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Fall Of The Roman Empire


Fall Of The Roman Empire Mr. Ermer World History Miami Beach Senior High Roman Decline The last of the Five Good Emperors Marcus Aurelius dies in A.D. 180 Civil ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fall Of The Roman Empire

Fall Of The Roman Empire
  • Mr. Ermer
  • World History
  • Miami Beach Senior High

Roman Decline
  • The last of the Five Good EmperorsMarcus
    Aurelius dies in A.D. 180
  • Civil wars follow for next 13 years
  • Emperor Septimius Severus told his sons pay the
    soldiers, ignore everyone else
  • Severan emperors known for militaristic rule, and
  • 235-284 Throne held by whoever can take it by
  • 22 emperors of this period, most die violently
  • Constant invasion also caused problems

Economic Military Problems
  • 3rd Century Invasions, civil wars and plague
    almost ruins Roman economy
  • Plague causes less people to trade soldiers
  • Farm production down, armies ravage them
  • Money loses value
  • No money to recruit and pay soldiers
  • Germans fill in the gap, but have little loyalty
    to generals, or the empire

Diocletian Constantine
  • Introduce Late Roman Empire with new
    governmental, economic and social
    structuresalong with new religion
  • Diocletian believes empire too big to rule,
    divides empire into four parts, each ruled by own
    ruleremperor still highest auth.
  • Bureaucracy expanded, army reorganized
  • Wage and price controls to help inflation

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New EmpireNew Capital
  • Constantine builds new capital city in east
  • Picks site of old Greek city Byzantium
  • Renames city Constantinople (Istanbul)
  • Had excellent strategic position
  • Became his New Rome and capital of Eastern
    Roman Empire, as the empire continues to split
    between East and West

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An Empire Divided Cannot Stand
  • Empire splits between East and West
  • Western capitalRome
  • Eastern capitalConstantinople
  • Western empire under attack by Germans
  • 350-400 Huns, tribe from Asia, and pressures
    Germanic Visigoths, moving them into Roman
    territory, become allies of Rome against
    Hunsrevolt soon after
  • 410 Visigoths sack Rome
  • 455 Vandals sack Rome

The Fall of Rome
  • A.D. 476 Emperor Romulus Augustulus is the last
    emperor of Rome, deposed by German general
  • Germanic kingdoms replace empire
  • Eastern, Byzantine Empire survives
  • The Byzantine Empire lasts another 1,000 yrs
  • Many reasons are given for the fall of Rome, none
    fully explain it.

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Reasons Given For Fall of Empire
  • Christianitys embrace of spiritual life
  • Non-Italians eroding Roman values
  • Lead poisoning causes mental decline
  • Plague kills 1/10 of population
  • Failure to advance technology b/c of slavery
  • Inadequate political system for large empire

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Chapter 2, Lesson 2 Review
  • On page 30, write and answer questions 1-5
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