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Weekly Editing 5th Grade- Q2


Weekly Editing 5th Grade- Q2 Week 9- Monday Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Week 1- Monday John muir was born in scotland in 1838. He lived with his family in a small coastal town ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Weekly Editing 5th Grade- Q2

Weekly Editing 5th Grade- Q2
Week 1- Monday
  • John muir was born in scotland in 1838. He
    lived with his family in a small coastal town and
    begin his education in the local school. When
    John was eleven he moved with his family to the
    united states. The settled on a farm in oklahoma
    and john soon began to help out with farm choars.
    When he had free time he loved to wander with
    his younger brother through the nearby woods a
    deep love of nature had begun to awaken in him.

Day 2
  • muir was a good student and a creative
    thinker. By the time he was a teenager he had
    win prizes at the state fair for some of his
    inventions. One of his more unusual creations
    for example was a device that would tip him out
    of be each day? Before he finish college muir
    had the desire to travel. He left school to
    wander through the northern united states and
    canada and he made money along the way by working
    at od jobs.

Day 3
  • By the time he was 29 muir was working at a
    carpentry shop in texas. An axident at the shop
    caused muir to lose his eyesight. Although his
    vision returned after a month Muirs short
    blindness changed his life. He decided to spend
    more time doing the things that mattered most to
    him and what he loved most of all were nature.
    He began therefore the first of many walking
    trips, coverin 1000 miles from texas to the gulf
    of mexico.

Day 4
  • From the gulf of Mexico Muir continued his
    journey by ship. He sailed to cuba then on to
    Panama and finally to california, where became
    his home. It was not long after his arrival that
    Muir first hiked in Californias sierra nevada
    Mountains. He fell in love with their striking
    beauty and would go on to devote the rest of his
    life to enjoying, praising, and protecting the
    land. The Sierra club, founded by Muir and
    others, continues that work today.

Week 2- Monday
  • the war that began with great britain two years
    ago has now reached our doorstep at the beginning
    of summer, the red coats began to advance on our
    nations capital. As we now approach the end of
    august 1814 british soldiers have taken over
    washington. The white house, home to my cousin
    dolley and president james Madison, her husband
    has been set afire. With her determined spirit
    Dolley has been a true heroine?

Day 2
  • On august 22, president madison my cousin by
    marriage left the capital to review our troops.
    The british moved swiftly to take Washington
    during his absence. on the 23rd,
  • dolley packed important documents into trunks
    that were carted out of the city. Next, she sent
    the White house silver to the Bank of maryland
    for safe keeping. when dolley herself finally
    escaped she carried little more than the portrait
    of president Washington.

Day 3
  • dolley has been an inspirational example of
    bravery and patriotism for our country. More
    than ever before I find myself bursting with
    pride at her accomplishments. Dolley was already
    known for her gist of bringing together
    politicians and diplomats from opposing sides at
    her popular, festive gatherings. how wonderful
    it would be if only our conflict with great
    britain could be resolved at one of dolleys
    social evenings.

Day 4
  • When will this war be over. It seems there is
    no end in sight yet we must find a way to reach
    an agreement with great britain. After there
    dreadful looting and burning of our beloved
    capital city it is hard to imagine piece with the
    british. If ever their has been a leader
    prepared to meet the difficult demands of wartime
    negotiation it is president Madison with dolleys
    loyal support I am confident that he shall lead
    our nation to piece

Week 3- Monday
Day 2
  • Chen put a new tile floor in his kitchen. There
    are 9 rows of tiles with 7 tiles in each row. How
    many tiles did Chen use?

Day 3
  • Rosa made 56 cupcakes. She put 8 cupcakes into
    each box and sold the boxes for 3 each. How much
    money did Rosa receive?

Day 4
  • There are 10 slices in each loaf of bread. Nancy
    bought 4 loaves of bread. She used 2 slices to
    make a sandwich. How many slices of bread are

Week 4- Monday
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Week 5- Monday
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Week 6- Monday
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Week 7- Monday
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
  • Marie runs 11 miles in three days. She runs 3
    miles on each of the first two days. How many
    miles does she run on the third day?

Week 8- Monday
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Week 9- Monday
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
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