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Animal Farm Novel Notes


Animal Farm Novel Notes George Orwell s Anti-Utopian Novel Allegory A story with an underlying meaning Satire Pokes fun at a serious issue – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Animal Farm Novel Notes

Animal Farm Novel Notes
  • George Orwells
  • Anti-Utopian Novel
  • Allegory A story with an underlying meaning
  • Satire Pokes fun at a serious issue
  • Fable Animal story with a moral

Chapter 1
  • Old Majors Prophecy - Rebel against Mans ways
    as well as Man himself
  • Live in a house
  • Sleep in a bed
  • Wear clothes
  • Drink
  • Smoke
  • Use money
  • Engage in trade
  • No tyranny over other animals

  • IRONY of Old Major as the visionary
  • He has led a pampered life as a prize winning
    show pig. He has had the opportunity to oversee
    the situation faced by the others.

Chapter 2
  • Napoleon Vs. Snowball Their descriptions
    foreshadow a power struggle
  • Snowball
  • Good speaker
  • Inventive
  • Not as strong as Napoleon
  • Napoleon
  • Fierce-looking
  • Rarely speaks
  • used to getting his own way

  • Important Characters
  • Squealer has the ability to persuade others
  • Boxer/Clover examples of the hard-working
  • Benjamin intelligent sees what is happening

  • Sugar Candy Mountain
  • This represents that idea of Heaven
  • No matter how you suffer on Earth,
  • you are rewarded in the
  • Communist Belief
  • No rewards in an
  • afterlife.
  • Have to make the most
  • of the here and now.
  • Allowed religion so people would have
  • something to believe in.

  • Pigs Ability to Read and Write Intelligence far
    above the other animals
  • except Benjamin.
  • Because of this, they assume the role of
  • organizers. Very quickly, they take
  • advantage of the situation. They take
  • advantage of the others ignorance.
  • They do attempt to teach the other animals

The Seven Commandments
  1. Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy
  2. Whatever goes upon 4 legs or has wings is a
  3. No animal shall wear clothes
  4. No animal shall sleep in a bed
  5. No animal shall drink alcohol
  6. No animal shall kill another animal
  7. All animals are equal

Chapter 3
  • Boxer selfless concern for others
  • Benjamin refusal to get involved
  • Sheep ignorance very dumb and easily led
  • Use of Propaganda
  • Squealer is instrumental - good speaker
  • 1st use - Disappearance of the milk and apples

Sheeps Maxim four legs good, two legs bad
  • Something written or spoken with the intention of
    making people believe what you want them to
  • Propaganda shares techniques with advertising and
    public relations

  • An appeal to ones emotions is the more obvious
    propaganda method, but there are many other
  • Flag Waving
  • Glittering Generalities
  • Intentional vagueness
  • Bandwagon
  • Rationalization
  • Red Herring
  • Slogans/Songs
  • Stereotyping
  • Testimonial
  • Attacking the Straw Man

Propaganda Answers
Flag Waving Connecting person or product with
patriotism. Example Red, white and blue
packaging.   Glittering Generalities Words that
make something glitter or sparkle while using
words that are generic. Often vague but
positive. Examples Do something in defense of
democracy Democracy has a
positive connotation. Or using X product is the
American way.   Bandwagon An appeal to the
subject to follow the crowd. Example Over 99
billion served. Repetition Attempt to persuade
by repeating a message over and over
again. Example Phone number or jingle in
Propaganda Answers
Red Herring An irrelevant topic is presented in
order to get attention away from the original
issue. Example O.J. Simpson couldnt have
murdered his wife. Hes in the Pro-Football
Hall of Fame.  Testimonial Quotations or
endorsements which connect a famous person to the
product. Example Katy Perry uses
ProActiv. Sweeping Generalization
(Stereotyping) Makes an over-simplified
statement about a group based on limited
information. Example Circular Argument
States a conclusion as part of the proof of the
argument Example  
Propaganda Answers
Name-Calling The opposite of glittering
generalities. Ties a person or cause to a
negative image. Example In a campaign speech,
the Congressman referred to his
environmentally conscious opponent as a
tree-hugger.   Plain Folks the candidate or
cause is identified with common people from
everyday walks of life. Makes the candidate seem
grassroots and all-American. Example after a
speech to wealthy campaign donors, the
candidate stops by McDonalds for a burger
and a photo-op    Appeal to Numbers, Facts,
Stats attempts to persuade by showing the number
of people who think something is true. Example
9 out of 10 dentists use Crest toothpaste
Does Propaganda Work?
  • Children had to decide between a plain cupcake
    with frosting or a cupcake with frosting and
  • All the kids chose the Spider-Man
  • when the kids were asked why they chose that one
    they said they think it tastes better.
  • Between a banana with Spongebob stickers and a
    cupcake a good majority chose the banana.
  • Banana with no stickers and a rock with Spongebob
  • Over ½ of the children chose the rock with the
    stickers to eat for breakfast.

Chapter 4
  • Battle of Cowshed
  • It was planned (unlike the rebellion)
  • Enforced the animals hold on Animal Farm
  • Snowball gains power labeled a hero
  • Hero 1st Class Snowball and Boxer
  • Where was Napoleon?

Chapters 5 and 6
  • Mollies Departure
  • Used to luxury and not willing to give it up
  • Material pleasures were more important than
  • Represents the Aristocracy
  • She was the only animal with something to lose in
    the revolution

Napoleon Vs. Snowball
  • Defense
  • Napoleon - use of weapons
  • Snowball - organize animals from other farms
  • Windmill
  • Napoleon - against the idea
  • Snowball - create electricity to make life easier

What Napoleon says will take too much time from
making food What Napoleon means good idea -
feather in Snowballs cap
  • Snowballs Slogan - The 3 Day Week
  • Napoleons Slogan - The Full Manger
  • Animals too ignorant to make up their minds

Removal of Snowball
  • Snowball forces a vote on the windmill when the
    animals are leaning towards him.
  • Napoleon realizes that if the vote is taken, he
    will lose
  • Dogs chase Snowball off. His removal is the 1st
    act of violence
  • Foreshadows more to come
  • Napoleon tells the animals that Snowball was a
    traitor and thats why he was run off
  • From this point on, Snowball will be a Scapegoat
    for everything that goes wrong
  • Boxers new Maxim Napoleon is always right

Life Under Napoleon Ch 6
  1. No more Sunday debates or voting - pigs will make
    all decisions
  2. Fear factor is increased
  3. Windmill is to be built - Napoleon said it was
    his idea
  4. Work on Sundays
  5. Engage in trade - Mr. Whymper is the go-between
  6. Pigs move into the house - need a place to work
  7. Pigs get up 1/2 hour later than others
  8. Pigs sleep in beds
  9. Windmill is destroyed - blamed on Snowball death
    sentence placed on him

  • First Commandment Change - No animal shall sleep
    in beds with sheets
  • Clover questions this

Chapter 7
  • Changes in Napoleon
  • Few public appearances
  • Spoke through Squealer
  • Always guarded - Paranoia!
  • Chicken Rebellion
  • Facing starvation - pigs decide to sell eggs for
  • Chickens refuse Squealers appeal - propaganda
  • Chickens destroy their own eggs - WHY?
  • Chickens rations stopped. Give in after 5 days
    - 9 dead

  • Snowball as the Scapegoat
  • Squealer announces that Snowball led the attack
    on them at the Battle of Cowshed.
  • He was in league with Jones from the beginning
  • Written document found in the house, but only
    pigs can read it
  • Rewriting history - Napoleon saved the day at
  • Boxer questions Squealer
  • Finally agrees because Napoleon is always right
  • Squealer now distrusts Boxer

  • Scene of Bloodshed
  • Four pigs - Napoleon distrusts them because they
    sided with Snowball.
  • Probably admitted their actions because a DEAL
    was made
  • Didnt realize they would be killed
  • Why would they admit to being traitors?
  • Mass hysteria, brainwashing
  • Boxer doesnt understand vows to work harder
  • Clover begins to realize something is wrong
  • Life isnt what she expected - continues to work

Abolishes Beasts of England
  • Napoleon says they no
  • longer need a song of rebellion
  • Napoleon fears a rebellion against himself!

Chapter 8Napoleon as a Leader
  • Celebrate his birthday
  • Formally addressed
  • Given credit for all good things
  • More paranoid - more guards, food tasting
  • Second commandment change - No animal shall kill
    another animal without cause

Battle of the Windmill
  • Sell timber to Fredrick to buy food
  • Napoleon accuses Fredrick of giving counterfeit
  • Frederick and friends attack Animal Farm
  • Windmill is blown up - Animals win
  • 1 cow, 3 sheep, 2 geese die
  • Boxer is wounded

Aftermath of the Battle
  • Squealer tells them that theyll build again
  • Boxer is worried he will not be strong enough to
    do it all again
  • Squealer announces Napoleon is dying - What was
    really wrong?
  • Third Commandment Change - No animal shall drink
    alcohol to excess

  • Pigs drink whiskey
  • Retirement pasture turned into a barley field
  • Pigs buy equipment for a still
  • Squealer falls while changing the commandment
  • No one catches it but Benjamin
  • He says nothing!

Chapter 9
  • Boxer
  • Ailing health - refuses to quit working
  • Near retirement age - 12 years old
  • Privileges of the Pigs
  • Schoolhouse built for the piglets
  • Piglets not to play with other animals
  • Other animals have to give pigs the right of way
  • Pigs wear green ribbons on their tails
  • Crops sold to buy luxuries for the pigs

  • Form a Republic
  • Animal Farm acts as a country of its own
  • Napoleon as president - his wishes become law
  • More info on Snowball - he actively fought with
    Jones wounds were made by Napoleon
  • Return of Moses
  • Moses returns and preaches about Sugar Candy
  • Although Napoleon warns others not to listen,
    Moses is allowed to stay and given food and beer
  • Why? SCM keeps the animals minds off their
    troubles - prevents a rebellion

Death of Boxer
  • Collapses while working - plans to retire
  • Napoleon makes arrangements at a hospital
  • Benjamin makes everyone aware that they are
    taking Boxer to the knackers
  • Boxer is too weak to escape
  • Squealer announces that Boxer died at hospital
  • Vet bought knackers van
  • Pigs bought a case of whiskey and held a party -
    money from sale of Boxer

Three Reasons for Boxers Death
  1. Pigs make money - buy whiskey
  2. Pigs save money - dont have to feed him anymore
  3. Pigs didnt trust him

Why doesnt Benjamin do anything? - He is too
afraid. The pigs are too powerful. He realizes
he will be killed if he causes trouble. IT IS
Chapter 10
  • Windmill - Complete
  • Used as a grain mill not for electricity for the
  • Pigs use money for themselves
  • Final Changes in the Pigs
  • Walk on hind legs
  • 4 legs good, 2 legs better
  • Carry whips
  • Use phones
  • Magazines
  • Smokes
  • Wore clothes

  • Final Commandment Change
  • All Animals are equal.
  • but some are more equal
  • than others
  • The majority of animals new to Animal Farm (born
    or bought after the revolution)
  • Happy to live free from man
  • Too stupid to really understand the commandments
    true meaning