India our country suffers from a horrible malady-corruption. Corruption may be defined as an act of bribery or misuse of public position or power for the fulfilment of selfish motives or to gain personal gratifications. The most common forms of - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PPT – India our country suffers from a horrible malady-corruption. Corruption may be defined as an act of bribery or misuse of public position or power for the fulfilment of selfish motives or to gain personal gratifications. The most common forms of PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: 6f1986-OTI5Z


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India our country suffers from a horrible malady-corruption. Corruption may be defined as an act of bribery or misuse of public position or power for the fulfilment of selfish motives or to gain personal gratifications. The most common forms of


ANTI-CORRUPTION By P. Sourav Sengupta, B.Tech I Year, EEE Dt: 15.02.2014 India our country suffers from a horrible malady-corruption. Corruption may be defined as an ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: India our country suffers from a horrible malady-corruption. Corruption may be defined as an act of bribery or misuse of public position or power for the fulfilment of selfish motives or to gain personal gratifications. The most common forms of

ANTI-CORRUPTION By P. Sourav Sengupta,
B.Tech I Year, EEEDt 15.02.2014
  • India our country suffers from a horrible
    malady-corruption. Corruption may be defined as
    an act of bribery or misuse of public position or
    power for the fulfilment of selfish motives or to
    gain personal gratifications. The most common
    forms of corruption are taking of bribes,
    nepotism, misappropriation and patronage. The
    control and eventual eradication of corruption
    require certain steps to be taken by the
    government and the citizens of the country. These
    measures collectively form the anti-corruption
  • To curtail corruption the government of India did
    introduce anti corruption laws. The Prevention of
    Corruption Act came into force in September
    1988.It was an improvisation of the Act of 1947.
    The scope of the act was enlarged and widened to
    include the term public servants. The Central
    Government has set up four departments to check
    corruption- Administrative Vigilance Division in
    the department of Personnel and Training, Central
    Bureau of Investigation, Domestic Vigilance units
    in Ministries/Departments/Public Undertakings or
    Nationalized Banks and Central Vigilance
    Commission. These steps are deemed outdated and
    underutilized by several critics. This is because
    most of these departments are directly under the
    central government and hence have no freedom to
    exercise powers of their own.

  • The constituted CBI team filed a charge sheet
    within a record time of 45 days leading to the
    just treatment of the perpetrators of the crime.
  • The common man has a huge role to play in the
    control of corruption. The efforts of veteran
    anti-corruption crusader Mr. Anna Hazare are
    exemplary. In April 2011 a peaceful and
    non-violent protest was staged at Jantar Mantar
    in New Delhi. Mr. Hazare went on an indefinite
    fast which forced the government to pass the Jan
    Lokpal Bill.
  • He received nationwide support in this endeavour.
    One of the main features of the bill is that it
    will ensure an independent CBI. This is crucial
    in controlling corruption at higher levels of the
    government (MLAs MPs and bureaucrats).
  • The rising levels of corruption have led to a
    widespread distrust in the common mans minds.
    The formation of the Aam Aadmi party under the
    leadership of Mr. Arvind Khejrewal proves this
    fact. People no longer have faith in any of the
    political parties and are desperate for change.
  • The contribution of the CBI in the domain of anti
    corruption though trivial hasnt gone unnoticed.
    The Satyam Scam in the year 2009 is an example.
    The fraud was perpetrated by inflating the
    revenue of the company through false sale
    invoices and showing corresponding gains by
    forging bank statements with the connivance of
    Statutory and Internal Auditors of the company.
  • The annual financial statements of the company
    with inflated revenue were published for several
    years and this lead to higher price of the scrip
    in the market. In the process, innocent investors
    were lured to invest in the company.

  • The 2G spectrum scam of 2012 This scam was
    brought to light in extensive detail by the CBI.
    It involved politicians and government officials
    in India illegally undercharging mobile telephone
    companies for frequency allocation licenses which
    they would then use to generate 2G spectrum
    subscriptions for mobile phones. The primary
    accused were the then telecom minister A. Raja
    and member of parliament M.K. Kanimozhi and
    several other bureaucrats. This led to their
    subsequent arrests and was instrumental in
    bringing the magnitude of corruption in our
    system to light.
  • Corruption has spread its roots wide and deep
    into the Indian society. It is common that a day
    in the life of an average Indian is impossible
    without an experience of corruption. It is
    because of this fact that it is solely our
    responsibility to ensure that we gift the future
    generations a corruption free way of life. In
    several occasions we find ourselves to be the
    actual cause of corruption at the grassroots.
    This requires immediate attention as the solution
    to any problem is only found when it is nipped at
    the bud. India is the fastest growing economy in
    the world. It is has immense potential to rise
    above its own self and attain new heights in
    terms of scientific, social, cultural and
    economical achievements. To utilize this and
    generate desired results we must first remove the
    insignificant road block of corruption. If we
    fail to do so, Corruption is and will always
    remain the Achilles heel of India.

Year, ECE-CDt 21.02.2014
  • India is the biggest democracy in the world. The
    real power lies in the hands of the people who
    elect the people who rule the country. By making
    the age of casting of vote as 18, the government
    brought millions of people within the ambit of
    active participation in elections thus giving a
    broad base to the democratic processes. It also
    gave the message that our youth is mature and
    wise enough to understand their responsibility
    and they would give their mandate after carefully
    considering candidates capabilities. Being
    young, they are not swayed by the old systems of
    caste, creed and other orthodoxy which had been
    the bane of Indian politics for quite some time
    in the post-independence era. Young people are
    not only enthusiastic and energetic but are also
    full of new ideas. They are able to instill
    freshness in the political affairs of their
    respective region as well as the nation. Todays
    youth are highly intelligent and educated. They
    have a high awareness level. If they take part in
    politics, they will enrich it with their new
  • Our political system is like a rotten apple and
    if a good apple will be kept in the basket it
    will also get spoilt. So youth must come together
    and create a new system that is unbiased, not
    corrupt and overall interests everyone and should
    belong to none and still belong to everyone.

  • We are all enjoying our independence in this
    country.we got freedom from British peopledid
    all the freedom fighters fight and gave their
    lives to see this kind of India.An India where
    anything or everything can be done only with
    money No! They had dreams and hope on the future
    generations I.e. us to build a strong country.
    Our right is to VOTE. elect peoples
    representativeour representatives our states and
    our countrys representatives.can we let that
    position go into wrong hands? into the hands of
    the persons who just want to fully fill their
    pocketsno we dont need them. All that we need
    are true leaders to lead this country into the
    path of progress.youth must get into politics
    and bring a unique and drastic change.
  • These words OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and
    FOR THE PEOPLE shall not perish!!
  • if were you want to follow your passion and do
    something now is certainly that time friends
    youth must take the initiative a walk forward
    with calm and stable mind.
  • Anything does not get better by CHANCE.It gets
    better by CHANGE

Md. Sharfuddin, B.Tech I Year, CSE-CDt
  • I am not here to complain about my life. I am
    here to introduce you all to the different aspect
    of my life a life which is according to me is an
    almost perfect life. Today I am here to introduce
    my freshly started B.Tech life. It has been about
    more than 30 days since my first step into the
    campus of VJIT. The step which changed my
    thoughts about a good college, good classmates
  • In One word Excellent
  • What did I expect From VJIT?
  • I expected a class full of rankers from all over
    A.P among whom I would be the least learned one.
    Professors especially English, who would directly
    use the most technical terms that I had already
    forgotten in, long vacation after surviving
  • I can write 1000s of words without any issue but
    speaking is not my cup of tea. At least this is
    what I thought about myself.
  • What did I experience on my first day?
  • I saw a group of 60 people who didnt know each
    other, who had the same speechlessness, same
    hesitation, same strange feeling as I had. And
    maybe I never feel hesitated after that I know
    them I would be spending 4 amazing years with all
    those people even if I didnt even know their
    names at the moment.

  • Exam and Attendance.
  • Right From the 1st class seniors were emphasizing
    on the word attendance whenever they used to
    talk with me. I still wonder why? I guess I would
    come to know about the real fact When I get more
    habituated with college customs like bunks
    deadline etc P ?..
  • How I am feeling now in VJIT?
  • Proud to be VJIT Student.
  • Conclusion
  • A lot of people want a shortcut. I find the best
    shortcut is the long way, which is basically two
    words work hard.
  • I am going forward to do my target and T make all
    able to be known where the work is moving with
    your best wishes.
  • I love Web and Blog (Web Blog Designing).
    Basically that all happened by my simple concept

Year, ECE-ADt 19.02.2014
  • In Gods creation man and women are equal. Since
    Adam and Eve women have been disgraced in many
    ways. In old age Women are considered as weaker
    sex. Women came to be limited to their kitchen.
    They were not given proper education. She does
    not have freedom. But in the modern world things
    have changed. Women are in no way inferior to
    men. They are now entering all fields which are
    exclusively occupied by men. They are making
    their presence felt in almost all fields. The
    present women wants to be self dependent and
    less dependent on men.
  • Whatever their chosen field from politics ,
    education, research and pop stardom to fashion
    and feminism women have been living their mark on
    the world since time began.
  • History is full of prominent part played by women
    in various aspects of human life. If we take our
    history Rani Durgavathi, Chandbibi,Rani of
    Jhansi, Jijabai and Razia sultan have left behind
    immoral of their patriotic fervor .

  • RANI LAKSHMI BAI is a classic example .She is the
    fiery Queen of Jhansi and one of the great
    nationalist heroine of the first war of INDIAN
    FREEDOM a symbol of resistance to the BRITISH
    RULE in INDIA. She was the symbol of PATRIOTISM
    and SELF RESPECT. She was set an example to the
    people of India to achieve independence. This
    inspirational change in her was one of the
    fragment which lead to success .
  • In the fight for Indias freedom women worked
    shoulder to shoulder with men and made remarkable
    contribution. The role played by SAROJINI NADIDU,
    PANDIT.After the attainment of freedom women
    participated in the grand work of making this
    great nation prosperous and happy. Sarojini
    naidu, Rajkumari Amrit worked a lot. Indira
    Gandhi worked as Prime Minister for 17 years and
    sacrificed her life for unity of India. This say
    that the women were set as inspiration.
  • If women is sufficiently ambitious and determined
    and there is practically nothing she cant do
    .Women is a miracle of DIVINE CONTRADICTIONS.
    Love and Selfless service are fundamental
    qualities of Women soul. Today women are fighting
    for their rights. The present Women are CONFIDENT
    and say

  • I am STRONG
  • I have been through a lot and in my life and I am
    still standing.
  • It took lot of soul searching to finally see
  • I dont need any one tell me, I already know my
  • I am not PERFECT
  • Nobody is perfect but I have seen my good and bad
  • I am just MYSELF
  • I have never been alone I will always be there
    for me.
  • With courage and confidence as watchword women
    are achieving great things. MARIE CURIE was the
    first women to receive NOBEL PRIZE in the field
    of science and if she would have thought that her
    place is kitchen then she would not have achieved
  • Even KALPANA CHAWLA was the first Indian-American
    astronaut. Though she was not their but
    inspiration still persist and many are walking in
    her way taking her as inspiration.

  • Women like MOTHER THERISA who has brought a
    change in herself and intended to help the need
    and became a Global Icon for SELFLESS service to
    others. She devoted her life to the self service.
    Even there are many women becoming as nuns and
    devoting their life to social service. This might
    be a magnificent change in women.
  • The above aspects show the change in women and
    their involvement in fields of research ,
    medicine ,social service and are expanding their
    era excelled their.
  • A women can CHANGE THE WORLD. For instance if
    we take lively example of QUEEN ELIZABETH II was
    the women witnessing rapid social and economic
    changes and has been a unifying influence for
    BRITAN and COMMONWEALTH . If this probably would
    be a good example showing the inspirational
    change in women and even changing the world.
  • BENAZIR BUTTO she was the women who brought a
    drastic change in PAKISTHAN from a dictatorship
    to democracy. Only a women could be able to do
  • Even a lively example MALALA YOUSAFZIA She is a
    pakisthan school girl who defied threats of the
    TALIBAN to campaign for the right to education
    .She survived being shot in the head by Taliban
    and has fought for the Right to Education and now
    she has become a Global Advocate for women rights
    especially for the Right to Education.

  • As we Happiness and sadness are two sides of a
    coin. Even women are facing problems also inspite
    of their change as they are being deceived by
    men. In order to put an end to such practices
    there women should become strengthen and would be
    able to overcome such problems. Men should think
    that -When you strike a WOMEN you strike ROCK. So
    this is the another change required in women.
    Even killing the girl infants has been nourished
    by them when they grown up. One should feel pity
    for it. Men should admire and respect women. As
    we know in the word WOMEN only there is MEN one
    should understand this so without women there is
    no men. According to me
  • W Wonderful Persons
  • O Obeys others
  • M Maintains respect for the family
  • E Encourages the family to follow good path
  • N Nurtures Confidence
  • The government is encouraging women in improving
    their position in society. A new law called
    NIRBHAYA has came into existence to clear the
    problems faced by women. Every year INTERNATIONAL
    WOMENS DAY was celebrated on MARCH 8.There is a
    great thing that even
  • WOMEN BANK is also established this shows the
    uplift women status. Many incentives are
    provided by both central and state government to
    save the girl child.

  • Women are leaders everywhere you look from the
    CEO who runs a fortune 500 company to the
    housewife who raises her children and heads her
    household. Our nation was built by strong women
    and will continue to break down walls and defy
  • It is not very easy to grow up into a women. We
    are always taught, almost bombarded with ideals
    of what we should be at every age in our
    lives.This is what you wear at age 20.That is
    what you must act like at age twenty five. This
    is what you should be doing when you are
    seventeen. But amidst all the many voices that
    bark all these orders and set all of these
    ideals for girls today, there lacks the voice of
    assurance. There is no comfort and assurance .I
    want to be able to say that there are four things
    admirable for a women to be at any age! Whether
    you are four or forty-four or nineteen! Its
    always wonderful to be elegant, its always
    fashionable to have grace, its always glamorous
    to be brave, and its always important to have
    inspirational changes. Women is not a bird and no
    net ensnares her and is free human being with an
    independent will.
    DREAMS INTO PLANS. There is no force equal to
    that of a determined WOMEN.I am PROUD to be a

  • By D. Tarun Chakravarthy, B.Tech I Year,
    ECE-CDt 21.02.2014

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PARENTSBy P. Suma Krishna, B.Tech I
Year, CSE-ADt 21.02.2014
  • I dont know why this generation kids (not all)
    dont respect their parents. Parents do a lot of
    sacrifices for us. We are very lucky to have them
    in our lives. There are so many kids who are
    orphans. Who doesnt have parents to care of
    them? They are left alone either on the roads or
    in an orphanage. Just look into the eyes of these
    orphans when they see other children with their
    parents. That feeling no one can understand even
    god. We are blessed to have parents. When the
    kids grow up I dont know why they send their
    parents to an old age home. Cant you find a
    little bit of time in your busy schedule to spend
    some time with them?? Just dont forget whatever
    you are today is just because of your parents,
    not because of your hard work or anything. In
    this old age they need us. I pity on such people
    who have everything but doesnt know how to take
    care or respect their parents. Look into the eyes
    of the parents whose kids ask them to join in an
    orphanage. Dont you feel guilty? They did so
    much to us and are this the way we respect? I
    think such kind of kids is worse than orphans.
    They dont deserve anything. I just wanted to say
    that before insulting or leaving your parents in
    an old age home just think what all they did for
    you throughout your life and all those kids who
    dont have parents.