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The Romans


The Romans Alena Proke ov – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Romans

The Romans
  • Alena Prokešová

Britain before The Romans
  • the Celts
  • many tribes, uncoordinated, no governmental
  • parts of Britain ruled by kings
  • frequent incursions into other territories

Roman Invasion
  • 55 BC Julius Caesar first invaded Britain the
    Celts cooperated with the Gauls
  • landed on the coast of Kent, demonstrated his
    strength and returned to Gaul (France)
  • 54 BC came back with more soldiers
  • neglected Gaul, had to leave Britain
  • the Romans traded with British tribes, Britain is
    a very wealthy place

Roman Invasion
  • 43 AD Emperor Claudius invaded Britain
  • this time the Romans came to stay
  • Claudius entered Colchester in triumph
  • Iceni tribe had friendly relations with the
    Romans their chieftains left in power
  • Roman attack to Iceni kingdom after the death of
    the king

Roman Invasion
  • queen Boudicca launched an uprising
  • almost managed to dislodge the Romans
  • was defeated and killed
  • 77 AD Agricola became an imperial governor
  • he succeeded in conquering the Welsh tribes
  • Roman conquest of Britain was complete except for
    Caledonia (Scotland)
  • he dreamt about conquering Ireland, but it
    remained free of the Romans

Roman Invasion
  • 122 AD Roman Emperor Hadrian built Hadrians
    Wall between Roman Britain and Scotland
  • 6 years to build it, 117 km long, forts
  • it was built as a defence from the Scottish
  • 142 AD the Romans started to build Antonines
    Wall (Hadrians successor Antoninus Pius) further
    in the north, but later abandoned

Roman Invasion
  • Britannia England Wales
  • the Celts adapted to Roman customs
  • they lived in villas, spoke Latin
  • the tribal centres developed into Roman towns

Decline in Roman Britain
  • around 300 AD the attack of the barbarian
    hordes to the Roman Empire in central Europe
  • some troops withdrawn to help
  • attacks in the Nothern Britain from Scots and
  • Gaul in the hands of barbarian rulers in the 5th
    century no return of Romans to Britain

Roman Influence
  • Roads straight, important for Roman army
  • Buildings
  • timber and daub little evidence nowadays
  • stone, brick and tile
  • Wealthy citizens
  • in the city domus
  • in the countryside villas
  • Lower class flats called insulae

Roman Influence
  • Towns
  • the Forum a market place, businesses and
    government offices, temples
  • public baths, still in the city of Bath in
  • running water and sewers, aqueducts
  • mosaics, pipes with water, central heating under
    the floors in houses of rich people
  • the biggest London, Colchester, St. Albans
  • latin word for camp castra, chester in old
    English once a Roman town (Doncaster,
    Dorchester, Cirencester)

Roman Influence
  • Language many words are based on Latin words,
    our alphabet is based on Latin alphabet
  • The Calendar started by Julius Caesar, names of
    our months taken from the names of Roman gods and
  • Law and legal system
  • The Census a count of all people
  • Religion worshipping of gods temples

The Sources
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Thank you for your attention.