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Jonah Takes to the Sea (1:1-10)


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Jonah Takes to the Sea (1:1-10)

The Book of ExodusTransitions
Chapters 1-4 Gods Preparation of Israel
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Week Date Topic
1 10 Mar 10 Exodus Transitions An Introduction
2 17 Mar 10 Gods Preparation of Israel Exodus 1-4
3 24 Mar 10 Gods Sovereignty Exodus 5-11
4 31 Mar 10 Gods Redemption Exodus 121-1316
5 07 Apr10 Gods Completion Exodus 1317-1521
6 14 Apr 10 Gods Instructions to Israel Exodus 1522-1827
7 21 Apr 10 Mosaic Covenant Exodus 191-2411
8 28 Apr 10 Dwelling Among His People Exodus 2412-3118
9 05 May 10 Breaking/Renewing the Covenant Exodus 32-34
10 12 May 10 Senior Blessing Night No classes
11 19 May 10 Israels Worship Exodus 35-40
12 26 May 10 New Testament Implications
13 02 Jun 10 Exodus Transitions A Summary
Todays Objectives
  • Review key points of Exodus
  • Review the timeline of Exodus
  • Review a map of Moses birth and travels
  • Learn about the Pharaohs of Moses time
  • Learn about the Israelites bondage in Egypt
  • Learn the circumstances of Moses' birth and
    family life
  • Learn why Moses' flees to Midian and what happens
    while he is in Midian
  • Learn about Moses' commission from God and his
    reaction to it

Last week
  • Provided a review of last weeks lesson
  • Text

Key Points of Exodus
  • Gods grace towards His people
  • Delivery from the bonds of slavery
  • Deliverance to the freedom of a covenant
    relationship and fellowship with him
  • No other biblical book surfaces elsewhere in the
    OT as frequently as the Book of Exodus does in
    the NT only the Books of Psalms and Isaiah are
    cited more
  • Acts 7 is a key companion to Exodus and a quick

  • Moses lived from approximately 1525-1405 BC
  • Completed writing of Exodus after 1445 BC
  • Exodus covers approximately 431 years of history
  • Arrival of Jacob and his family in Egypt to the
    construction of the Tabernacle in Sinai in 1445
  • Israelites lived in Egypt for 430 years (Gen
  • Time of oppression was 400 years (Gen 1513)
  • Transition time in Egypt
  • Egyptians had expelled the Hyskos rulers of the
  • Egyptians formed a world power of which there was
    no match

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Rulers of Egypt in Exodus 1-4
  • Ahmose I (1570-1548 BC)
  • Founder of the New Kingdom after the expulsion of
    the Hyksos rulers, consolidated borders
  • Initiated temple building projects
  • Amenhotep (1548-1528)
  • Thutmose I (1528-1518 BC)
  • Meaning Born of Thoth
  • Thoth the Egyptian god of wisdom
  • Moses early childhood
  • Therefore Moses would be Egyptian Born of and
    Mu meaning water

Rulers of Egypt in Exodus 1-4
  • Thutmose II (1518-1504)
  • Moses from about age 8 until 21
  • Thutmose III (1504-1450)
  • Queen Hatshepsut (1498-1483, co-regency)
  • He created the largest empire Egypt had ever seen
  • Moses kills Egyptian identifies with his
    brethren (Heb. 1124-26) then leaves Egypt (1486
    BC, Ex 211-15)
  • Moses dwells in Midian 40 years (Acts 730)
  • Notes
  • Archaeologists give us great detail on the
    Pharaohs of Moses time
  • Mummies have been found for each of the Pharaohs

Ahmose I
Thutmose I and II
Thutmose III
Thutmose III Wrapped Mummy
Thutmose III Burial Chamber
Thutmose III Burial Chamber
Thutmose III Unwrapped Mummy
Chapter 1-4 Outline
  • Growth of Jacobs Family (11-7)
  • Israelites bondage in Egypt (18-22)
  • Moses' birth and education (21-10)
  • Moses' flees Midian (211-15)
  • Moses' life in Midian (216-25)
  • Moses' commission from God (31418)
  • Moses' return to Egypt (419-31)

Growth of Jacobs Family (11-7)
  • Introduction to the Israelites that traveled to
    Egypt with Jacob (Israel)
  • 70 traveled with him
  • Joseph was already in Egypt, why?
  • He had been sold to Midian traders
  • Joseph and his generation had died
  • Israelites continued to multiply, filling the
    land of Egypt
  • 360 years pass between Genesis and Exodus

Israelites Bondage in Egypt (18-22)
  • New king did not know the story of Joseph
  • Probably a series of Pharaohs, but Ahmose was a
    key figure and he re-established native Egyptian
  • Also, Thutmose I
  • Fearing the growth of the Israelite people,
    wanted to make sure that a foreign population did
    not cause future trouble three part plan (v.
  • Greater oppression upon the enslaved Israelites
    (v. 12)
  • Midwives to kill all the male Hebrew babies (v.
  • Throw all male Hebrew babies into the Nile river
    (v. 22)
  • Remember the importance of the Nile river
    worshipped it

Moses' Birth and Education (21-10)
  • Amram and Jochebed of the Levi tribe give birth
    to Moses (v. 2 and 620)
  • During the time of the Pharaohs command to throw
    all new-born male Hebrew babies into the Nile
  • They hide Moses, Josephus states God spoke to
  • Later placed him in a basket an put him in the
  • Ultimately, Pharaoh Thutmose I daughter finds the
    baby, possibly Hatshepsut, who would later be
  • Identifies him as one of the Hebrew babies
  • Ironically returns the baby to Jochebed (v. 8)
    who raised him for some period of time (likely
    through infancy)
  • Child is returned to Pharaohs daughter, named

Moses' Flees To Midian (211-15)
  • Moses is approaching age 40 (Acts 723)
  • Takes a stand for the Hebrew nation
  • Egyptian is beating a Hebrew, Moses kills the
  • Pharaoh Thutmose III (likely) finds out and tries
    to have Moses kille
  • Moses flees to Midian
  • Notes on the Midians
  • Joseph is sold by his brothers to Midianites
  • Midian was where Moses spent the forty years in
  • Moses daughter of Jethro, the priest of Midian
  • God instructs Moses to destroy Midian

Moses' Life in Midian (216-25)
  • Moses travels to Midian
  • Meets the seven daughters of the priest at a well
  • Rescues them from a group of shepherds
  • The girls tell their father, Reuel (Jethro), the
  • Reuel asks Moses to stay after hearing the story
  • Moses agrees, remains 40 years (Acts 730)
  • His daughter Zipporah marries Moses
  • Gives birth to a son named Gershom (alien in the
  • Pharaoh Thutmose III (likely) dies
  • Israelites are undergoing extreme oppression and
    cry out to God for help, God hears them

Moses' Commission from God (31418)
  • Angel of the Lord appears to Moses within a bush
  • The bush is on fire, Moses goes to see the
    strange sight
  • God calls out to Moses (v. 34)
  • God wants to rescue the Israelites (38)
  • To a good and spacious land, flowing with milk
    and honey
  • Bring them to the land of the Caanites, Hittites
  • God directs Moses to rescue them and carry them
    to the new land
  • Moses doubts his ability to accomplish the
    mission (v. 311)

Moses' Commission from God (31418)
  • God reminds Moses that He will be with him
  • God states that when the Israelites ask who He
    is, tell them I am who I am what does this
  • God will reveal Himself through His actions
  • God gives further instructions to Moses
  • Specially what to say (v. 16-17)
  • Whom to say it to, Elders (v. 16)
  • Results, they will listen (v. 18)
  • Take the Elders to the king of Egypt and tell the
    Pharaoh (Amenhotep II) to let the Israelites go
    (v. 18)
  • But the Pharaoh will not let them go (v. 19)

Moses' Commission from God (31418)
  • Pharaoh Amenotep II will likely not let them go
  • However, God will compel him through actions
  • Moses still doubts, God gives him signs of His
  • A staff forms into a snake (v. 3)
  • Moses hand becomes leprous (v. 6)
  • Nile water will turn into blood on the ground (v.
  • Then Moses expresses his ability to speak (v. 10)
  • God becomes angry with Moses (v. 14)
  • Gives him Aaron to speak for him (v. 16)

Moses' return to Egypt (419-31)
  • God tells Moses that all the men in Egypt who
    wanted to kill Moses are dead
  • Moses travels back to Egypt
  • God instructs him to perform all the miracles in
    front of Pharaoh Amenhotep II
  • God will harden Pharaoh Amenhotep IIs heart to
    the point that God will kill his first-born son
    since he refused to let Gods first-born son go
    (Israel) (v. 23)
  • Evidently God was going to kill Moses for
    failure to circumcise his son, but Zipporah did
    it for him
  • Moses and Aaron meet with Elders and share what
    God had told him (v. 29-31)

  • Reviewed key points of Exodus
  • Reviewed the timeline of Exodus
  • Reviewed a map of Moses birth and travels
  • Learned about the Pharaohs of Moses time
  • Learned about the Israelites bondage in Egypt
  • Learned the circumstances of Moses' birth and
    family life
  • Learned that Moses flees to Midian after Pharaoh
    learned he had killed an Egyptian
  • Moses marries while in Midian and receives his
    commission to free the Israelites from bondage
  • Next week Gods Sovereignty Exodus 5-11
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