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Joshua: Fulfillment of A Promise


Joshua Chapter 1 and 2 Joshua 1 Joshua Installed as Leader 1 After the death of Moses the servant of the LORD, the LORD said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses aide ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joshua: Fulfillment of A Promise

Joshua Fulfillment of A Promise
  • Into The Promised Land
  • Wednesday
  • 14 Sep 11

Prayer List
  • Published on 14 Sep 11

  • Published on 14 Sep 11

Week Date Topic
1 07 Sep 11 Introduction to the Book of Joshua
2 14 Sep 11 Chapter 11-224 - Into the Promised Land Part I
3 21 Sep 11 Chapter 31-512 Into the Promised Land Part II
4 28 Sep 11 Chapter 513 835 - Possession of the Land Part I
5 05 Oct 11 Chapter 91-1043 - Possession of the Land Part II
6 12 Oct 11 Chapter 111-1224 Possession of the Land Part III
7 19 Oct 11 Chapter 131-1415 Division of the Land Part I
8 26 Oct 11 Chapter 151-1718 Division of the Land Part II
9 02 Nov 11 Chapter 181-1951 Division of the Land Part III
10 09 Nov 11 Chapter 201-2145 Special Cities
11 16 Nov 11 Chapter 221-2428 Joshuas Last Acts
12 23 Nov 11 Thanksgiving
13 30 Nov 11 Review and the road ahead for Israel
  • Constable Notes on the book of Joshua
  • Guzik Commentary on Joshua
  • Jamieson, Fausett, Brown Bible Commentary
  • ISBE (Encyclopedia)
  • Bible Archaeology Review
  • Class slides are available on Westsides website
  • http//

Objectives for Todays Lesson
  • Study the Book of Joshua Chapter 1 and 2
  • Discover the symbolism found in each Chapter
  • Learn about Gods charge to Joshua
  • Review what happens when Joshua sends spies to
    Jericho in preparation for the attack
  • Review study questions

Last Weeks Class
  • Provided an historical background on events
    leading up to Moses death and transition of
    leadership to Joshua
  • Analyzed the terrain on which Joshua would launch
    his attack into Israel
  • Reviewed timelines important to our study
  • Provided an overview of the Book of Joshua
    including individual chapters

Timeline of the Palestine Region
Event Begin End
Stone Age ? 4500 BC
Copper Age 4500 BC 1350 BC
Bronze Age 1350 BC 1200 BC
Iron Age 1200 BC 586 BC
Neo-Babylonian Period 586 BC 538 BC
Persian Period 538 BC 332 BC
Greek Period 332 BC 63 BC
Roman Period 63 BC 324 AD
Byzantine Period 324 AD 640 AD
Early Arab (Islamic) Period 640 AD 1099 AD
Crusader (Christian) Period 1099 AD 1291 AD
Mamluk (Egyptian) Period 1291 AD 1517 AD
Ottoman (Turkish) Period 1517 AD 1918 AD
Event Year Hebrew Day Month
Departure from Egypt 1446 Nisan 15 April
Quail and Manna provided 1446 Iyyar 15 May
Ten Commandments in the Sinai 1446 Sivan ? Jun
Tabernacle Built 1445 Iyyar 1 April
Depart from Sinai 1445 Iyyar 20 May
At Kadesh-Barnea second time 1406 Nisan 1 March
At Mt. Hor Aaron Dies 1406 Ab 1 Jul
Moses Death 1406 Shebat 1 Jan
Cross Jordan 1405 Nisan 10 Apr
Conquest complete 1399 Nisan 14 Apr
Hebrew Calendar
A Look Back at Deuteronomy
  • The period of history covered in Deuteronomy is
    very brief, occurring in 1406 BC
  • All the events recorded took place on the plains
    of Moab within a few weeks before Israel's
    entrance into Canaan as recorded in Joshua
  • It contains a series of speeches by Moses
  • Gods faithfulness to the people of Israel
  • The laws of God
  • Criticality of Israels obedience to God
  • Intended to prepare Israel for the conquest

(No Transcript)
  • The name of the book comes from the principal
    character Joshua
  • Joshua means Yahweh saves
  • Joshua in Hebrew translates to Jesus in Aramaic
  • What Jesus is to us today, Joshua was to the
    Israelites in a smaller sense
  • Joshua brought Gods people into the realization
    of many of Gods plans and purposes for them

Joshua in Context
  • It is considered an historical book (from Genesis
    to Esther)
  • In the second of three main divisions of the OT
  • Law is the first division
  • Prophets are the second division
  • Writings are the third division
  • Part of what is called the Former Prophets
  • Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings
  • Hebrews regarded this book as much of a
    spiritual lesson to reveal Gods will as they did
    an historical lesson

Historical Background
  • Events begin around 1406 BC and the book is
    written after the conquest
  • Read Josh 49, 59, 625 for example
  • Writer was alive when Israel entered the promised
    land (Josh 51 and 56)
  • Therefore, an eye-witness account
  • Must have written the book not long after the
    conquest was complete
  • Most conservative scholars argue that Joshua
    wrote the book

Historical Background Continued
  • Start date of the Book of Joshua
  • 1 Ki 61 dates the Exodus out of Egypt, 1446 BC
  • Ex 1635, Israel spent 40 years in the wilderness
  • Israel crossed the Jordan River around 1406 BC
  • Period of the conquest
  • Josephus states it took five years (AOTJ 5119)
  • Other writers suggest closer to seven years
  • Book of Joshua spans about 35 years
  • Joshua was 35 when he fought the Amelekites
  • Assuming Joshua was 75 when they crossed the
    Jordan and he died at age 110 (Jos 2429)

Geographical Background
  • Israelites traveled from Mt. Sinai to the plains
    of Moab
  • East of Jericho and the Jordan River
  • However, not a direct route
  • Proceeded from Sinai to Kadesh Barnea
  • On Canaans southern border
  • Failed to proceed to the Promised Land from
    Kadesh Barnea because of unbelief
  • Wondered 38 more years in the wilderness
  • God finally brings them back to Kadesh, then led
    them to the Plains of Moab on Canaans eastern
  • Book of Joshua picks up after Moses dies and as
    Israel prepares and executes a conquest of Jordan

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Joshuas Commission (11-9)
  • Joshua was from the Tribe of Ephraim
  • Jeroboam was also from this tribe (1 Ki 1126)
  • Provides the basic principles Joshua and all of
    Israel would use to guide their future actions
  • Israel had mourned Moses death for 30 days (Deut
  • However, it was time to enter the Promised Land

Joshuas Commission (11-9)
  • God promises all the land to Israel (Gen 1317,
    Ex 2330-31, Deut 1124)
  • Area described includes all the land God had
    promised Abraham (Gen 1518)
  • Describes the Hittite land in a representative
  • God promises Joshua His unfailing power and
    presence to ensure he completes the mission, any
    failure was Israels (15)

Joshuas Commission (11-9)
  • Joshuas Commission (17-8)
  • Be strong and courageous
  • Obey the law given to Moses
  • This first part of the book of Joshua establishes
    the criticality of following the law
  • Failure to adhere to the law would eventually
    cost Israel their land

Joshuas Charge To Israel (110-18)
  • Joshua mobilizes Israel as they prepare to cross
    the Jordan River
  • Would cross the river in three days (110-11)
  • Their reward would be rest from the continuous
    wondering (113)
  • For Christians, crossing the river is symbolic
  • Passing through the water
  • Internal eternal life through Jesus Christ
  • The Christians rest is the blessings of God

Joshuas Charge To Israel (110-18)
  • Joshua reminds Reubenites, the Gadites and the
    half-tribe of Manasseh that they would fight as
  • Eventually on 40,000 of 110,000 cross over (413,
    Num 267, 18, 34)
  • We as Christians have spiritual enemies, what are

Spies in Jericho (21-14)
  • Joshua sends two spies from where Shittim, across
    the Jordon River to Jericho to spy
  • The spies were to analyze the Canaanite land and
  • They were to travel to a prostitutes house , a
    common place in ancient times where conspirators
    might be found
  • Hammurabis Code contained a law against
    harboring conspirators in an inn or similar

Shittim and Jericho
  • Spies started at Shittim, which was six miles
    east of the Jordan River
  • Jericho was not a large city
  • However, it was strongly fortified
  • On the eastern frontier of Canaan
  • Only a few miles west of the Jordan River in the
    Jordan Valley
  • Formed the first line of defense and was probably
    a common place for invading forces to attack

Jericho and Shittim
(No Transcript)
  • Bible describes her as a prostitute (21)
  • Josephus had referred to her as an innkeeper
  • Rahab
  • An ancestor of David (Matt 15)
  • A woman of faith (Heb 1131, Jam 225)
  • Had learned of God and placed her trust in Him
    (vs 912)
  • She assists in hiding the spies and protects them
    from being found

Promise to Rahab (215-24)
  • The spies promised to spare Rahab on three
  • She had to make her home known to the Israelites
    when they attacked (vs. 18)
  • She had to assemble her family into her home
    before the battle (vs. 18)
  • She had to keep the mission of the spies secret
    (vs. 14, 20)
  • Men of Jericho search for the spies for three
    days to no avail

  • Studied the Book of Joshua Chapter 1 and 2
  • Discovered the symbolism found in each Chapter
  • Learned about Gods charge to Joshua
  • Reviewed what happens when Joshua sends spies to
    Jericho in preparation for the attack
  • Reviewed study questions
  • Next week Joshua Chapter 3-5