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The Grant Development Process at YSU: GRANTS 102:


The Grant Development Process at YSU: GRANTS 102: Experienced Associate Provost for Research, Dr. Peter J. Kasvinsky (The only Authorized Institutional Official) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Grant Development Process at YSU: GRANTS 102:

The Grant Development Process at YSU GRANTS
102 Experienced
  • Associate Provost for Research, Dr. Peter J.
  • (The only Authorized Institutional Official)
  • Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)
  • Dr. Edward Orona Cheryl Coy
  • The Initial Phase Planning and Clearance
  • Grant awards are to the University
  • Grant submission is a formal process requires
  • YSU Proposal Authorization Approval Form
    Blue Sheet

Red Guidebook http///
March 19-22, 2010
YSU submissions and awards
In FY 2008 and 2009, averaged 158 submissions
requesting about 30 M annually. In previous 5
years, averaged gt 6 M per year in awarded
grants and contracts.
  • FY09 Activity Report
  • July 1, 2008 - June 30, 2009
  • Awarded Proposals (Number)
  • FY2008 FY2009 
  • Annual Total 6,802,138 (100) 11,685,688
  • Submitted Proposals (Number)
  • FY2008 FY2009
  • Annual Total 31,407,122 (171) 30,048,885
  • Internal Grants to Faculty (awarded Spring 2009)

OGSP Services (Pre-Award)
  • Project consultation, strategy development
  • Research program announcements and requests for
    proposals (RFPs)
  • Prospect identification (e-Grants Advisor,
    updated monthly)
  • Grant development editing and budget assistance
  • Proposal preparation and submission
  • Agency and foundation liaison for contacts and
  • Compliance, stewardship and progress reports
  • Committees Human Subjects research (IRB), 100
  • Animal Subjects (IACUC)

Reminder Difference between Grants vs.
Gifts Definitions see pages 4-5 of RED
Guidebook Grants under OGSP within Academic
Affairs Division Gifts office of University
Faculty Incentives Why Participate?
  • Grant funds for creative scholarly activities
    and research
  • Independence from constraints (politics) of dept.
  • Re-assigned time (buy-out from Sponsor) during
    academic year
  • Supplemental pay in summer (up to 2-3 months)
  • Early Planning is important
  • Get your Department Chairs and College Deans
  • Prepare a better grant proposal
  • Early preparation (esp. budget) improves
    project planning and grant development !

Note Grant Writing vs. Grant Development
  • Grant-writing Tutorial Go to
  • https//

Electronic (on-line) submission Portals
  • YSU is a registered institution User ID and
  • GRANTS.GOV submissions to federal agencies
  • National Science Foundation (Fast Lane)
  • National Institutes of Health (eRA Commons)
  • U. S. Department of Education
  • Ohio Dept. Education (ODE) CCIP system
  • Space Telescope STGMS system
  • U. S. Department of Justice (GMS)

Proposal Development and Submission
  • Use the Grants Advisor search engine to view
  • Federal/state govt. and foundation sources
  • http//
  • Use professional organizations (discipline-specifi
  • FULL PROPOSAL Read the entire RFP and
  • 10-20 pp Project Description or Narrative
  • 2-5 pp Budget Justification and Forms
  • Appendix materials (endorsement and supporting
  • (YSU information Trustees Financial
    statements Assurances
  • IDs, 501c3, EIN, SF424, Cover page, etc.)

(YSU in-house spreadsheet. All agencies have
different formats.)
Name Dr. Frank N. Stein Budget Example Budget Example Budget Example Budget Example
Proposal S 1234-09 (sample ) Budget Example Budget Example Budget Example Budget Example
Agency Federal Funding Agency
Project Period 07/01/2009 - 06/30/2010 Period 07/01/2009 - 06/30/2010
Year 1 FY2010
AGENCY AGENCY YSU Match (cost-share) YSU Match (cost-share)
Banner Code (Acct) Item Base Direct Costs Indirect Costs Amount Source/Notes
Banner Code (Acct)
Salaries 63,000 (Base salary for 9 months)
601300 Assistant Professor 7,875 4,056 Re-assigned 3 cr hours
Fringe (33) 2,599
602300 Fac. Salary (1050 /cr hr) 3,150 1,622 replacement cost 3 hours
Fringe (33) 1,040
604310 Fac. supplemental pay (summer) 7,000 3,605 Pro-rated for 1 month
Fringe (33) 2,310
605100 Graduate Assistant (acad. yr) 10,000 5,150
Fringe (77) 7,700 77 w/ tuition remission
605430 Research assistant 3,000 1,545
Fringe (5) 150
4,000 Identify source
701105 Supplies 2,500
701305 Travel 3,000
701735 Equipment Equipment 10,000 (Equip Federal definition
701330 Business-related expenses Business-related expenses 300 is 5000, single item)
701428 Telephone 500
701436 Postage 1,000
701805 Fees and Services 3,000
Total 65,123 15,978 4,000

Year One Total Award 81,101 Indirect Costs (or, Facilities Administrative, F A costs) Indirect Costs (or, Facilities Administrative, F A costs) Indirect Costs (or, Facilities Administrative, F A costs)
Year One cost-share 4,000 51.5 of salaries wages 51.5 of salaries wages
Total Project Cost 85,101

NOTES 1.Re-assigned Time CALCULATION 1.Re-assigned Time CALCULATION 1.Re-assigned Time CALCULATION
3 credit hours divide 24 hrs by 8 3 credit hours divide 24 hrs by 8
2.Summer up to 3 months, pro-rated 2.Summer up to 3 months, pro-rated 2.Summer up to 3 months, pro-rated
CALC divide base salary / 9 months CALC divide base salary / 9 months CALC divide base salary / 9 months

Budget Direct v. Indirect Costs
  • Requested Funds Direct Indirect Costs
  • Direct costs salaries, fringe benefits,
    supplies, travel, equip. etc.
  • Indirect costs (aka. Facilities and
    Administrative, F A costs)
  • (funds - not seen or used by PI)
  • Indirect Costs are real and allowable costs
    (cost of business)
  • YSU rate formally negotiated with Dept. Health
    Human Services
  • Current Indirect rate 51.5 of salaries and
    wages (on campus)
  • If sponsor RFP has reduced or 0 for Indirect
    costs, YSU accepts policy.
  • Otherwise, YSU seeks full rate request for
    Indirect costs.
  • PIs should not negotiate these independently
    with potential Sponsors.
  • Reduced or no funds (for indirect costs)
    equates to lost revenue.
  • A waiver requires pre-approval of Authorized
    Official (PJK)!

Budget Matching Funds
Hot issues !
  • Cost-Sharing or Match for some grants, often
    required (non-voluntary)
  • Pre-approval required by Dept Chairs and College
    Deans (if their account )
  • Must identify source of match on Blue Sheet.
  • Re-assigned time as cost-sharing an important
  • - needs Chair/Dean approval, since situation
    involves for replacement faculty.
  • Indirect costs. If 0 or reduced amount in the
    requested budget (waiver- by PJK)
  • The unrecovered Indirects can be used
    as match. (if Sponsor approves)
  • Match only the required amount, as described in
    the RFP.
  • Over-matching - not allowed
  • YSU Board Policy against over-matching
    safeguard University budget.
  • Sponsoring Agency- does not necessarily want or
  • Audit/Compliance issue difficult to trace and
  • These sources cannot be used elsewhere.
  • Matching from Third party (non-YSU) . Document
    amounts in writing.

Scenarios after proposal submission
GOOD Doggie
Thank you. Your proposal has been assigned an ID
number by the Grants Office (S --). We
appreciate your effort.
  • BAD Doggie

A grant proposal was recently submitted WITHOUT
adequate review and pre-approval by the
appropriate institutional officials. Please
forward us the grant-related correspondence with
the external agency. Be aware that the
following may occur (a) Since it was submitted
without proper review, YSU reserves the right to
withdraw the grant submission if there are
potential problems. (b) If proposal is funded,
YSU may accept the award. However, the budget
revisions may be needed (ex. to resolve
inappropriate or inaccurate fringe rates,
indirect costs, cost-sharing issues, etc). (c)
YSU reserves the right to not accept the grant
PI gets the Directs
Use of Indirect 25 to Univ. administration
50 Research Incentive Fund 25 to
Dept/College (for RAs, URC
grants, match)
YSU admin gets the Indirects
Grant Award account Set-up
  • Grant Submission FILE
  • Proposal and Blue Sheet log-in S
  • Award Notice (or contract) Terms Conditions
  • Budget Excel spreadsheet
  • ?
  • POST-AWARD (Grants Accounting)
  • Grants Accounting ? unique Banner account
  • Budget Object Codes ex. 211200-140999
  • Personnel and Non-personnel codes go to

if Funded
Office of Grants and Sponsored Programs (OGSP)
(Tod Hall 357) ext. 2377 PRE-award
Submission of grant proposals Acceptance of
award Grant/contract agreements
(sub-awards) Initial or single point of
contact (SPOC) Budgets and budget
revision No-cost extensions Other changes in
scope of project ---------------------------------
---------- Grants Accounting Office (Jones
Hall 3009) Beth Kushner, Dave
Edwards POST-award Post-award financial
matters and questions (FPOC) Establish a unique
Banner FOAPAL ID number Documentation of grant
expenditures Deposit checks electronic fund
transfers (EFT) Billing and invoicing Financial
reports (interim final), and closeout
PI Roles and Responsibilities
  • 1. Project management according to the approved
    scope of work, sponsor conditions and budget (PI
    should review entire RFP and guidelines)
  • 2. Preparation and submission of progress reports
    and other deliverables
  • Reminder send copies to OGSP
  • 3. Supervision of expenditures in conformity with
    the budget and obtaining clearances from the
    University and Sponsor when proposing revisions
  • 4. Completion of personnel Time and Effort
    (activity) reports as required
  • 5. Review and validation of financial reports
    generated by Grants Accounting for submission to
  • 6. Maintenance of records to establish
    documentation of expenditures and to facilitate
    final project closeout
  • 7. Performance of project duties in conformity
    with generally accepted standards and ethical

Sponsor gt Notice of Grant Award (NOGA)
Terms and Conditions
  • Terms and Conditions include specificity about
  • Acceptance of award
  • Reports (Performance/Technical and Financial)
  • Restrictions on publicity (PR disclaimers)
  • Publications and dissemination
  • Intellectual Property rights (and protections)
  • Grant close-out or NCE (no-cost extensions)
  • Other project-related issues.

Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) (cont.)
  • Two Types of Awards (fixed price or
  • A. Fixed-price (lump sum) Total project
    awarded upfront.
  • at closeout
  • if Exceed project costs, Dept/College pays
    the difference, OR
  • if Balance of remain, keep the at YSU
    (Board Policy on their use)
  • B. Cost-reimbursement YSU gets based on
    receipts (invoices) .
  • at closeout
  • All funds may not be expended (up to Project
    Total ), or
  • other scenarios may occur.
  • . It all depends (on the Sponsor
    Terms Conditions)
  • Follow-up actions may include
  • 1. Re-budgeting object codes or amounts
    - revised with Sponsor approval.
  • 2. No-cost extension request to complete
    project, not simply to use

  • True Consulting refers to activities outside of
    the University setting (without the use of
    Univ. resources, space, equipment, etc. ) - see
  • State Law ORC (Ohio Revised Code) Chapter 3356
    covers Consulting and its relationship to
    YSU employees (at a public university in Ohio).
  • MEMO (Continuing Reminder) to faculty (2007-
    2009) see OGSP website
  • http//
  • On Grant Projects (re narrative in Budget
  • Only non-YSU personnel are paid as consultants
    (term is okay)
  • If you are on a grant project (elsewhere), use
    the term contracted services instead, if you
    are contributing to and being paid as YSU

Supplemental Pay Info, Policy and Form
  • YSU Personnel Compensation Guidelines
  • Policy (effective 1/1/09) YSU Board of Trustees
  • Use of grant funds for supplemental
    compensation (academic year or summer )
  • Academic year cover reassigned time (
    credit- hrs)
  • if extra , based on overload rate of 1250 per
    credit hour. Summer up to 2-3 months,
    dependent upon Sponsor
  • new FORM (Supplemental pay) - available at
  • http//

Food for thought
  • 1. Respect your Colleagues and their Time
  • Your priorities are not my priorities. We are
    all busy.
  • Show courtesy and patience other colleagues are
    ahead of you.
  • Allow sufficient time for review (YSU/OGSP) and
    obtaining signatures.
  • 2. Submission deadlines Read instructions and
    follow directions.
  • Give me 3 full business days minimum notice.
  • earlier at OGSP
    than the Sponsor RFP deadline.
  • 1 day earlier for electronic 2 days earlier
    for hard copy (memo)
  • 3. Do NOT start a project activity prior to
    when grant/contract agreements and negotiations
    are fully signed and completed. (re Start
  • 4. Do NOT transfer funds or pay expenditures
    from a different grant account, prior to a new
    Banner FOAPAL set-up. (co-mingling audit
  • Serious offenses. If suspect Fraud
    contact Inspector General.

OGSP Website and News
  • BOOKMARK this Link ! Go to
  • External Funding Opportunities use the SEARCH
  • Profiling is not always a bad thing!
  • (develop individual profile receive auto.
    emails based on interests)
  • 1. Grants Advisor Plus
  • http//
  • 2. InfoED site SPIN and GENIUS/SMARTS
  • http//
  • Other The IRB must review and approve all
    research protocols involving human subjects.
    w . NIH training requirement
  • Note NIH Training /Certification
    requirement Coming in Fall 2010!
  • COFFELT HALL April 2010. We are moving !