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Fix the food chain


Fix the food chain for planet-friendly meat and dairy – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fix the food chain

Fix the food chain for planet-friendly meat
and dairy
Brazils soy harvest March 2008
Food Chain making the links
Meat and dairy farming
  • Livestock farming has many benefits
  • Food production
  • Jobs and skills
  • Wildlife and landscape
  • Farming is at heart of rural communities and is
    vital for our future food security
  • Friends of the Earth has been campaigning for a
    fairer deal for farmers for over 8 years
    leading the call for a Supermarket Watchdog
  • But evidence is growing of the negative impacts
    of intensive meat and dairy production

Impacts on the environment and people
  • One of the main drivers of biodiversity loss in
    forests other habitats - to make way for soy
    monocultures and pasture
  • 18 of global greenhouse gas emissions
  • For communities overseas - loss of land and
    livelihoods, pesticide poisoning, labour abuses,
    soil and water pollution

Factory farming dependant on soy
  • Soy provides cheap source of protein for animal
  • The EU is the biggest market for South American
  • Much soy grown in South America and imported into
    Europe is GM
  • UK farmers affected by commodity price volatility

The UKs role
  • UK imported 1.7 MT soymeal 650,000T soybeans
    from South America in 2007
  • From an area of 1.2 million hectares larger
    than Cornwall and Devon

Friends of the Earths Food Chain campaign
  • Solutions in producing and consuming countries
  • A campaign for UK political action to measure and
    reduce the impacts of intensive meat and dairy
    while maintaining a thriving and sustainable UK
    livestock sector and ensuring a fairer deal for
  • We are working with partners in South America to
    support community resistance to soy expansion and
    alternative small-scale models of agriculture

Our solutions
  • Shift subsidies- including CAP - away from
    intensive systems to planet-friendly including
    hill farming, and home-grown feeds
  • Ensure public money is spent on less but better
    meat for our schools and hospitals (2.2 billion
    per year spent public sector food)
  • Fund research into alternative feeds, breeds,
    crop varieties and cropping systems
  • A fairer deal for farmers

How will we achieve it?
  • A Sustainable Livestock Bill for a new law to
    measure and put in place action to reduce the
    impacts of meat and dairy
  • Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy to
    support small-scale planet-friendly farming eg
    using home-grown feeds, grass-fed
  • A tough supermarket watchdog to enforce fairer

  • Working with the farming community
  • for solutions

Farmer Case studies
100 grass-fed (grass silage in Winter) beef,
Organic mixed farm, Worcestershire - grazed
cattle with home-grown cereal
Use some soy for chickens but want to avoid it
What does our campaign mean for farmers?
  • CAP reform will support planet friendly farmers
    (including support for struggling upland farmers)
  • Opportunities for new feed crops such as peas and
  • Supermarket watchdog
  • Research into breeds and alternative feeds
  • A market from schools, hospitals and public
  • Consumers will choose less but better quality
    meat and farmers will get a fair price

New report shows benefits to farmers
Key findings
  • 50 per cent of soy meal currently used for animal
    feed in the UK could be replaced by home-grown
  • would require 8 of UK arable land.
  • many alternative animal feed crops that would
    meet the requirements of UK livestock.
  • Eg lucern, oilseed, dried pea, bean linseed,
    dried grass, lupin

  • Reliance on soy could be reduced further if meat
    and dairy consumption reduced in line with
    healthy eating guidelines.
  • Obstacles to alternatives include price of soy so
    low loss of UK protein premium in 2012 lack of
    RD and incentives to grow alternatives lack of
    infrastructure (milling capacity etc) lack of

What needs to happen
  • Continuation of protein crop premium (eg for pea
    growers) after 2012.
  • more to support environmentally friendly and
    mixed farming
  • switch the huge amount of taxpayers money that
    goes into intensive livestock production to
    sustainable farming.

  • there will be specific requirements for
    infrastructure, advice and further research to
    help the transformation.
  • The Government urgently needs to set out a
    strategy for reducing the global impacts of
    livestock production. It must ensure that it does
    not simply export problems elsewhere.

We need the Sustainable Livestock Bill
And we need farmer support
  • to create a stronger campaign
  • to ensure our solutions work nationally and for
    local needs
  • to give credibility and to
  • Reach the parts other partners can not..

What to do
  • build a relationship with 2 to 3 farmers (and 1
    other organisation) in your area
  • work with them to gain a number of political asks
    eg a letter to an MP, a press story or letter
    to the editor or a joint event or public meeting.
  • Achieve their public support for the 2nd reading
    of the sustainable Livestock Bill in November.
  • keep us in the loop let us know who you are
    working with and how its going. We will need to
    coordinate our farmer engagement work around key
    moments like the second reading.

The farmer engagement work
  • Materials to use including leaflet, background
    and power point presentation
  • Building alliances with Farmers - A guide for
    local groups
  • Contacts and worksheets
  • Ideas for working with groups and farmers
  • Pastures New shows we are about solutions

Some work so far
  • One groups ran sheep into town as a stunt
  • One is liaising with Farmers at market stalls
  • One farmer is now campaigning for the Bill off
    his market stall
  • Farmers convincing other farmers of Farringdon to
    write to their MP at the local veg bottling day
  • What other experiences are there?

What you can do
  • Encourage farmers to learn about FoEs issues and
    the campaign and the Bill
  • Get their feedback eg on Pastures New
  • Follow the ideas and contacts etc in the farmer
    engagement materials
  • Let us know how you are getting on with local
  • other ideas
  • support for second reading
  • Next stages

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