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AMTA-NY Community Service Massage Team


... a student from the Swedish ... Dwa Fanm & AMTA Welcome You Receive Free Healing Therapy Through: Massage Counseling Sharing Laughing ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AMTA-NY Community Service Massage Team

AMTA-NYCommunity Service Massage Team
The Community Service Massage Team (CSMT) was
born from a desire to create a deeper
relationship between the AMTA-NY Chapter and the
members. AMTA-NY was looking for a way to engage
members, promote massage therapy, and give back
to our communities. The Community Service
Massage Team offers our members a venue where
they can network with each other, meet the people
in their local communities and lend a hand to
those in need. We are always looking for
additional helping hands.
Roscoe Harvest Festival
The Roscoe Harvest Festival was the site of the
first Community Service Massage Team (CSMT) event
on September 29, 2007. It was a beautiful, but
windy day, which made for a smaller fair than the
organizers expected. Massage therapists Laura
Warf Bauer, Susan Tarvin, Donna Hickey, Ma Veet
Tamaso, Myrna Silva and Team Leader Samantha
Paige-Graeber arrived bright and early to raise
funds for local flood victims. The team did 34
massages throughout the day and raised 671. The
entire event, which included an auction at the
end of the day, raised 6,000!
Roscoe Harvest Festival
Myrna Silva, Samantha Paige-Graeber, Laura Warf
Baurer, Donna Hickey, Susan Tarvin, Ma Veet
Tamaso Lisa Chesney Festival Coordinator
Roscoe Harvest Festival
Laura Warf Bauer, Donna Hickey Susan Tarvin
Myrna Silva
Susan Tarvin with Little Boy
4th Annual Turkey Trot
Our second event was Thanksgiving morning
(November 26, 2007) in New Paltz, New York at the
4th Annual Turkey Trot. All proceeds from this
event were donated to Family of New Paltz. The
Family of New Paltz is a crisis intervention
center located in the heart of New Paltz since
1975. The Family of New Paltz provides a myriad
of needed services, including a 24-hour hotline,
counseling, support groups, shelters and a food
pantry which served more than 1,000 families
last year.
Samantha Paige-Graeber, Nancy Greenman, Dale
Grust, Rahad Daughtrey Susan Eisenstein-Kim
4th Annual Turkey Trot
Dale Grust Massages Runner
Laura Warf-Bauer Massages Runner
Nancy Greenman Massages Runner
Friends of Andrew
Andrew was born with disabilities and was
diagnosed with Symptomatic Lennox-Gastaut
Syndrome which is Generalized Epilepsy and
Cerebral Palsy.  He has seizures on a regular
basis and needs constant supervision.  His
condition makes his muscles very stiff and this
makes walking difficult.  He can walk short
distances with assistance, however he relies on a
wheelchair for most of his mobility.  Andrew
requires a modified van due to his size and
physical needs.  
Friends of Andrew
Macaroni the Clown Receiving a Massage
Samantha Paige-Graeber, Dan Ludwig Dale Grust
Living Healthy with Lupus Event
June 7th, 2008 was a hot day in New York,
however, the Community Service Massage Team
(CSMT) was having a great time helping the
participants at the SLE Lupus Foundations
Living Healthy with Lupus Feeling Good and
Looking Good at the Hospital for
Special Surgery. There were some 55 participants
with friends and family. We were able to attend
33 of them plus 5 staff members. We received word
that everyone who was there were very grateful
and very appreciative of the AMTA-NYs Community
Service Massage Team! 2009 was the second year
CSMT has been a part of this wellness event. This
is how Sarah Kleinstein, a student from the
Swedish Institute, described the experience
Volunteering at Living Healthy with Lupus
through the New York chapter of the AMTA, was not
so different from the clinical off-sites I
completed in massage school as soon as the
doors opened, there was a mad rush to the
complimentary massage sign-up table. Unlike
school, we were limited to only three therapists
trying their best to accommodate the dozens of
requests. I had my first experience in an
administrative function, at first booking
appointments, and later consoling those who
didnt get in line fast enough to secure a free
massage. The day was long but very satisfying.
The big smiles and appreciation we received from
the Lupus patients and the organizers of the
Hospital for Special Surgery event was all the
payment we needed. It was an exciting and
sometimes overwhelming experience yet, I found
it to be an informative and gratifying
introduction into the altruistic side of the
massage therapy profession.
Living Healthy with Lupus Event
Paula Moreland, Susan Anderson, Samantha Graeber,
Satu Ferentz David DeLucia (2008)
David DeLucia, Satu Ferentz, Samantha Graeber
Sarah Kleinstein (2009)
Sarah Kleinstein, David DeLucia Satu Ferentz
Dances with Horses
June 7, 2009 - Dances with Horses was a very
small venue. In the 1 1/2 hours we were there,
80 was raised for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Eve Bucca, Samantha Paige-Graeber Karen Sue
Get Your Guts in Gear
  • June 12 13, 2009 - Get Your Guts in Gear was a
    three day event in which 56 bikers rode 210 miles
    to raise money for Crohns and Colitis research
  • The NY ride raised 180,000. Over the two days,
    36 bikers received massages.
  • Participants in Beacon (June 12)  Samantha
    Paige-Graeber and Dale Grust
  • Participants in Earlton (June 13)  Dan Ludwig

Get Your Guts in Gear Information
Get Your Guts in Gear, Inc. is an organization
that raises awareness of Crohn's disease and
ulcerative colitis through multi-day cycling
events that take place in the Pacific Northwest,
the Midwest and the East Coast. These events
directly benefit the IBD patient community and
other IBD charities. These 3-day events provide a
unique venue for participants to feel empowered,
accomplished, and part of a greater community.
The New York ride is from Manhattan to Saratoga
Springs, NY 210 miles over the course of three
days. The dates for the 2009 New York ride are
June 12-14th The bicyclers not only ride 210
miles for Crohns and Colitis, they have worked
equally hard to fundraise and raise awareness
long before they get to ride. Each rider has to
meet a fundraising minimum of 1900, and many of
them well exceed that. For more information go
to their website
  • June 27, 2009 was a magnificent day for a run and
    a festival! Two teams were needed one for
    runners and one for festival goers. There were
    370 runners of which the team was able to take
    care of 34. The team was still able to raise 269
    for the maintenance of the trails for the
    Rockefeller State Park Preserve.
  • Jonathan Thaler had this to say about the Centaur
    Event I dont think there could have been a
    more perfect day nor a more idyllic place to give
    massages to a most grateful group of runners. The
    hill we were perched upon overlooking the
    majestic Hudson River, the cool fragrant breeze
    coming down from that gorgeous and gigantic
    Norway Maple tree over our heads, and the
    beautiful sunshine warming the air as the morning
    racers crossed the finish line and lined up to
    receive their just desserts of a complimentary
    15 minute massage from what were in my opinion
    some of the most down to earth, in touch and
    mellow professional massage therapists that Ive
    met in a long time made for one of the most
    pleasant and rewarding experiences I have had in
    a long time.
  • The Centaur Event was the largest CSMT event to

Francesca Berrouet
Daughter Kissing Mom A Childs Love is the
Perfect RX for Stress Reduction!
Lauren Fischman, Ally Marks John Lia
Mark Schiffman
Relief to County Medical Examiners Office for
Flight 3407
On Sunday afternoon, February 22, 2009, we
received a phone call from the Erie County Health
Operations Office. They were requesting LMTs to
volunteer for the rescue workers and staff at the
Erie County Health Operations Office. Within a
matter of 24 hours we had LMT volunteers ready to
help. On Tuesday February 24th five volunteers
had the opportunity to represent the AMTA-NY
Chapter and show their appreciation for the
rescue workers of Flight 3407. Many of the staff
and rescue workers had not had much sleep and
were exhibiting signs of stress. As one staff
member stated, I just dont want to have to
think anymore. The CSMT volunteered from 8 AM
to 6 PM and was able to serve approximately 40
people with table and chair massage. The rescue
workers and staff were very appreciative of our
efforts and thanked us.
Relief to County Medical Examiners Office for
Flight 3407
Colleen Ney, Deborah Hastings (standing in the
back), Adrienne Ruzic Bethany Tennant.
Tour de Pink
Written by Eugene Wood On Sunday, October 4,
2009, the AMTA-NY CSMT team traveled to New York
City to perform massage on bicyclists who rode in
the Tour De Pink. This event was sponsored by The
Hershey Company. 175 riders rode from Chocolate
World in Hershey, PA, on Friday, October 2 and
ended up in New York City on Sunday, October 4th.
Hersheys Tour de Pink benefits Young Survival
Coalition (YSC), the premier international
organization dedicated to the critical issues
unique to young women and breast cancer. YSC
works with survivors, caregivers and the medical,
research, advocacy and legislative communities to
increase the quality and quantity of life for
women ages 40 and under who have been diagnosed
with breast cancer. Each rider raised at least
2,500 each for the YSC.
Tour de Pink
  Eugene Wood, Donna Webb, Ellen Feinberg Betsy
Combined Federal Campaign Charity Fair
Written by David DeLucia The Combined Federal
Campaign (CFC) Charity Fair was a great success.
Approximately 100 people from our building
attended the event, which included 3 massage
therapists from the AMTA-NY CSMT. We worked on
about 36 attendees of the charity fair for about
10 15 minutes each. The CFC Charity fair
included speakers from charities such as Services
for the Underserved, EarthShare of New York and
the New York Restoration Project. The woman from
EarthShare and our representative actually
received a session. All volunteers received a
certificate of appreciation from the U.S. FDA-New
York District as well as a NYC Marathon Shirt and
a lunch break, which didnt last too long due to
the high demand for services!
Combined Federal Campaign Charity Fair
Jose Rosario, Jr. Nancy Fasano
David DeLucia, Jose Rosario, Jr. Nancy Fasano
(No Transcript)
Have a Heart for Haiti
  • Written by Linda Toomey
  • February 13, 2010, Binghamton, NY - The
    enthusiasm among the Broome Community College
    (BCC) students for the fellow Haitian students
    was contagious! As soon as one walked into the
    BCC Student Center, the Haitian theme was
    energizing.  The national flag, colors, music,
    and dance along with personally meeting the
    Haitian students made this a unique cultural
  • The Southern Tier Unit had the opportunity to
    participate in this event by offering on-site
    chair massage, with all proceeds going to the
    benefit.  With the LMTs working together as a
    team, there was an awareness that we can truly
    make a difference in the community. It was
    special to have the opportunity to reach out
    personally to these Haitian students to express
    our thoughts, love, and concern, as most of them
    have lost family and homes back in Haiti. They
    expressed gratitude and appreciation for our
    being there to help with the event.

Have a Heart for Haiti
Marilyn Kaschak, Vickie Bullock, Linda Toomey,
Mike Teeter Haitian Student Beneficiaries of
the Fundraiser
Marilyn Kaschak, Vickie Bullock, Linda Toomey
Mike Teeter
Kombit Nan Brooklyn SeaElle Therapy, Dwa Fanm
AMTA Welcome You
Receive Free Healing Therapy Through ?
Massage? ?Counseling? ?Sharing?
?Laughing? ?Eating? ?Praying? ?Loving? Its a
Family Affair. ALL are welcomed. Location Third
Root Community Health Center 380 Marlborough Rd,
BK, NY 11226 Directions Q or B train to
Cortelyou Road Contact Sherley Accimé, LMT
718.440.7267 Date Saturday Feb 20,
2010 Time 1230-6pm
Kombit Nan Brooklyn Healing a Community
  • Written by Sherley Accime
  • On Saturday February 20, 2010 an event inspired
    and created for the Haitian Community in response
    to the tragedy that struck Haiti in the prior
    month transformed into a Healing Day for the
    community of Healers as they geared up to
    mobilize in their respective fields for service.
  • The event was primarily to honor the Haitian
    Culture by celebrating the departed, commune with
    one another by way of Body Mind Spirit.
    Traditionally, a Kombit is a gathering that
    occurs when a community is in need.
  • Casa Atabex Ache provided a spiritual element
    that all Healers, from LMTs,independent social
    workers to volunteers found most Enlightening. As
    weshared in the celebration, the LMTs offered
    their expertise to the 17 members in attendance
    with hands on work.

Kombit Nan Brooklyn Healing a Community
Sherley Accime, Event Coordinator
Casa Atabex Ache
Jeffrey Jenkins At Work
Jessica Taylor son, Page
Heal Haiti
  • Written by Peter Arebalo
  • March 6-7, 2010 - How much of a challenge can
    giving be? I had asked myself. I had learned that
    giving can be more of a challenge than I could
    certainly imagine. And I had also learned that
    even a little giving can build in tremendous
  • The process of fundraising for this event lifted
    the veil of my self-centered days and helped me
    to be a bigger part of the world. The Heal Haiti
    Project had opened me up in a way that I had
    never expected. I have come to appreciate life on
    a deeper level.
  • Therefore, I am grateful for all of my little
    mishaps, my downs throughout the planning and
    launching of this event. They helped to create an
    experience that could not be calculated or
    replicated. And, they created some amazing ups.
  • All of the funds that were raised through The
    Heal Haiti Project were given to the Lambi Fund
    a group that has been working in Haiti since
    1994. 3,300 was raised in
    total.  1,000 of that was raised by Peter who
    did chair massage.

Heal Haiti
Peter Arebalo
Heal Haiti Raffles
(No Transcript)
  • March 15, 2010
  • Samantha Paige-Graeber, Chair, CSMT
  • American Massage Therapy Association500 Davis
    Street, Suite 900Evanston, IL 60201-4695
  • I would like to take this opportunity to express
    our deepest gratitude to yourself and the
    American Massage Therapy Association on behalf of
    FuntoSalud, FuntoSalud International and Casa
    Atabex Ache The House of Womyns Power.
  • Your generosity enabled us to provide massage
    therapy to over one hundred guests during our, I
    heal For the Love Ayiti. Healing the Healers day
    at the Brecht Forum on Friday, March 12, 2010.
    This event was an absolute success. Approximately
    thirty nurses, doctors, and relief aid workers
    from Haiti, as well as, people of Haitian descent
    to enjoyed a day of respite and healing in
  • We would also like to express our appreciation to
    you for sponsoring our event and for your support
    in the outreach efforts for I heal For the Love
    Ayiti. As you know this day was also a
    fundraising event to fund our 2010 Border Health
    Delegation to Haiti and the Dominican Republic
    from April 17 to April 30, 2010 where we will be
    providing free medical care, as well as,
    alternative healing and herbal medicine, and
    empowering reproductive health and prevention
    workshops. Because of your support we were able
    to raise 1,200.00 toward our fundraising goal of
    30, 000.00 which would make our mission possible
    with twenty delegates for fourteen days in Ayiti.
  • In addition, I heal For the Love Ayiti was such
    a great achievement that our guests requested
    that we create a repeat of our event. We are
    happy to announce that on Friday, March 26, 2010
    at the Brecht Forum, we will be having I heal
    For the Love Ayiti, II. Healing the Healers. We
    would love your continued support in making this
    event happen as well. We would love to offer
    massage to the Haitian community and their allies
    once again, from exceptional professional massage
  • Judy Gonzalez, a nurse who just returned from
    Haiti with Partners in Health wanted me to share
    her gratitude with you. Ms. Gonzalez received her
    first ever, massage from massage therapist
    Sherley Accime and loved it! She also received
    Reiki and acupuncture for the first time as well.
    This reflects my intention of creating this
    event, a place where the healers would be healed.
  • Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart for
    your dedication and generosity in supporting the
    relief efforts of my beloved Haiti. Your
    generosity has made the realization of our dream
  • Cordially,
  • Sally Hyppolite

I Heal For the Love of Ayiti
Johanna Yagerman
Josie Sandoval, Sherley Accime, Frances Montalvo,
Johanna Yagerman and David DeLucia
Frances Montalvo
I Heal For the Love of Ayiti
Show of Haiti Support
Opening CeremonyA Prayerful Moment
Traveling Mural will go to Haiti and return to
the Funtosalud clinic in New York
I Heal For the Love of Ayiti
VOIX ET TAMBOURS-Haitian Choir Group
Haitian Musician
I hope this presentation has given you a flavor
for what the CSMT is all about. Whether we are
raising funds or supporting beneficiaries of the
fundraising, we have fun doing it.  It is
rewarding to give to others and to network with
fellow AMTA members. If you have a heart for
Please Consider Joining!  Samantha
Paige-Graeber  or by
phone 845-355-8015