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Welcome to Second Grade Curriculum Night


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to Second Grade Curriculum Night

Welcome to Second Grade Curriculum Night
Racing to 21st Century Success!
  • Introducing
  • Mrs. Whorton, Mrs. Mendez, Mrs. Lowery, and Mrs.

Our Racing Teams
  • Second Grade is departmentalized and we teach in
    two teams.
  • Mrs. Lowery- Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Mrs. Mendez- Math and Science
  • Mrs. Whorton- Language Arts and Social Studies
  • Mrs. Smith- Math and Science
  • Students will be in each class for 2 hrs. and
    30 min.

Reading Workshop
  • Curriculum First 30 Days of Readers Workshop,
    Comprehension Toolkit, Interactive Read Alouds
    and more (following the district scope and
  • Workshop Model
  • Opening Teacher introduces a strategy or tool
    and models how it can be used when
    reading(10- 15min)
  • Working Period Students read while practicing
    their new tool while teacher conducts guided
    reading groups (35 min)
  • Closing Students discuss how they were able
    to use their tool when reading, teacher
    closes the lesson (10 min)
  • Establishing routines and rituals for the

Writing Workshop
  • Curriculum First 30 Days of Writing Workshop,
    Lucy Calkins, Write from the Beginning, Norma
    Jackson and more. (following district scope and
  • Workshop Model
  • -Opening Teacher introduces a skill or tool
    and models how it can be used when writing
  • -Working Period Students write while
    practicing their new tool while teacher
    works with small groups (35 min)
  • -Closing/Authors Chair Students discuss how
    they were able to use their tool when
    writing, students share their writing, and
    teacher closes the lesson (10 min)
  • Establishing rituals and routines for workshop
  • Proofreading and study of the parts of speech
  • Social Studies is now integrated into the
    Language Arts curriculum. However, they will
    have separate grades for that subject area.

Word Work
  • Daily Activities
  • Phonics
  • Spelling Assessments- Students are creating a
    personal word list on Fridays using phonics
    strategies from the week. (students will be given
    an average of those grades for their six weeks
    spelling grade)
  • Following district scope and sequence

  • Notebooking is a concept that you will see
    integrated into all the subject areas. Students
    are asked to reflect, respond, and record in
    their notebooks. Unfortunately, they will not be
    bringing their notebooks home. If you have an
    interest to see their notebooks, please ask and
    we can make arrangements for that.

  • Number Corner- Calendar math
  • Target the Question
  • Math Workshop
  • Opening or Mini-lesson (introduce a new
    concept, strategy, or game)
  • Work Period (allow them to practice that
    skill individually, in pairs, or groups)
  • Closing/Discussion (we discuss strategies
    they used and they share their thinking)
  • Curriculum- Math Investigations and Envision

Math Investigations
  • Math Investigations is the curriculum that we
    began using three years ago. It really
    challenges the students to really think about how
    they do mathematics. They are better able to
    explain their thinking, perform tasks in
    different ways, and explore new strategies as
    they solve problems. Please support us by asking
    your child about the way they solve problems and
    let them explain their thinking! If you have any
    questions about the way a concept is taught,
    please ask!

  • Learning about
  • Scientific Method
  • Hands-on Science (lab activities)
  • Science Inquiry Showcase- (class projects)
  • Curriculum is vertically aligned with other grade
  • Following district scope and sequence

  • Students visit the library once a week and they
    are allowed to check out 2 books (if they have
    returned their previous books) Wednesdays
  • Smith- 935-1020 am
  • Whorton 105-150 pm
  • Thursdays
  • Mendez 900-945 am
  • Lowery 105-150 pm
  • Library Programs iread_at_PrairieView (formerly
    Reading Champions) and Million Word Challenge

  • Each week your child will have homework in the
    following subjects
  • -Reading- read a total of one hour each week
    and students will complete their reading
    responses for the week
  • -Math- weekly homework (a few problems each
  • All homework is due on Fridays!

Grading Policy
  • Formative grades are worth 40 of their grade
  • (examples daily grades, practice)
  • Summative grades are worth 60 of their grade
  • (examples units tests, assessments)
  • Each six weeks your child will have a minimum of
    8 Language Arts grades, 8 Math grades, 6 Social
    Studies grades, and 6 Science grades. If your
    child makes a higher grade on a summative grade
    than on the formative grades, the teacher shall
    drop the lowest formative grade associated with
    that summative grade.

Electronic Report Cards
  • Electronic Report Cards are new this year! You
    may access your childs grades throughout the six
    weeks as well as view their progress reports and
    reports cards online.
  • (Some handouts are available on the back table or
    you may access the instructions on our website)

Standard Based Bulletin Boards
  • Purpose to showcase student work that meets the
    standards and expectations
  • Commentary is provided by the teacher explaining
    how that student met the standard. Commentary
    will also be given by another student.
  • New boards will be put up every six weeks.

  • DRA Reading Assessment- completed 3 times a year
    (goal is to be a level 30 when leaving second
  • Math Assessment- completed 3 times a year
  • COGat/ITBS Testing- All 2nd Graders will be
    tested in Spring 2012

Specials Classes-Music, Art, P.E.
  • Dress/Medical excuses for P.E.
  • Please have students wear or bring tennis shoes
    that tie or velcro everyday to ensure students
    safety during physical activities. Our schedule
    is subject to change at any time and students
    need to be prepared for physical activity
    everyday. Girls need to also wear shorts under
    their dresses/skirts at all times. A doctors
    note is required for non-participation in P.E.
    for 5 or more consecutive days. Likewise, a
    doctors note is needed in order for students to
    resume normal physical activity. Notes are
    accepted from parents for short periods of time
    as needed.
  • Grades
  • During each 6 weeks, K-5th students will receive
    a minimum of 3 Academic grades from Music, Art
    and Physical Education classes.
  • The Academic grades will reflect a student's
    progress on curriculum goals (TEKS).
  • A conduct grade will also be given.
  • Academic Grades will be recorded as follows
  • 3 E performs above standard consistently
  • 2 S performs at standard expectations
  • 1 N performs slightly below standard
    expectations, but with continuous progress
  • 0 U performs consistently at beginning or
    below standard expectation
  • A "U" will not be given without contacting the
    parent about the unsatisfactory performance
  • Conduct Grades will be recorded as follows
  • E-No warnings
  • S-Warnings during class and/or 1 note home
  • N-2 notes home
  • U-3 notes home
  • Please see Coach Gage, Mrs. Nassiff or Mr. Brown
    for further clarification

Specials Classes continued
  • Supplies
  • Music-4th and 5th grade 2 recorders (can be
    purchased at school for 5 each), folder with
    brads (4th-green, 5th-red), pencil pouch that
    will fit in the brads of their folder
  • Art-3rd, 4th, and 5th grade sketchbook
  • Choir
  • Available for all 4th and 5th grade students
  • Begins this Friday, Sept. 16th
  • Enrollment forms are available on the school
    website or from Mrs. Nassiff.
  • Fifth Grade All District Choir
  • Made up of students from all 16 elementary
  • Available for 5th grade choir students
  • Students must audition for a spot in the
    choir-each school will be allowed to send up to 7
    students who meet the criteria in the area of
    vocal tone, pitch, rhythm, citizenship and
  • Requires a commitment of a weekly rehearsal every
    Thursday afternoon from 530-700 p.m. at Clara
    Love Elementary School beginning Jan. 19tth and a
    concert on May 12, 2012 at Northwest High School.
  • Permission slips are due Oct. 3rd.
  • Auditions will take place in mid October.
  • Please see Mrs. Nassiff or Mr. Brown with further

  • Please help your child remember to
  • -have their behavior chart signed nightly
  • -complete all homework and return on Fridays
  • -return library books on their specific day
  • -get a good nights sleep and eat a nutritious
  • Attendance is crucial to your childs success!

Please remember to visit our team website and
individual teacher websites for upcoming events,
helpful academic websites, our weekly newsletter,
and specific contact information for all the
We will meet for parent/ teacher conferences
beginning the end of September. If you have any
questions or concerns before then, please feel
free to contact us by phone or e-mail.
NORTHWEST ISD Community Flyer Page
  • ON NISD DISTRICT WEBSITE (on the top left under
  • community/community folder)
  • Flyers about after school programs offered
    through out the district
  • CHECK OFTEN!!-New opportunities posted every 3-4
  • MIDI for KIDS PIANO LESSONS (1st-5th grade) at
    Prairie View
  • (Piano classes begin next week. Go to
  • to register or see Mrs. Nassiff for more

What does it mean to be a Title I School?
  • Being a Title I school means receiving federal
    funding (Title I dollars) to supplement the
    schools existing programs. These dollars are
    used for
  • Identifying students experiencing academic
    difficulties and providing timely assistance to
    help these students meet the States challenging
    content standards.
  • Purchasing supplemental staff/programs/materials/s
  • Conducting parental Involvement
  • Recruiting/Hiring/Retaining Highly Qualified

What is the School-Parent Compact?
  • The compact is a commitment from the school, the
    parent, and the student to share in the
    responsibility for improved academic achievement.
  • You, as Title I Parents, have the right to be
    involved in the development of the School-Parent

What is a CIP?
  • The CIP is your schools Continuous Improvement
    Plan and includes
  • A Needs Assessment and Summary of Data
  • Goals and Strategies to Address Academic Needs of
  • Professional Development Needs
  • Coordination of Resources/Comprehensive Budget
  • The Schools Parental Involvement Plan

Lets work together to make it a great year for
your child!
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