitoba is also investing in more Solar
energy use. Manitoba is working on replacing
fossil fuel use with more renewable sources.
Manitoba is making a more positive impact on the
planet. Manitoba and Quebec have joined
together to develop greener economies. They plan
on producing more green (clean) energy.
There are several uses we can use renewable
energy for. We can provide clean energy to homes,
towns, cites, etc.. We can also have vehicles
that run on renewable energy. There are cars in
the world that run on Solar energy. Even though a
Solar powered car exists they are not common, but
the technology exists. Theres also day to day
use for solar power, like solar powered camera
strap that powers your camera, Solar powered hat
that can recharge your electronic device, plus
lots more. We have access you clean energy and we
are now taking advantage of it for more regular
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