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Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries of Pakistan Struggling those who desire life in life


LEOM Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries of Pakistan Struggling those who desire life in life Revival Meetings Education Youth Fellowship – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries of Pakistan Struggling those who desire life in life

Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries of
Pakistan Struggling those who desire life in life

  • The Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries
    Pakistan started from a very little base in the
    village on faith.
  • To win the lost souls for the kingdom of God and
    reach the un-reached believers and nonbelievers,
    personally and cooperatively, and to serve the
    stressed, depressed, and oppressed people,
    socially and spiritually in Jesus Name.
  • We exist to
  • Bring people to Christ
  • Build people in Christ
  • Impact world for Christ

Founder Chairman
Aims Objectives
To preach and teach the word of God the Holy
Bible To baptized people, who believe in Jesus
Christ according to the Bible in the name of
Father and the son and of the Holy Spirit by
emersion in water. To consecrate children, to
conduct Holy Communion service, funeral and
organize marriage ceremonies. To arrange Bible
School, Bible colleges and institutions for the
teaching and training of preachers, Evangelists
and pastors. To discourage the use of drugs in
young people and make encouragements to bring
them towards the word of God The Bible. To
establish educational institutions for the
children of those who are under privileged and
less fortunate families and are desirous to
impart good education to their children but they
handicapped due to lack of resources. The efforts
will be made to provide dowery and other
necessary articles for the marriage of the orphan
and needy persons both male and female
everywhere. To provide help to the people
affected by natural disasters i.e. earthquake,
flood, war, famine etc. To arrange Holy
conventions to share the worship experiences to
promote religious activities among the
Christians. To serve in Health sector for
children and especially for the old people in the
rural areas regarding their living and food
necessities. To set up free dispensary, hospital
and medical lab for free medical treatment to the
general public and also to provide blood bank and
ambulance service. To set up adult educations
centre in rural and under development areas of
the country so that the Literacy rate may be

Aims Objectives Continue.
  • To set up vocational training centre for girls
    and poor women for the education of embroidery,
    sewing, stitching, handicrafts and I.T Centre.
  • To provide shelter for orphans, widows and old
    aged support less persons and provide them
    amenities of life, and also provide them free
    legal aid at time of distress.
  • To set up Christian institutions for worship of
    God, where the following Christian ordinances may
    be observed along with Christian rites.
  • To provide the blind home for visually impaired
  • 1. Water Baptisms
  • 2. The Lords Supper, Holy Communion
  • 3. Marriage Services (issuance of Nikah
  • 4. Death Burial services and all usual
  • A branch office of the ministry is already
    working under the same name and patronage at
    Mustifabad, district Kasur.
  • To do all lawful things acts and deed necessary
    and conductive for the attainment of the above
    said and objectives.

Faith Statement
  • We have an obligation to bear a Faithful
    Christian witness to Jesus Christ, the living
    reality at the center of the Churchs Life and
    Witness. To fulfill this obligation, we reflect
    critically on our Biblical and Theological
    inheritance, striving to express faithfully the
    witness we make in our own time.
  • Two considerations are central to this endeavor
    the sources from which we derive our theological
    affirmations and the criteria by which we assess
    the adequacy of our understanding and witness.
  • Wisely believed that the living core of the
    Christian Faith was revealed in Scripture,
    illumined by tradition, vivified in personal
    experience, and confirmed by reason.
  • We believe in God is Father, God is son and God
    is Holy Spirit and also believe that God is
    creator of the world and in Jesus Christ, the
    redeemer of creation.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit, through whom we
    acknowledge Gods gifts, and we repent of our sin
    in misusing these gifts to idolatrous ends.
  • We affirm the natural world as Gods handiwork
    and dedicate ourselves to its preservation,
    enhancement, and faithful use by mankind.
  • We joyfully receive for others and ourselves the
    blessings of community, marriage, and the family.
  • We commit ourselves to the rights of men, women,
    children, youth, young adults, the aging, and
    people with disabilities to improvement of the
    quality of life and to the rights and dignity of
    racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.
  • We believe in the right and duty of persons to
    work for the glory of God and the good of
    themselves and others and in the protection of
    their welfare in so doing in the rights to
    property as a trust from God, collective
    bargaining, and responsible consumption and in
    the elimination of economic and social distress.
  • We dedicate ourselves to peace throughout the
    world, to the rule of justice and law among
    nations, and to individual freedom for all people
    of the world.
  • We believe in the present and final triumphs of
    Gods Word in human affairs and gladly accept our
    commission to manifest the life to the Gospel in
    the world.
  • We are Pentecostal Trinitarian Christians who
    believe in the faith of Apostles.
  • We believe in water baptism, divine healing of
    God, Baptism of Holy Spirit with tongues

  • We are serving the Nations in Pakistan in the
    Holy name of the Father by all our Hearts,
    Head, and Soul. We have a vision to reach the
    un-reached person have developed programs and
    ministries for families and people in all stages
    of life. We are serving through following
    initiatives of Ministry
  • Revival, Evangelical Healing Ministry
  • Pastoral Care Ministry
  • Women Fellowship Ministry
  • Sunday School Ministry
  • Youth Development Ministry
  • Church planting
  • Bible distribution
  • Bible College
  • Prayer Fasting
  • Prison ministry

Evangelistic and Healing Prayer meetings
  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries of Pakistan
    reaching the unreached lost and struggling those
    who desire life in life for the kingdom of God.

Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries
  • Experiencing the Love of Lord with the Heart to
    reach the Nations, near or far without any
    distinction of race, color, or creed God is using
    the Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries
    Pakistan for His glory and to establish His
    kingdom on this earth.
  • LEOM is a registered Church Ministries under the
    societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and (Reg.
    No RP 4836 /L/ S /09 / 307) by the government of
    Pakistan and reaching the nations of the world,
    touching the hearts of people through the power
    and demonstration of the Life of Jesus Christ.
    That is what the Gospel is all about. Jesus
    Christ for the people. All over the world, people
    are being saved, healed, set free and taught to
    live the life of total victory and success.
    Revival is among us, spread it. We believe in the
    power of prayer, so help us, join us, pray for us
    as we continually venture out reaching people for
  • The Living Evangelism Outreach began in 2004 when
    a group of believers, committed to serving God,
    organized to help churches equip their people for
    ministry.  Since then, we have seen the Lord use
    our ministry to draw thousands of young lives to
    Him. Pastor Samuel Sadiq is the Founder and
    Chairman of this vision who initiate this
    ministry at a very small level by calling from
    God. We are witnessing, proclaiming, and
    fulfilling the Great Commission...
  • The Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries
    Pakistan is based on Pentecostal Faith preaching
    the true word of God with miracles of Holy
    Spirit. Thousands have been saved, healed and

Sunday School
  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries as kingdom
    builders working at 8 villages, towns and rural
    area of the country and establish the children
    ministry to uplift the Christian poor children
    spiritually, educationally and morally in the
    society as witness of Lord Jesus Christ since

Church Planting
  • Living Evangelism Outreach ministry planted 8
    churches at different villages, slums and remote
    area of the country since 2008 and distributed
    the bicycles to church planters.
  • Leom Pakistan planted church at village Gaga,
    Lahore and Pastor Pervaiz Ashiq as church planter
    ministering there since 2009. Pastor Pervaiz with
    his family and Living Evangelism Outreach
    Ministries gifted a bicycle to church planter for
  • Rev. Samuel Sadiq ( Chairman) gifted the bicycle
    to Pastor Parvaiz.

Free Bible Distribution
  • We are a community of faith, dedicated to share
    our beliefs and experiences with anyone seeking
    answers to spiritual questions. Our team members
    at the Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries
    Pakistan are young, enthusiastic and
    Spirit-filled. They all have experienced the
    fresh fire of the Holy Spirit in their Lives.
    They are saved to save others. They are also
    saved to serve and so we do.
  • All our associates are deeply committed to
    ongoing spiritual formation for people of all
    ages and all backgrounds, living in countries
    around the world. We do the glorious works of our
    Heavenly Father with our hearts, heads and hands,
    which propels us to reach the nation
  • LEOM team free distributing the Holy Bible among
    the non believers at different slums and remote
    area of Pakistan. We reach the un reached lost
    with good news of salvation around the country

Christians in Pakistan
  • Pakistani Christians are stressed, depressed,
    oppressed. Mental stress, fear, and suicide are
    the result from religious discrimination of other
    nations. This pressure divides them into
    different denominations. On the other hand
    Poverty is widespread, despite great advancements
    in the sciences the worlds increasing wealth,
    the Pakistani Christian community is becoming
    even poorer. They are illiterate, nameless and
    seem to have lost their destiny and inheritance
    in Christ.
  • Rural communication and transportation in these
    remote areas is difficult and expensive. Since it
    is expensive to go there and preach pastors and
    evangelists visit rarely. Cities are easier to
    minister because of increased security,
    facilities, loud speakers, sound systems, tents
    and stadiums. We feel their pain from the depth
    of our hearts. Our hearts long for people who do
    not yet know Jesus and His eternal Life. We work
    to restore and protect the dignity and respect of
    Pakistani Christians and encourage them mentally,
    spiritually, and financially as the Lord enable

Development Projects
  • We have developed programs and ministries for
    families and people in all stages of life. We
    offer children's programs from nursery through
    elementary years. Youth, singles, and seniors
    will all find a place to belong. 
  • We adopt Love Pray strategy
  • These entire help resource center provides free
    help and humanitarian aid to everyone without any
    distinction of Race, Color, or Creed... but our
    sole purpose is to reach the nations through
    these programs and so we do. Currently we are
    administering the following development projects

Feed the Hungry Project Helping the
Widows, Orphans, and the Poor Adult Education
Centers at all our Churches Primary Schools
for the Poor Sewing School Centers for Girls
Micro Credit Scheme Revolving Loan Programs
Relief for disaster Orphan Care
Poverty Assistance Movement ( Gypsies Brick
kiln Blind Centre for visually impaired
Blind Centre Restoring the visually impaired
  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries has planned
    to restoring the visually impaired poor children
    and started the Mishal House project for these
    children during the year 2012 at Lahore in rented
    building with 5 children. And provide them
    residence , Computer skills, Education, food ,
    shoes and clothes

  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries struggling
    those who desire life in life and planned to
    provide the Primary Education for the poor
    street children at villages, and rural area of
    the country. LEOM started Living Hope Christian
    School project at two villages.
  • Village Gohawa, Bedian Road- Lahore Pakistan
  • Village Sharif Park Ferozepur Road- Lahore

Adult Literacy Program
  • The Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries started
    2 Adult Bible Literacy centre for women at
    different villages and Praise the Lord the one
    year Literacy Education program has been
    completed in December 2012. Through this project
    48 women learn the bible reading and writing.
  • LEOM have planned to provide the illiterate men
    and women Adult Bible Literacy Education at 6
    different villages, slums and rural area of the
    country to build the family in faith through this

Life Skills Project ( Sewing Centre for women)
  • During this June, 2011 we recognized the
    graduation of 30 women from the Womens
    Vocational Training Centre. As each women came up
    to the stage to receive her certificate, and also
    she received a sewing machine of her very own
    reward her accomplishment. Five years ago Women
    vocational Centre was a little more than an
    exciting idea. With the desire and vision to
    empower the women of the village Gohawa Lahore
    Punjab Pakistan, Pastor Samuel Sadiq and his wife
    Mrs. Surryia Samuel decided to established a
    vocational training centre for women on their
    church property at village, Gohawa Lahore in May,
    2010, how they had little space and resources. In
    April 2010 they cleared the church storeroom and
    announced the admission by faith.
  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries have
    planned to open 6 more sewing centre to empower
    the women of the Pakistan at different villages,
    slums and remote areas during the year 2013

Health Care Program
  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries have
    planned for the year 2013 to arrange Free Medical
    Camps at different villages, slums and rural
    areas for the poor community who cannot afford
    medicine to live more on monthly basis.
  • We believe that through these camps we can save
    the humanity for better health at un reached area
    of the country.
  • LEOM have planned to provide a free dispensary
    for the poor community of the village Gohawa,
    Lahore during the running year 2013.

Orphan Cares
  • Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries distributed
    the Clothes, shoes and winter wearing to 10
    orphans at Vine Yard Orphan Care Centre. The vine
    Yard Orphan Care centre is the project of LEOM
    and started during the year 2012 with 4 orphan
    children from different villages. LEOM take
    initiate when Pastor Samuel Sadiq was
    evangelistic mission trip around the province of
    Punjab and find lot of parent less children who
    are looking for the true love of their parents
    and he shared with his wife Mrs. Surryia Samuel
    she is involve in the women ministry.
  • Currently we are in rented building and providing
    to 10 poor Orphans full time residence,
    Education, clothes, shoes, three time food,
    health care and bible study to grow them in
    spiritual life as witness of Lord Jesus Christ,

Christmas Free Gifts Distribution
  • The Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries always
    stand Against Poverty and a well-known social
    worker, Rev. Samuel Sadiq (Chairman), distributed
    Christmas gifts among 500 children, 50 widows and
    10 orphans from destitute families, inhibiting
    village Gohawa and surrounding villages of
    Lahore. The Christmas gift packages prepared for
    the distribution among the deserving recipients
    included food packages, warm clothing and toys
    besides other commodities, and the step was aimed
    at bringing joy and happiness for those who may
    have little or nothing.

Relief Distribution
Living Evangelism Outreach Ministries of Pakistan
reaches the un reached poor and disaster victim
around the Pakistan to fight against the poverty
and to provide the food, clothes and daily stuff
of life to poor and miserable community.
Evangelist Sunil Samuel (Director) and team of
LEOM distributing the food, clothes and financial
assistance to widows, elderly people, orphans and
poor shelter less people at different slums and
remote area of Pakistan.
Executive Board

1. Rev. Samuel Sadiq Chairman/ Founder 2. Miss Huma Samuel Treasure
3. Pastor Emmanuel Sadiq Vice Chairman 4. Mrs. Surryia Coordinator
5. Pastor Sunil Samuel Executive Secretary 6. Mrs. Bimla Executive Member
7. Pastor Mehboob Alam Executive Member

LEOM focus the un reached poor in the slums,
remote areas who are living oppressed, depressed
and miserable life in around the country and they
have not facilities for medical care and
suffering from the chronic diseases. We have plan
to arrange free Medical camps and provide care
the poor medically through the medicine and
financial assistance for the long term medical
treatments or any kind of operations.
Come and Join us
  • More than anywhere else in the world, you are
    needed in Pakistan. Partnership with the Living
    Evangelism Outreach Ministries Pakistan means
    going with us as partners in the mission, every
    time we go to the Nations. You can have a share
    in thousands and millions of lives through the
    partnership of Living Evangelism Outreach
    Ministries Pakistan.
  • We invite the believers to hold our hands through
    prayerfully, financially, and spiritually to
    reach the un reached and save the lost lives.

Contact Details
  • For questions or queries you can contact 24/7 by
    the following information. We are always open and
    waiting for your reply in the precious name of
    the Lord.
  • Pastor Samuel Sadiq

  • Chairman Founder
  • House No 189 Block A
    Street No 01 Hamza Town Opposite Youhannabad,
  • Feroze pur Road, Lahore
    54600- Pakistan

  • Contact 92 303 432 6235 E-Maillivingevang07_at_gma
  • Title Living Evangelism Outreach
    Church of Pakistan
  • Address MCB Bank Limited
  • 1603- Asif Town Branch-
  • 20-kilometer Feroze pur
    Road, Lahore- Pakistan
  • A/C 0527552511000313
  • Swift Code MUCBPKKAA (MCB 1603 Asif Town
    Branch , Lahore)