Founded in 1993 by the doctor of medical science, professor, head of rehabilitation department of the People's Friendship University of Russia, Eugene Blum, the research center of physical rehabilitation and new rehabilitative technologies has been - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Founded in 1993 by the doctor of medical science, professor, head of rehabilitation department of the People's Friendship University of Russia, Eugene Blum, the research center of physical rehabilitation and new rehabilitative technologies has been


... the research center of physical rehabilitation and new rehabilitative ... patients and education of ... physiotherapeutic and biomechanical methods ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Founded in 1993 by the doctor of medical science, professor, head of rehabilitation department of the People's Friendship University of Russia, Eugene Blum, the research center of physical rehabilitation and new rehabilitative technologies has been

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Founded in 1993 by the doctor of medical science,
professor, head of rehabilitation department of
the People's Friendship University of Russia,
Eugene Blum, the research center of physical
rehabilitation and new rehabilitative
technologies has been investigating the
specialties and the characteristics of the human
body at different pathological states, which
includes congenital defects and diseases of the
musculoskeletal system of children for the past
20 years. Since 2002 a commercial division of
the institute was founded, which came to be known
as the Clinic of Doctor Blum. Over the past 10
years thousands of people with different diseases
of the musculoskeletal system, neuromuscular
system and pathologies of the inner organs have
received treatment in the clinic of doctor
Blum. Since 2007 in order to intensify the
recovery process, as well as due to ever
increasing number of patients from different
countries, professor Blum founded a department of
the Institute in Spain, Marbella (Andalusia).
  • In 2012 professors clinic in Marbella,
    possessing all-powerful rehabilitation base
    focused on treating the patients with different
    problems, including severe cases of diseases of
    the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular
    system, opened its doors for everyone.
  • Over a year hundreds of people of different age,
    starting from newborn children and ending with
    people of senior age (80 years old and above),
    receive treatment in professor Blums clinic.
  • Even after founding a few clinics, having devoted
    his life to recovery of the patients and
    education of doctors, professor Blum is unable to
    deny the requests of consulting patients in USA,
    England, Israel, Cyprus and many other countries.

  • The Research center of physical rehabilitation
    and new rehabilitative technologies founded and
    headed by Professor Blum, over many years
    continues to productively cooperate with many
    medical health care facilities and associations
    from Russia and former Soviet republics, dealing
    with treatment and rehabilitation of people with
  • Over many years of leading the clinical
    rehabilitation department of People's Friendship
    University of Russia, professor Blum has trained
    a number of young rehabilitation therapists, and
    has gifted hope to thousands and thousands of
    grateful patients.

  • Professor Blum's methodic is created orienting on
    the detailed and thorough study of the
    biomechanical processes under normal and
    pathological conditions.
  • The main themes of activity are
  • Treatment of the musculoskeletal system in
    children including ICP
  • Recovery of the organism after long term hospital
    treatment, reanimation, operative treatment
  • Rehabilitation after trauma and spine disorder
  • Improvement of posture, treatment of scoliosis,
  • Programs of recovering professional athletes
  • Programs of complex recovery of burnout syndrome

  • Today the clinics of doctor Blum are oriented on
    achieving specific targets for health recovery
    and work efficiency not only private, but also
    corporate clients (professional sports teams, top
    managers of corporations) reference directing on
  • Unique personalized training recreational process
    taking into account all the characteristics of
  • biomechanics of the patient
  • Recovery process at the burnout syndrome.
  • Complex functional and energetic recharge of
    the body
  • Exclusive programs of recovery for professional
    athletes allowing them to achieve a quantum leap
    in their career
  • Rehabilitation of athletes after grave and
    longstanding traumas
  • Methodological accompaniment and control of the
    physical state of the best specimen
    representatives of sports.
  • Programs of recovery and treatment of adults and
    children at any pathological conditions of the
    musculoskeletal system

  • Strictly personalized treatment by the method of
    professor Blum, allows an efficient and prompt
    change in health condition of the patient to a
    higher level and to significantly promote his
    self-competence, thus improving his life,
    therefore lowering the expenditure of
    governmental and insurance medicine for his

Imagine a cripple after injury of head, neck,
spine or hips with paralysis and paresis. My
methods permit to reconstruct an individual in a
step-by-step approach from bed to a wheelchair,
from wheelchair to crutches, from crutches to a
walking stick, and then to a racetrack. Out of
someone with a scoliosis, I can make a slender,
symmetric and harmonic human. I can recover a
professional athlete after a trauma, prolong his
competitive career, and return him to the
professional sports. Everyone thinks that disease
does not have a hind ward motion, but I claim the
opposite. Not me to be exact, science, my methods
and techniques and my proven experience of many
  • Sports and recovery of athletic traumas
  • Professor Blum recovered famous Russian
    professional athletes such as Mikhail Youzhny,
    Maria Sharapova, Andrey Kuznetsov and so on,
    after gravest traumas.
  • To many athletes he gifted an opportunity of
    second start, for which most of them had given
    up hope. At the age of 18 the doctors of the
    national tennis team declared to Andrey
    Kuznetsov, that he should leave sports and that
    traditional rehabilitation is helpless in his
    case. It took a year of training for the famous
    athlete, a year of constant endeavor, everyday
    training and putting up with pain under the
    guidance of doctor Blum to recover from his
    injuries. Few years have passed and now Andrey
    Kuznetsov (rank 70 of the worlds tennis players)
    successfully takes place in worldwide
    championships, being Russias pride and one of
    its bright athletes.

  • Athletic gift is set up manually
  • It is so proven by special programs developed by
    professor Blum, for children who are seriously
    training for professional sports. Individual
    physical training of such children, development
    of capability for tennis, football and basketball
    is one of the most advanced methodic of doctor
  • Professor's methodic contains personalized
    programs for forming and developing muscular
    force, agility, endurance and reactivity which
    are essential for achieving high results in
    sports even if initially a child does not possess
    a clearly marked talent for sport.

  • Treating children with the methodic of professor
  • Splendid health and physical well-being of the
    child is the necessary fundament for successful
    upbringing, educating and sports!
  • How does the authors personal program of physical
    perfection differ from the physical exercises in
    a fitness club?
  • In professor Blums clinics, the programs are
    complied by a qualified skillful expert,
    considering age, physical condition of the child
    and relying on desires and goals to be sought.
    While morning exercises and fitness workouts are
    no more than voluntary random attempts to shape
    ones figure rather a limited approach,
    resulting your waste of time and energy without
    achieving a high health quality.

  • Treating children with the methodic of professor
  • Perfection of physical development from birth to
    school completion.
  • Programs include techniques and methods, which
    allow us to solve manifold health challenges
  • Posture improvement
  • Elimination of scoliosis
  • Elimination of misbalanced muscular joints
  • Fortification of bodies immune system
  • Enhancement of physical capacities in everyday
    life and in selected sports
  • Over more than 30 years of practical activity,
    professor Blum and his methodic managed to return
    thousands and thousands of children with grave
    diseases of the musculoskeletal system to normal
    everyday life. Thousands of children with
    cerebral paralysis were able to reclaim the joy
    of productive life in their family and society.

  • Author's method of professor Blum for seniors.
  • It's never too late to get back in shape!
  • Thanks to the methodic of doctor Blum it has
    become possible to efficiently conduct
  • Prevention of clogged arteries
  • Prevention of back pains
  • Prevention of joint pains
  • Prevention of osteoporosis
  • Effective treatment (without pharmaceutical
    methods) of
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Arthroses (including coxarthrotis) and
  • Spondyloarthrosis

  • Safety is one of the key aspects to Blums
  • From provided treatment, the patients have never
    had, nor can have any side effects or health
    deterioration. All the rehabilitative procedures
    are carried out while taking into account the
    problems of the specific patient and the goals
    put up by him. The rehabilitative treatment is
    always targeted on recovery of the anatomic,
    morphological and functional norm of the
    musculoskeletal system as well as systems and
    organs associated with it.
  • This is particularly why the rehabilitation
    process in doctor Blums clinics is not rapid.
    First aim of rehabilitation is to return the
    patient to that moment, when normal functioning
    of the body was perturbed, to rewind the tape
    of the pathological processes, and from then on
    start moving towards a set up goal, step by step.
  • As a result of rehabilitation with the methodics
    of professor Blum, functional misbalance of the
    body is eliminated thanks to the nonborrowed,
    self-reserves of the patient. Authors methodic do
    not bring anything foreign into the body no
    medicines, no corsets, no braces and so on, thus
    increasing the intensity and the stability of the
    achieved result.
  • .

  • Authors simulators of professor Blum.
  • During the process of 30 year old perfecting of
    the methodic, more than 500 unique rehabilitative
    simulators were created by the professor, which
    are exceptionally used in the clinics of doctor
  • Uniqueness of the authors methodic of professor
    Blum consists of amazing customization of the
    simulators developed by him. These unique
    rehabilitation simulators created by the
    professor, work pretty much for any
    musculoskeletal disorders and medical diseases of
    the interior organs.
  • Doctor Blums simulators can recover the function
    of almost any damaged muscle.
  • The simulators are so unique, that for every
    specific patient, for his individual state, for
    each specified damaged muscle or muscle groups, a
    required configuration of the simulator is
    promptly developed and created out of the
    pre-existing simulators.

  • Doctor Blum clinics trainers
  • A man is the universal and most complimentary
    simulator of those ever invented. Any robot is a
    poor mimicry, not to speak of already existing
    exercise machines.
  • After a patient comes for rehabilitation to one
    of doctor Blums clinics, professor personally or
    specially educated trainer repeatedly perform a
    couple primary exercises with the patient, thus
    preparing the patient to comply with the trainer
    who will be with him throughout the
    rehabilitation course.
  • Professor Blum first brought up terms as human
    simulator, or a trainer simulator.The body of
    the instructor is the universal training
    simulator. A human simulator is easier to
    adjust, to reset/reprogram, or to replace a
    less capable with a more capable. All the
    clinics trainers go through a longstanding
    highly elaborate training program under personal
    permanent monitoring of professor Blum.

  • Duration and recommended frequency of carrying
    out the rehabilitation course
  • The prolongation and frequency of the
    rehabilitation cycle can be determined by the
    results of the first entirely completed course
    (not less than 3 months).

  • The methodic of professor Blum is not simple, it
    requires constant strain and all out effort of
    the patient, stable daily exercises as well as
    longstanding, sometimes months long or even
    yearlong dedicated process of rehabilitation.
  • But his methodic shows fantastic results even in
    those cases when people were refused treatment by
    statutory medical science when specialists state
    that there is no hope for recovery, and when all
    the methods of treatment were given a try. In
    such situations when there seems no way out, and
    when you lose your heart, there is a small ray of
    hope Consult professor Blum, he accomplishes
    wonders which are unable to be described by
    modern medical science.

The Moscow clinic Around a thousand authors
simulators, allowing you to direct physical
exertion on every joint, bone and muscle of the
body with unprecedented precision. Treatment
bases on individual attention on the personal
problem. A trainer, selected individually by the
author of the methodology, is assigned to every
patient guaranteed result in designated period,
complete health recovery and removal of any age
or physical limitations for sports. Even when
previous attempts of health condition improvement
have been unfortunate in doctor Blums clinic
You have a chance!
Clinic in MARBELLA   Health restoration in
Marbella has undeniable advantages mild
climate, magnificent views, aromas of eucalyptus
groves, mixed with sea breeze, atmosphere of
coziness and harmony, Andalusian cuisine, ancient
monuments of architecture and of course the
gentle welcoming sea. Andalusia is multicultural
and diversified, it is singularly beautiful and
interesting place, as for leisure and new made
experience, so for rehabilitative treatment. Here
rather than elsewhere, a new clinic of doctor
Blum equipped with unique rehabilitation
techniques opened its doors. Recovery of the
body is faster and more qualitative in the
Marbella clinic than in Moscow, considering that
the rehabilitation process can be significantly
accelerated due to the wonderful climate in this
ecological heaven.
  • I rehabilitate patients after severe traumas,
    when neither domestic nor foreign clinics take up
    surgical treatment, and limb amputation is the
    only way out. I restore children with ICP and
    serious spine diseases to productive life. I
    bring back the right for a miracle the miracle
    of life, and not survival to the people. I offer
    an opportunity to gain most fantastic results
    with personal effort even to those with most
    grave disabling diseases.
  • It sounds like a miracle. But it is the truth. I
    know how to start up the process of renewal and
    revival to a different, healthy life.
  • I treat those who were refused treatment by
    statutory medical science, those who do not
    suffice the standard approach and phrases like
    You are incurable or In your case, medical
    science is powerless.
  • I treat those who want to live and enjoy life. I
    work for those, who want to give their children
    health as a foundation, as a basis for their
    whole life. With such patients we have the same
    purpose one can and one should live those 100
    years, which are given to him by nature, in joy
    and happiness.

  • Neurological, orthopedic, physiotherapeutic and
    biomechanical methods of rehabilitative treatment
    are all applied methodology who are highly
    efficient made by one specialist, while not the
    other. This is the main difference between
    rehabilitative treatment and medicament
  • Biomechanics is the hardest practical and
    theoretical discipline, its combination methods
    are more complex than a chess game, but in it,
    similar to chess, there are amateurs as well as
    geniuses. In biomechanics, professional talent of
    the performer takes the center stage.
  • All this gives us the right to state It takes
    something to be able to find an own doctor. If
    the problem is not sophisticated, even a novice
    can treat it. If however the problem is more
    complex one must find a grandmaster starting
    with medical science all the way to biomechanics.
  • In my clinics, for each individual, we create a
    golden formula. This formula gives us a
    personal and an individual treatment of policy
    for everyone and their specific disease.
  • The results of my work speak for me.

  • Moscow, Russia
  • Clinic in Moscow?Moscow, Russia?131 Leninsky
  • Tel 7 495 438 01 45?
  • 7 925 135 67 18 consultant-physician?
  • Marbella, Spain. Clinic in Marbella
  • Urb. Rocio de Nagueles,?c\ Las Campanillas, 8.
    Marbella, Malaga. Spain. 29602?
  • Tel. 34 663 797 569
  • 34 952 865 928, 37 259 464 042
  • 7 925 772 27 44 consultant-physician
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