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CISCO-Solaris Certification Courses


CISCO-Solaris Certification Courses Career Certification Initiative The world of networking and systems administration is a highly competitive arena that continues to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CISCO-Solaris Certification Courses

CISCO-Solaris Certification Courses

Career Certification Initiative
  • The world of networking and systems
    administration is a highly competitive arena that
    continues to grow in complexity as technology
    evolves. With this growth, the demand for highly
    trained experts increases daily.
  • The benefits of Certification are
  • Certification provides a standard, tangible way
    of measuring technical skills.
  • provide job advancement opportunities.
  • Certification provides worldwide third party
    validation of your skills.

Targeted Audience
  • Who should take the certification exams
  • Experts(E) People who have sufficient experience
    in maintenance and administration of
    networks(3-5years) or people who have a thorough
    knowledge in all the prerequisites for the
  • Proficient(P) People who have basic knowledge of
    networks and system administration.
  • Novices(N) People with little or no programming
    and networking background.

Why offer courses at ODU
  • Vendor courses On an average each course is 5
    days long
  • (8 hrs./day).
  • Corporations are reluctant to sponsor their
    employees for the courses since the fee is
  • ODU Offer similar courses, at a much lower cost.
  • Courses are of longer duration
  • (1 - Semester) and hence students have the
    opportunity to gain more exposure and hands-on
    lab experience.

How much do Certified Professionals Earn?
  • How much does it Pay ?
  • With less than 3,000 graduates in Cisco
    Certification programs history, it is no wonder
    that CCIEs (Cisco Certified Internetwork
    Engineer) command starting salaries of at around
    80,000 to 90,000 pa.
  • Because of the high demand and high standards set
    by Sun Certification courses, sun certified
    Administrators demand starting salaries of around

Network Administration Certification Courses
Path to Certification Courses
CS250 (Novice) Object oriented programming in C
CS455/CS555 (Novice) Intro to Networks and
CS471 Operating Systems
CS454/CS554 (Proficient) Networks and System
Cisco Certification Level I Exam CCNA, CCDP, CCNA
Solaris Certification Level I Exam
Enterprise Networks (Expert)
Cisco Certification Level II Exam CCDP, CCNA(WAN)
Advanced Network Configuration
Solaris System Administration
Cisco Certification Level III Exam CCIE,
Solaris Certification Level II Exam
Introduction To Networks And Data
Communications(CS 455/555 3 Credits)
  • Course Emphasis
  • Introduction to various elements of a network.
  • Course Outline
  • Introduction --- OSI, TCP/IP, and other models.
  • Physical Layer --- hardware survey, signals,
    switching, multiplexing, errors, etc.
  • Data Link Layer --- DL control
  • Media Access --- IEEE 802 series LAN standards,
    FDDI, etc.
  • Network Layer --- routing, WAN's,
    Internetworking, IP
  • Transport Protocols --- transport layer services,
  • Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • Security --- encryption, firewalls
  • Other Topics as time permits --- data
    compression, Application Layer, ISDN, etc.

Network And Systems Management(CS 454/554 3
  • Course Emphasis
  • Design, Configuration and Management of various
  • Course Outline
  • Introduction to Internetwork design through case
    studies of campus designs.
  • Perform a needs analysis as part of a network
    design project, identifying key technical,
    business, and administrative issues that form the
    foundation of the design.
  • Use the available Cisco hardware and software
    products to develop a complete internetwork
    design solutions.
  • Gain complete understanding of IP addresses,
    subnet masks, VLSMs.
  • Install and configure a Solaris OS Server and an
    NT Server.
  • Configure DNS, network servers, sendmail and
  • Identify security pitfalls and configure a secure
  • Design WAN components and SNMP agents.
  • Topics on ATM LAN Emulation

Enterprise Networks (Proposed 3 Credits Course)
  • Course Emphasis Design and management of a WAN
    switched Network.
  • Course Outline
  • Design, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot
    Cisco ISDN and remote access products.
  • Design, configure, operate, and troubleshoot
    complex routed LAN WAN,
  • Switched LAN and ATM LANE networks, and Dial
    Access services.
  • Use packet/frame analysis and Cisco debugging
  • Serial, T1/E1/J1-Y1, DS3, E3, and OC-3c
  • Digital, voice, Frame Relay, ATM technical
    concepts, WAN and voice networks.
  • Design Configure, upgrade, and replace Cisco
    StrataCom BPX, IGX, and AXIS products.
  • Configuration of the switches and services
    available in a BPX network running system
    software release 8.5 and MGX running Release 4.0
  • Design, configure, operate, manage, and verify
    Cisco WAN switches using StrataView Plus (SV)
    application software.

Advanced Network Configuration (Proposed 3
Credits Course)
  • Course Emphasis
  • Specialization in the following areas.
  • Course outline
  • Security- Cisco security solutions.
  • Voice Access - Data-Voice integration solutions.
  • Network Management - net-work management
    solutions for multilayer networks.
  • SNA/IP Network Management.
  • LAN ATM.

Solaris Systems Administration Certification
Pre-requisite Courses( 3 Credits )
  • CS250 - Object Oriented Programming in C
  • Course Outline
  • Introduction to problem solving techniques in C
  • Introduction to Unix operating system
  • CS471 - Operating Systems
  • Course Outline
  • Nachos operating system
  • Threads and Synchronization
  • Implementation of system calls
  • Implementation of multiprogramming

Solaris Systems Administration (Proposed 3
Credits Course)
  • Course Emphasis
  • Management and troubleshooting of Sun stations in
    a networked environment.
  • Course Description The Solaris 7 Network
    Environment, network devices.
  • Manage Patches.
  • The Boot PROM
  • Device Administration.
  • Introduction to File Systems, Disk Management
  • Cache FS File Systems and Web NFS
  • Administration and Configuration of CDE
  • Virtual Volume Management.
  • Auto-installation.

Time Line for ODU course offerings