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Spiritual gifts in healthcare


Spiritual gifts in healthcare What are my gifts and how can they be used optimally in the modern healthcare setting? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Spiritual gifts in healthcare

Spiritual gifts in healthcare
  • What are my gifts and
  • how can they be used optimally
  • in the modern healthcare setting?

spiritual gifts in healthcare
  • Vision / motivation
  • Up to date evaluation
  • Increased expertise

Why are the spiritual gifts important in
  • Sick and dying people need every possible
    blessing they can receive from the Lord
  • Healthcare workers need Gods unusual enabling as
    they minister to the deepest needs of suffering
    human beings.
  • Our healthcare systems need gifted leaders and
    workers who fulfil their God-given destiny as
    they collaborate to solve the serious and complex
    problems we are facing

Why use my gifts in the workplace?
  • Body of Christ ministry, 1Cor.12
  • Stewardship of talents/gifts, Matt.25

Which gifts are particularly important in
all the gifts are needed
  • Administration / management
  • Leadership
  • Mercy / compassion
  • Counselling
  • Healings
  • Helps / service
  • Hospitality
  1. Intercession
  2. Wisdom
  3. Knowledge
  4. Teaching
  5. Voluntary poverty
  6. Discernment of spirits
  7. Exorcism

Spiritual gifts
  • Permanent unusual enabling from God, Rom1129
  • 20 listed in Rom12 6-8 1Cor12 Eph4 1Cor77
    1Cor133 Eph37 Rom826, 27
  • Ministry continued exercise of one or more
  • Multiple giving God ? me ? God Me ?? others
  • All people have talents only Christians have
  • Talents can be transformed by related gifts
  • Gifts do not replace basic Christian

1 Peter 4 10, 11 - KJV
  • As every man hath received the gift, even so
    minister the same one to another, as good
    stewards of the manifold grace of God. If any man
    speak, let him speak as the oracles of God if
    any man minister, let him do it as of the ability
    which God giveth that God in all things may be
    glorified through Jesus Christ to whom be praise
    and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

Principles from 1 Peter 4 10, 11
  1. Every Christian has received one gift
  2. We are stewards of these gifts
  3. Minister to one another in using the gifts
  4. Reciprocity in ministry
  5. Ministry reveals the manifold grace of God
  6. the gifts complement one another
  7. the combined impact is required
  8. Jesus Christ to be central
  9. The praise is His ? He is to get the glory
  10. The dominion is His ? His kingdom should be
    advancing through our gift-ministry

Up to date evaluation of gifts
  1. Complete the questionnaire
  2. Group work About your manifest gifts
  3. How do you feel about it?
  4. How effective are you in using it in the church,
    at home, at work?
  5. What would you like to learn about using your
    gifts in the workplace?

Principles from Ephesians 5 15-21
  1. Wisdom and holiness required, v 15
  2. Good time management, v 16
  3. Knowing Gods will, v 17
  4. Overflow-fullness of Holy Spirit, v 18
  5. Overflow-ministry, v 19
  6. Overflow-gratitude, v 20
  7. Right relationships, v 21

Exercise in using your gifts - 1
  • Go into same group as before
  • Question What do you want to learn about the use
    of your gifts in the workplace?
  • Minister to one another in this regard, using
    your gifts
  • Plenary feedback about the ministry time

Some practical tips
  • Give God the glory for all healing
  • Know your place and take responsibility
  • Childlike trust in the guidance of Father
  • Use kairos moments for ministry
  • Avoid dualistic polarization
  • Medicine versus prayer healing
  • Physical versus spiritual healing
  • Beware of gift-based tunnel vision

Gift Administration / Management
  • Kybernesis person in charge of the ship on
    behalf of its owner
  • Managers ought to bring order and structure for
    optimal effectiveness and efficiency while
    minimizing uncertainty
  • Danger Unhealthy controlling Asking God to
    bless my beautiful plans management as master
    and not as tool

Gift Leadership
  • Prohistamenos leading by going in front of
  • Inspiring leadership at all levels is vital in
    times of complex and frequent change in
  • Danger Going too fast / slow pride stubbornness

Gift Mercy / Compassion
  • Diakononos to run on errands on behalf of
    another, attending to their needs
  • Christian mercy and compassion is the heart of
    true health-care
  • Danger Help without heart underestimating the
    importance of own walk with the Lord
    over-reliance on methods and means

Gift Counselling
  • Parakaleo ? called to draw alongside and to
  • Not just confined to the hospital chaplain,
    psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Danger Glib application of universal
    counselling remedies mechanical insensitivity

Gift Healings
  • Charismata iamaton restoring from a state of
    weakness / brokenness
  • Pray for shalom according to the will of God
  • Danger Presumptuousness dualism

Gift Helps / service
  • Antilepsis bringing relief by taking hold of and
  • Prudent stewardship of available strength to
  • Danger Unbelief in Gods ability to use me
    over-dependent on praise of others helping in
    order to get love

Gift Hospitality
  • Philoxenos fond of guests / strangers /
    foreigners making room for g / s / f also in our
  • Healthcare ought to be a people-friendly place
    the hospital should be a home for the sick and
    dying, not an institution or hotel
  • Danger Only helping if a reward is anticipated

Gift Intercession
  • Euchomai petitioning God with the blessings we
    want to see others receive
  • Essential to build prayer altars in every
    healthcare location
  • Intercessory teams in local churches to support
    healthcare workers
  • Danger spiritual shamanism charismagic practices

Gift Wisdom
  • Sofia to see Gods will clearly in a given
  • Intelligence is a poor substitute for wisdom
  • Danger I am always right becoming unteachable

Gift Knowledge
  • Ginosko to know Gods truth (special, incarnate
    and general revelation)
  • We need to be eager knowledge-seekers and
  • Danger hoarding facts leads to pride having
    information about is not the same as knowing

Gift Teaching
  • Didaskalos the one causing others to accept
    Gods truth and to put it into practice
  • Biblical Christian healthcare education required!
  • Danger over-analytical over-emphasis on teacher
    mode undermines reciprocity in relationships

Gift Voluntary poverty
  • Ptochos choosing to crouch in a place of need in
    order to help another who is in even greater need
  • If we have a heart for the poor, we will not only
    give out of our surplus or our used stuff
  • Danger hypocrisy pride

Gift Discernment of spirits
  • Diakriseis pneumaton to thoroughly distinguish
    between good and evil spirits
  • Important in psychiatry, dementia, educational
    environment, political arena
  • Danger Judgmentalism

Gift Exorcism
  • Ekballei daimonia to throw out demons
  • Not for lone rangers
  • Becoming increasingly important as pluralism and
    the new spiritualism advances
  • Danger extremes deception

Exercise in using your gifts - 2
  • Into groups once again please
  • Question What is your most difficult problem at
    the workplace?
  • Minister to one another in this regard, using
    your gifts
  • Plenary feedback time

Evaluation of the contents
  • On a scale of zero to five
  • How much more are you now motivated to use your
    gifts at work?
  • How much more clarity do you have about your
  • How much expertise did you gain in using your
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