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Unit 1 Ecology


UNIT 1 ECOLOGY Biology Review PowerPoint Review Question 1: Which of the following chain of energy flow would give the end consumer the least amount of energy? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit 1 Ecology

Unit 1 Ecology
  • Biology Review PowerPoint

Review Question 1
  • Which of the following chain of energy flow
    would give the end consumer the least amount of
  • A. Grass? grasshopper ? robin ? hawk
  • B. Grass ?mouse ? wolf
  • C. Grass ?grasshopper ?frog ?snake ?hawk
  • D. Grass? mouse ? snake ? hawk

Where does 90 of the Energy lost actually go
when E is transferred from one trophic level to
the next?
Review Question 2
  • Fungi, such as mushrooms and molds, get their
    nutrition primarily by
  • A producing food through chemosynthesis
  • B preying on other organisms
  • C decomposing dead organic matter
  • D parasitic relationships with plants

Why are decomposers important?
Review Question 3
  • If a population grows larger than the carrying
    capacity of the environment, the ______.
  • A death rate may rise
  • B birth rate may fall
  • C birth rate may rise
  • D death rate may fall

What is carrying capacity?
Review Question 4
  • NY Regents
  • BIO

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Review Question 6
An example of a population is- 1 all the Zapus
hudsonicus in California 2 all the fish in Lake
Erie 3 the number of different species of Felis
in a geographic area 4 the number of maples,
white oaks, spruce, gray squirrels, and owls in a
Review Question 7
Which of the following practices is MOST likely
to slow the buildup of CO2 in the
atmosphere? From Georgia-End-of-Course
Assessments, Spring 2004 A increased use of
tropical rain forest areas for
agriculture C decreased pesticide use in favor
of biological controls B increased
use of genetically engineered plants D decreased
use of fossil fuels
Review Question 8
The maintenance of a self-sustaining ecosystem
requires a - 1 constant temperature 2 greater
number of herbivores than producers 3
cycling of materials between organisms
and their environment 4 soil that is acidic
Review Question 9
A food web is shown below
Which organisms are necessary for the recycling
of Nitrogen? 1 frogs
2 snakes 3 grasshoppers
4 bacteria
Review Question 10
In a forest ecosystem, which is an abiotic
factor? From North Carolina End-of-Course
Assessments, Goal 5 A amount of rainfall B type
of trees C number of reptiles D size of deer
Why is this considered abiotic?
Review Question 11
What is the main cause of fish kills in rivers
polluted by fertilizers? From Virginia SOL
Assessments, 2002 Biology A Decreased mineral
sources C Increased water temperatures B Decreas
ed oxygen levels D Increased water levels
Review Question 12
The diagram below shows a food pyramid.
Which level of the food pyramid contains
consumers with the least biomass? 1 snakes 3
crickets 2 frogs 4 green plants
Review Question 13
Which letter represents a photosynthetic organism?
  1. A
  2. B
  3. D
  4. E

Review Question 14
Study the table below
  • Which property of the local ecosystem is being
  • a. Food production c.
  • b. Abiotic conditions d. Energy

Last Question!
The above graph shows how dissolved O2 and CO2
levels changed in a pond over a 24-hour period.
What caused the decrease in O2 concentration
during the night? A increased evaporation
B decreased photosynthesis C increased
respiration D decreased
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