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ITRS/ERD ITWG Working Group FxF Meeting Maturity Evaluation for Selected Beyond CMOS Emerging Technologies


ITRS/ERD ITWG Working Group FxF Meeting Maturity Evaluation for Selected Beyond CMOS Emerging Technologies Jim Hutchby - Facilitating San Francisco Marriott Hotel – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ITRS/ERD ITWG Working Group FxF Meeting Maturity Evaluation for Selected Beyond CMOS Emerging Technologies

ITRS/ERD ITWG Working Group FxF Meeting
Maturity Evaluation for Selected Beyond CMOS
Emerging Technologies
  • Jim Hutchby - Facilitating
  • San Francisco Marriott Hotel
  • 55 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA
  • Nob Hill D Room
  • Yerba Buena Level
  • Sunday, July 13
  • 900 a.m. 545 p.m

Emerging Research Devices Working Group
  • Atsuhiro Kinoshita Toshiba
  • Franz Kreupl Qimonda
  • Nety Krishna AMAT
  • Zoran Krivokapic AMD
  • Phil Kuekes HP
  • Lou Lome IDA
  • Hiroshi Mizuta U. Southampton
  • Murali Muraldihar Freescale
  • Fumiyuki Nihei NEC
  • Dmitri Nikonov Intel
  • Wei-Xin Ni NDL
  • Ferdinand Peper NICT
  • Yaw Obeng NIST
  • Dave Roberts Air Products
  • Kaushal Singh AMAT
  • Sadas Shankar Intel
  • Thomas Skotnicki ST Me
  • Satoshi Sugahara Tokyo Tech
  • Shin-ichi Takagi U. Tokyo
  • Hiroyugi Akinaga AIST
  • Tetsuya Asai Hokkaido U.
  • Yuji Awano Fujitsu
  • George Bourianoff Intel
  • Michel Brillouet CEA/LETI
  • Joe Brewer U. Florida
  • John Carruthers PSU
  • Ralph Cavin SRC
  • U-In Chung Samsung
  • Philippe Coronel ST Me
  • Shamik Das Mitre
  • Erik DeBenedictis SNL
  • Simon Deleonibus LETI
  • Kristin De Meyer IMEC
  • Michael Frank AMD
  • Christian Gamrat CEA
  • Mike Garner Intel
  • Dan Hammerstrom PSU
  • Wilfried Haensch IBM

  • Workshop (For each of the seven technologies)
  • Receive expert inputs (pro con)
  • Clarify status, potential, and remaining
  • Formulate discussion/decision points to be
    considered in the Sunday ERD/TWG meeting
  • Emerging Research Devices Working Group Mtg.
  • Discuss and reach approximate consensus on
    potential challenges for each technology
  • Reach approximate consensus on 1 or 2 Beyond
    CMOS technologies sufficiently mature to benefit
    from accelerated engineering development

ERD Beyond CMOS Technology Selection MtgAgenda
Sunday, July 13
  • 900 Welcome and Introductions Hutchby
  • 910 Background ERD Meeting Objectives
  • 920 Review Process for selecting 1 or 2 beyond
  • emerging technologies
  • 945 Discuss Technologies
  • 945 NEMS Switch Technology
  • 1005 Spin Torque Transfer Technology
  • 1025 Carbon-based Nanoelectronics
  • 1045 Break
  • 1100 Atomic Switch / Electrochemical Metal
  • 1120 Collective Spin Devices (including
  • 1140 Single Electron Transistors
  • 1200 CMOL and FPNI
  • 1220 Lunch (Working)

ERD Beyond CMOS Technology Selection Mtg
Agenda Sunday, July 13 (Contd)
  • 1250 Preliminary vote on technologies
    Majority voting process
  • 100 Discuss preliminary results
  • 145 Second vote on technologies
  • 200 Discuss the one or two leading
    technologies resulting from vote
  • 230 Final vote on the leading technology(ies)
    to determine if we have approximate consensus
    (75 of those voting) to recommend one or more
    for roadmapping and enhanced engineering
  • 245 Decide next steps in roadmapping the
    chosen technology(ies)
  • 300 Regular ERD Business Meeting
  • 300 Planned ERD Workshops Hutchby
  • 315 ERD Device Workshop (Sept. 22-23)
    Discuss Bourianoff
  • 400 Summary of Nanoarchitecture Forum Cavin
  • 445 Review of ERM plans coupling with
    ERD Garner
  • 515 Review definition of Beyond
    CMOS Hutchby
  • 530 Review Action Items Hutchby
  • 545 Adjourn

Process Proposed for Selecting Beyond CMOS
Technology for Enhanced Engineering Development
  • Receive and evaluate White Papers from Proponents
  • Conduct an ERD Telecon to briefly review and
    discuss the White Papers to provide feedback
    prior to Workshop.
  • Receive proponent/opponent expert inputs on the
    candidate technologies on Saturday, July 12.
  • Select one or two candidate technologies via
    discussion, majority voting, and forming an
    approximate consensus on Sunday, July 13.
  • Report results to IRC on July 14 or 15.
  • Write a report by August 31.

Decision Making Majority Voting Scheme
  • Each member of ERD WG will be given a maximum of
    3 votes to use in voting for their top 3 choices
    among the candidate technologies (Majority Voting
  • Only 0 or 1 vote can be cast for any candidate
  • Member does not have to use all 3 votes, but
    cannot use more than 3 votes.
  • All members can participate in the straw vote.
  • ERD WG members present in the July 12 Workshop
    the July 13 FxF meeting will be eligible to vote
    at July 13 meeting.
  • The Candidate Technologies will be ordered
    according to which received the largest number of
  • Consensus approval will be our goal, but a 75
    affirmative vote will be required as a minimum.
    This is what is meant by the term approximate

2008 ERD Working Group Organization
  • ERD Subcommittees Leader(s)
  • Chapter Chair Hutchby
  • Memory Zhirnov
  • Logic Bourianoff
  • Architecture Cavin
  • Editors Hutchby, Bourianoff, Cavin
  • and Zhirnov
  • ITRS Liaisons
  • PIDS Ng, Hutchby
  • FEP Herr
  • Modeling Simulation Shankar
  • Materials Shankar
  • Metrology Herr
  • Design Yeh/Bourianoff
  • More than Moore Brillouet

2008 ERD Update Schedule
  • April 2 Memory Workshop
  • April 2 ERD Business Meeting
  • April 3 4 ITRS Meetings (no public
  • June ? ERD Presentation draft for July 16
    Conference due to Linda Wilson
  • July 10 11 Architecture Workshop ERD Business
  • July 12 ERD Business Meeting
  • July 14 15 ITRS Meetings
  • July 16 ITRS Public Conference
  • September 22nd Logic Workshop
  • September 23rd ERD Business Meeting?
  • August ? ERD Chapter Update Material Due
  • September ? 2008 ITRS Update Content Frozen
  • December 6 2009 ERD Chapter Kickoff Meeting in
    Seoul, Korea?
  • December 7 9 ITRS Meeting in Seoul, Korea
  • December 9 ITRS Public Conference in Seoul,
  • December 14 2009 ERD Chapter Kickoff Meeting in
    San Francisco _at_IEDM
  • ERD typically uses the update year to
    prepare for the following chapter re-write year
    (i.e. 2009 and does not provide an update.

2008 ERD/ERM Workshops
Beyond CMOS ERD/ERMConcepts, Definition
  • Jim Hutchby and T. Hiramoto
  • Rev 6
  • 06/27/08

(No Transcript)
2007 ITRS Moores Law and More Alternative
Definition Graphic
2008 ITRS Beyond CMOS
Multiple gate MOSFETs
Computing and Data Storage Beyond CMOS
Source Emerging Research Device Working Group
Evolution of Extended CMOS
Existing technologies
New technologies
Beyond CMOS
ERD-WG in Japan
Evolution of Extended CMOS
Existing technologies
ERD-WG in Japan
New technologies
Beyond CMOS
Beyond CMOS Definition Beyond CMOS refers
to emerging research devices, focused on a new
switch used to process information, typically
exploiting a new state variable to provide
functional scaling substantially beyond that
attainable by ultimately scaled CMOS.
Substantial scaling beyond CMOS is defined in
terms of functional density, increased
performance, dramatically reduced power, etc.
Examples of Beyond CMOS include a) molecular
electronic devices, b) spin-based transistors and
devices, c) ferromagnetic logic, etc. The New
Switch refers to an information processing
element or technology, which is associated with
compatible storage or memory and interconnect
Action Items (1/2)
1. Consider to include in the 2009 ERD Chapter the new chart entitled Evolution of Extended CMOS contributed by ERD Japan. Bourianoff In Process
2. Strengthen ties between US-EU-Asia. Requires good balance of representing members from three regions Hutchby In Process
3. The best demonstrated parameters are obtained from different devices. Is it possible to obtain them simultaneously on one device? We should include a note to this effect. Bourianoff, Zhirnov
4. Extend the Mission of ERD to include additional Research Vectors proposed by the Japan ERD WG. These are Numbers 1 4 listed in Item No. 1 above. Bourianoff
5. Consider moving to PIDS in 2009 1) III-V Alternate Channel Materials, and 2) Low Dimensional Materials. Discuss this with PIDS. (This discussion has begun.) Bourianoff In Process
6. Make the mission of ERD clear. Make it more Globally justified. Hutchby
7. Organize an ERD Working Group in Korea In U. Chung In Process
Action Items (2/2)
8. Bob Doering argued that the Critical Evaluation Chart gives the wrong message We need to re-think this chart This chart assigns a different meaning to red than is used by all the other ITRS chapters. The other chapters use red to highlight a major research gap. We should point the directions into which critical path research should be directed. We need a way to distinguish a Fundamental Limit versus the Maturity of the Technology Entry Hutchby
9. Need a dialog with the Design and Systems Drivers ITWG to address synergy between the two chapters. Hutchby, Bourianoff, Yeh In Process
10. Discuss/decide upon expanding scope to include Sensors, Actuators, and Power Sources to encompass More than Moore or Functional Diversification Hutchby and Brillouet
11. Discuss other materials (in addition to NiO) for Fuse/Anti-fuse Memory Tech Zhirnov Garner
12. Plan Memory FXF Meeting in Germany for April 2, 2008. Include Memory Expert Panel. Zhirnov Done
13. Write paper/proposal for NSF Funding for workshops. Hutchby/Zhirnov Done
14. Include Akinaga-san in Memory Working Group Zhirnov Done